Review of Big Berry Glamping Camp: Luxury Accommodation in Bela Krajina, Slovenia

big berry slovenia

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BIG BERRY is a luxury glamping camp right next to the Kolpa River, in the stunning Bela Krajina region - the far south-east of Slovenia.

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Here you'll find all of your home comforts set in breathtaking natural beauty, adding up to true luxury and freedom. 

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We stayed for twelve days at Big Berry and this is our review: 

Big Berry Glamping Slovenia Review
big berry slovenia

Big Berry boasts seven extravagant, designer mobile homes by Slovenian producer Hosekra. They come in various sizes - the smallest for two people and the largest for seven. We stayed in a designer house which was big enough for six people. It had a very modern design and everything was super smart.

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Our bed was extremely comfortable. It should also be noted that there was a kitchen and it was fully equipped. And when I say fully equipped, I mean fully equipped. We’ve stayed in lots of luxury accommodations that boast a full kitchen, but realistically you’re still not going to be able to cook anything more sophisticated than a pot noodle. Big Berry is not like that, they have everything: blenders, good quality knives, a state of the art hob and even egg cups!

bela krajina
glamping slovenia

Our favourite thing about our accommodation though, was the hot tub. Located on the ‘terrace’ it was large enough for six people, with a superb bubble system and lights! Perfect to relax in after a long hard day of relaxing. 

bela krajina slovenia

What really made the hot tub though was the view from it. It was completely picturesque with beautiful greenery and the serene Kolpa River. Visible across the Kolpa (which isn’t very wide) is Croatia! Believe us, there’s nothing cooler than relaxing in a hot tub, sipping a glass of wine and staring out at another country. Or don't believe us, head over to Big Berry and try it out for yourself! 

Big Berry Site Review

glamping in slovenia

One of the (many) things we loved about staying in our Big Berry house was the site it’s on. Your Big Berry accommodation is very private, but if you’re looking to be a little more social, there’s plenty to do ‘at camp’. 

big berry

This includes: volleyball, slack-lining, berry picking, swimming in the Kolpa, attending the Sunday BBQ, canoeing in Big Berry’s very own canoes, boxercise, hanging out with the other guests and/or interns and of course chilling out at one of the numerous comfy chill-out areas:

slovenia accommodation

where to stay in slovenia

Travelling Slovenia

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There are numerous luxury activities to be done using Big Berry as your base. Our favourites included:
I don't think we've ever seen water so clear! Slowly paddling along, watching the landscape of huge mountains, dense forests and blue skies unfold before us felt straight out of a Lord of the Rings film. 

Touring the Vizir Craft Brewery

bela krajina slovenia

Vizir craft beer is available to drink at Big Berry so it only felt right to visit the place where it's actually brewed. This turned out to be an awesome (and delicious) afternoon learning all about beer and sampling some of the best European beers we've ever had.

Trying chocolates and liqueurs at Berryschka

bela krajina slovenia

A visit to Big Berry wouldn't be the same without a visit to their friends at Berryshka. Berryshka is a distillery and chocolatier which makes the most delicious fruit liqueurs, juniper brandies and chocolates. Our favourite was the blueberry liqueur and the shot glasses made of chocolate. 

Tasting oils at Pecaric:

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Speaking of delicious treats, another must is a visit to Pecaric to learn about different oils and to even try a few. 

Visiting the mouth of the Kolpa:

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The Kolpa runs straight past Big Berry so it was nice to see where this beautiful river begins, again the water was incredibly clear and a delicious turquoise colour.  

Standing on Mirna Gora:

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With the highest point at 1,042m, Mirna Gora is the third highest peak in Bela Krajina and thus gives some breathtaking views. 

Standing in a Mithraism site 

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We'd never heard of Mithraism and it was really cool to learn about it inside a real Mithraism site. Mithraism is a mysterious religion which was practised in secret between the 1st and 4th centuries. 

Learning about beekeeping.  

big berry slovenia

Another must is visiting the bees! Here you can learn all about how bees make honey (and how humans steal it). You might even get to try out some fresh honey or honey schnapps!  

Wine tastings:

wine tasting slovenia

Bela Kranjina is wine country. Thus you can (and must) visit one or more of the many traditional Slovenian wineries whilst at Big Berry like Suklje and Pecaric.

Lake Bled and Ljubljana 

lake bled to ljubljana

A day trip to Lake Bled and Ljubljana are also possible from Big Berry. This was one of our favourite days. 

The Food

slovenian food

The food at Big Berry is simply divine, due no doubt to the fact that everything is locally sourced. We were welcomed to Big Berry with a beautiful package which included Pogaca (traditional Slovenian welcome bread), apple juice, honey, liqueurs and ghee: 


 Every morning we woke to a packed breakfast on our porch, the contents varied slightly each day, but always included: pogaca, fresh fruit, smoothies, juice, coffee, eggs, milk, cereals, cheeses and ghee. (Meat options are also available.) It was so wonderful to enjoy this amazing breakfast whilst looking out at the views of the Kolpa.

big berry
Breakfast at Big Berry

We tried Zlati Ghee for the first time and even met the owner who performed a gong session for us!

big berry slovenia
Ghee feast at Big Berry

Lunch was often at local restaurants like Gostilna Muller, Gostišče Vešelič and Pri Starem Pildu where we tried Strukli and other delicious delicacies.

review big berry
Spaghetti at Gostisce Veselic

where to eat slovenia
Lunch at Muller's

Pogaca played a really big role (roll) at our time at Big Berry. Pogaca is a traditional Slovenian welcome bread generally served with wine. It's slightly saltier than usual bread (thus making it our new favourite bread). It has special grooves in it making it easy to tear apart - Pogaca must never be cut, but split by hand between friends. 
big berry glamping
Pogaca - traditional Slovenian welcome bread

We had Pogaca almost everyday: when we were welcomed to wineries and other events. We even learnt how to make it, which is lucky as we LOVE it! 

The People 

big berry
Big Berry Best Buds

For us, what really made Big Berry were the staff and interns, who instantly made us feel at home and wowed us with their extensive knowledge of Slovenia. It was so nice to be around like-minded, fun people :) 

Further Information 

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Alongside being travel bloggers, we are also travel vloggers and document our travels daily on our YouTube channel! Above you can see our Best of Slovenia Summer 2016 post. If you like it, have a look at our entire Big Berry playlist here:


bela krajina slovenia
Slovenia - the New Zealand of Europe

All in all, we absolutely loved our time at Big Berry. We did a lot of exciting things and although our days were super packed, we still left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Put simply, you absolutely must visit Big Berry, it’s a unique and luxurious place that you will remember forever.

Find out more on their website: ") 

Make sure to pin this pin to your Slovenian bucket-list!

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Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Big Berry however all opinions are our own as always. Staying at Big Berry was one of the highlights of our last three years of travelling so we are confident you will love it there too! 

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