Timeline of Travelling Weasels

The chronological record of us weaselling our way out of the rat-race. I like to believe I got less narcissistic and naive over time, but I also don't believe in erasing the past - so please take my older pieces with a pinch of salt - I didn't know better at the time!

2022 - finally travelling again and blogging around the Balkans - mostly not writing about the Balkans though 

2021 - a whole new worlddd - learning how to blog and live post corona

2020 - wtf hw 2 travel blog durin p@nDeMic!?!? (mostly commissioned pieces)

2019 - written whilst nursing broken heart in eastern & western Europe

2018 - peak capitalist Laura, using seo and hotels to make bank across Europe and North Africa 

2017 - peak trading work for dealing with feelings.. working with hotels and tours across Europe, North America and Asia.. we literally did not stop that year..

2016 - travel blogging breakthrough - we started working with hotels and tours