Trusted Housesitters Discount Code 2024

Trusted Housesitters discount code 2024

House sitting is effectively free travel - by looking after the homeowners' pets and houses you get to stay in their perfect places and you can travel the world rent-free. When I first heard about house sitting I was excited: suddenly, despite being a 21 year old with little to no income, I could live in luxurious properties across the planet! [Note: this post was last updated on the 2nd of January, 2024.]

Trusted Housesitters Discount Code

But initially I was put off by the sign-up price: on the one hand, $169 a year for access to unlimited sits all over the world is an amazing deal (that's just $0.46 per day, $0.23 per person if you're a with a partner etc), but on the other hand $169 all at once is a lot - is it worth it? First things first, let's get that $169 down to $152 with a discount code for Trusted House Sitters for 2024 – just for you folks :)

review of trustedhousesitters review

After a year doing back to back sits, I was able to start a blog - this blog in fact! And via this blog I wanted to help people like you become house sitters too, so I reached out to Trusted Housesitters and asked them to give me a discount code I could give to you:

When prompted, you will have to enter the code WEASELS10 - keep on reading for more detailed instructions. First, simply click the link which it will take you to a page that looks like this:

trusted housesitter discount code

Follow the steps and insert your coupon code (WEASELS10) in the coupon box. (NB code only works in conjunction with using any of our links on this page, like this one: THS discount code - so if you're already at the coupon stage, but haven't used our link, don't worry, simply close your Trusted House Sitters page, click one of our links (like this one: TrustedHouse Sitters discount code) and then insert the code :) But wait a second... aren't we going to be competing for house sits though? That's just it - I'm so confident that we'll both be able to house sit that I'm encouraging you, my new competitors! There are enough sits for all, in my experience :)

Why Choose Trusted Housesitters?

There are lots of house sitting websites out there, but in our opinion TrustedHouseSitters is matchless. In the beginning, we signed up for lots of different house sitting websites, e. g. (MindMyHouse, Nomador and Housecarers, etc.) but TrustedHouseSitters is by far the one we had the most success with. And what successes we had, we couldn't believe it! Initially, I was thrilled at the idea of just living rent-free, I never imagined it would be in such beautiful countries and houses. Through TrustedHouseSitters we found over 100 house sits across three different continents, giving us 6 years of free accommodation (see the article about us in the Daily Mail). And the majority of the houses we sat through them have been luxury house sits.

Can I trust TrustedHouseSitters?

Some people ask me if they can trust TrustedHousesitters... I mean it is literally in the name, lol, but I get it, I wondered this too when I first signed up all those years ago. The short answer is yes you can trust TrustedHouseSitters. No matter if you're a home owner wondering if you can trust the house sitters on THS or a budding young house sitter wondering if you can trust the home owners, take it from me, you can trust this website. First of all, TrustedHousesitters is the biggest house sitting website out there, and one of the oldest. Now I know big and old doesn't always equal trustworthy, but in this case it does. Bigger means it has many more trusted reviews from real people who've really used it (like me!)

discount code trusted house sitters

Older means it's been around the block a few times and has benefited from the experience and years of development. Take it from me - I was there in the beginning (frodo) when it was first formed, and TrustedHousesitters has changed a lot over the years. But, unlike your ex, it's changed in all the right ways: it's kept the stuff that was working and changed the stuff that wasn't. For example, ten years ago when I first started using them, house sitters couldn't review the home owners - it was only home owners that could review the house sitters (which resulted in a massive imbalance of power between the two groups). Now both can review both, meaning that you can pick and chose the home owner / house sitter you like the most based on the reviews.

Is Trusted House Sitters legit?

I literally get asked this a lot too - are Trusted House Sitters legit, and I understand the question, because it does seem too good to be true: free accommodation, anywhere in the world, in exchange for looking after some of the fluffiest, cutest beings on the planet? And for the home owner - peace of mind that your pets and home will be well cared for in your absence? Well, long story short, yes, Trusted House Sitters are legit. I've been using them since 2013 and in that time I've found house sits through them in Australia, Germany (Berlin and then later Hamburg), Italy, Ireland, the UK (London and I did a couple of house sits in Wales, too), Greece (Athens), Portugal, Hungary, the Netherlands, Thailand, Finland and Spain.

trusted house sitters referral code

I've been offered jobs through there in Canada, Singapore, Florida, California, Seattle, Mexico, South Africa, Romania and more (which I unfortunately had to say no to due to prior commitments / being on the other side of the globe). Put simply, Trusted House Sitters has not only saved me hundreds and thousands of dollars in rent and household bills, they've also managed to do it across the globe - I can't say fairer than that! Except, actually, I can - house sitting and THS have opened doors and offered opportunities to me that I would have never dreamed of otherwise such as living with millionaires, starting my own business and, again, travelling the world. But don't just take my (enthusiastic) word for it. You can see hundreds if not thousands of honest reviews of Trusted House Sitters online, not just mine.

How to Use TrustedHouseSitters Discount Code 2024

1. Click on this link: TrustedHouseSitters discount code.

2. Decide if you want combined (if you're looking for house sitters and looking to become a house sitter yourself) or sitter (if you're just looking to become a house sitter):

trusted housesitters discount code

3. Sign up with Facebook or email:

trusted house sitters discount code

4. Fill in your billing information:

trustedhousesitters coupon code

...and this is the stage where the code - WEASELS10 can be applied. (Note: if you haven't used one of our links to get to their page the discount code won't work. It must be one of our links, like this one or this one or any of the links to their site from this page :D)

TrustedHouseSitters Cost

The TrustedHouseSitters cost for sitters is currently $169. With your 10% TrustedHouseSitters discount code (click here and use WEASELS10) that takes it down to just $152/year for free worldwide accommodation.

Is TrustedHouseSitters Worth it?

$169/year (or rather, $152/year with your discount code), might seem like a lot upfront, so is TrustedHouseSitters worth it? Firstly, think for a minute about how much you pay on rent or your mortgage, on bills and utilities (electricity, gas, water, internet, etc.) per month. Make a rough estimate of how much that is a year. Even if you've paid off your mortgage I would imagine that your bills are higher than $152 per year. House sitting is by far one of the cheapest ways to live.

trusted house sitters coupon code

And as for travelling, you could easily spend $152 a night in accommodation in many countries, and even in the cheapest of countries and in the grottiest of hostels, it's not going to last you much longer than a few weeks. Put simply, even with the sign-up fee, house sitting is by far one of the cheapest ways to travel. That's all very well and good – but what if you sign up and don't get a house sit? That's just $152 down the drain.

trustedhousesitters coupon code

I'm not going to lie and say that you sign up and automatically get house sits. In some ways, house sitting is like a job – in that you have to be professional and apply in the right manner. And, like applying for jobs, you often have to apply for many house sits before you get one. Once you've got your sit, you still have to be professional about it (respect the house and pets), but essentially you are living as you usually would (with your own routine, just slightly modified to fit the pets in).

trusted housesitters coupon code

My point is that if you sign up and do nothing you are very unlikely to get a house sit, but if you sign up and follow our advice you are very likely to get a house sit:

How to Become a House Sitter

Here are some quick and easy steps that will help you become a pro house sitter in no time!

#1. The basics: signing up and applying

After signing up (see above), here are some things that you can do to make sure you get your first house sits:

  • Fill out your profile honestly and clearly, don't sell yourself short – show the homeowners what you have to offer;
  • Make sure you upload profile pictures – ones with sunglasses imply you have something to hide, opt for ones without. Photos with you and pets are always a great idea;
  • House sit for your friends and family to get some good references;
  • Apply, apply, apply – don't just apply for your dream house sit, apply for any and all house sits that you would love to do and that you're capable of doing (aka only apply for ones where you are free for the dates, you have the money to get there and know you can handle the animals)

#2. Some additional help: useful tips & advice

trusted house sitters promotional code

More Useful Information About House Sitting

House sitting gives you free accommodation in exchange for looking after pets. But when it comes to other costs, that depends on the individual house sit. Some house sits (especially in countries like Costa Rica) will ask for a contribution to the bills. Personally, we don't do these house sits as the cost of the homeowners covering the bills is way cheaper than them paying for pet care (not to mention that the pets are a million times happier at home than in a pet home, and that's something you can't put a price on). Anyhow, some other possible costs to consider are:

#1. Video calling with the hosts before scheduling a house sit

I highly recommend having a video call with your prospective hosts before you say 'yes' to a house sit. Just to see whether you click and get along or not. Some of our initial experiences with house sitting were not quite pleasant (sometimes even less than pleasant) because we forgot to or simply did not have the time to schedule a call... or it did not even occur to us at the time - remember, that was the beginning of the 2010s - a different decade now, gosh! Some hosts turned out to be people we felt wouldn't have stayed with if we had had a call beforehand, other people simply demanded too much of us (unexpected chores and such). On the other hand, we had a lot of good experiences as well in those earl years (otherwise we wouldn't have carried on with house sitting I presume) - so our number 1 rule has become: always schedule a video call with the host(s) before you say 'yes' to a house sit! It's worht clarifing demands, requirements, chores and some other important things (see below). And trust your guts. If you like someone, go for it, if you don't, you can always respectfully decline.

#2. Car hire

Some homeowners are happy to leave the car for you to use, others aren't. It depends on the house sit. Personally, if a car has to be used for the pets (e.g. to take the pet to a favourite park or to take them to a vet in case of an emergency), we think it's only fair that the homeowner lends us their car. Bear in mind, many car hire companies are not happy having pets in their cars. As for car insurance, this varies from country to country (and hence why some homeowners aren't keen to lend you theirs). In Australia, it's the car itself that gets insured, whereas in the UK it's the person. Whatever happens, make sure car insurance is covered by you or by them – it's an absolute must.

#2. Getting to the house sit

Most homeowners will happily pick you up from a local airport, train station or bus station (just like they would if you were a family or friend that was visiting). The cost of getting to the house sit is up to you though, so think carefully about whether you can afford flights/train tickets before you apply. We always check on Kiwi (Skypicker) before applying to a house sit, because it's by far the best flight comparison website out there: it finds the actual cheapest flights; it finds the most convenient flights; and it has the special kiwi guarantee (if your flight is delayed or cancelled, Kiwi will offer you an alternative flight for free, your money back and more including overnight accommodation).

#3. Who pays for food whilst house sitting?

Food isn't expected by house sitters but it is often given by homeowners – often to a very generous extent which is great. Just be clear about what can and can't be eaten: some homeowners ask you to replace anything you have eaten, others are happy for you to have the odd bit of flour or rice, others will deck out their storage cupboards and fridge for you and insist you eat everything, it depends on the sit.

promotional code for trusted house sitters

As for the animal's food – that should always be provided by the homeowner (it's often worth reminding them before you arrive that they should make sure there's enough food for the animals). For long-term house sitting, you might have to get the animal's food yourself (especially if it's supposed to be fresh, etc.), in which case the homeowners should provide you with the money for this, but again it's good to remind them.

Wrap Up: TrustedHouseSitters Discount Code 2024

So there you have it, everything you need to apply for a 2024 TrustedHouseSitters discount code 2024 and some bonus info, too! In summary: click this link for your TrustedHouseSitters discount code. And as always, please leave comments below if you have any questions or queries and we will happily reply :) Further reading: check out my house sitting or Airbnb post to see if Airbnb is suitable for you and for an Airbnb coupon code. We have also made this video for newcomers to housesitting, enjoy :)

P.S.: Feel free to browse our house sitting experience vault (we've written posts about house sitting in Spain, Italy, Australia, Finland, and so on). We also compiled a FAQ about house sitting, the questions our friends and family most often ask us or you can read our beginner's guide to house sitting. If you're thinking about house sitting but you are unsure about which country to start in, we've written about that too (see link). If you're still sceptical about why we think house sitting is great, here's a post about it :) Hope we could help, enjoy reading!

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