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Topfoxx Discount Code and Topfoxx Sunglasses Review

topfoxx discount code

Topfoxx discount codes:


Top Foxx makes cool, quirky sunglasses that are 'NOT for your average girl'. Designed and located in New York and with over 270K Instagram followers, Top foxx sunglasses are oozing with coolness. 

I tried out KittyKat  Black / Hot Purple, Candy Sunnies Rose Gold and  KittyKat Rose Gold - this is my Topfoxx sunglasses review:

topfoxx discount code

Topfoxx Sunglasses Review

Firstly I'll start with what all three sunnies had in common: shipping, packing, materials, carrying case. 

Topfoxx Shipping

Topfoxx ship worldwide and even offer free shipping for orders above a certain amount ($100+ if you're in the US, $150+ for worldwide). They ship from New York and had arrived at our place in Budapest in less than a week, which is pretty impressive.

Topfoxx Packaging 

But what impressed me more, was the size of the package - Topfoxx really stream-lined the packaging, so much so in fact that at first, I thought it was just one pair of sunglasses, not three! Being conscious not to waste resources by using minimal packaging is something that's really important to me (and something companies like Amazon could learn from)! I was happy to see Topfoxx were clued in. 

But it wasn't like they skimped on the packaging at the expense of the sunglasses - all three pairs were there and all three were 100% undamaged, of course. 

Topfoxx Materials

In keeping with that conscious mind-set I was further impressed to see that most of the sunglass's frame is made of metal (rather than plastic, read more: why we're giving up plastic). The bit that sits on your ear is still hard plastic, but the rest of the frame is metal. The lenses are UV 400 protection (a must for anyone who cares about their eyes). 

All three pairs have a high quality feel to them, I particularly liked the tear drop nose guards. 

Topfoxx Carrying case

topfoxx discount code

The Topfoxx sunglasses come with a cool carrying case. It's ingeniously designed so that it's a 3d triangular prism when your glasses are in them, to protect them; but folds down neatly to a flat package that fits easily in your bag when you're wearing the glasses. 

These carrying cases come free with Topfoxx sunglasses, they're good quality and a nice little extra. 

Topfoxx Sunglasses Review KittyKat Black / Hot Purple

The KittyKat Black / Hot Purple sunglasses were the original reason I fell in love with TopFoxx - they're just so out there, but in a cool way. I love the hot purple colour of the lenses, and the 'foxxy' frames. 

topfoxx coupon code

But even though I was absolutely in love with them, I was a bit worried they might not suit my face shape (as is always the fear when I see sunglasses online). Luckily, if I say so myself, they work with my face shape - phew!

Is it just me, or do they really really suit Tanbay too?

topfoxx 10% discount code

I think this is one of the best things about the Topfoxx KittyKat styled glasses - they work with many different face shapes: heart, oblong, round, square, oval - because they can be classed as both 'round glasses' - because of the lenses - and 'framed glasses' - because of the frames.

Price: $49
Topfoxx coupon code: click here and use the code "WEASELS15" for 15% Topfoxx discount code! 

Topfoxx Sunglasses KittyKat Rose Gold Review

That KittyKat frame which suits most face shapes comes in Rose Gold too, so for those that don't fancy Hot Purple (or greedies like me who want both), check out the KittyKat Rose Gold sunnies:

topfoxx discount code

I still really love the shape, and I've got to say, although when I looked at them online my favourite were the Hot Purple, irl I like the Rose Gold ones even more. They're just so damn pretty!

topfoxx promo code

And they have an unexpected extra advantaged - when pictured from different angles they look like a different pair of sunglasses, almost silver:

topfoxx discount code

Which is great if you're out for the day and want to make it look like you changed sunglasses throughout the day. 

Price: $49
Topfoxx coupon code: click here and use the code "WEASELS15" for 15% Topfoxx discount code! 

Topfoxx Sunglasses Candy Sunnies Rose Gold Review

topfoxx coupon code

 Last but not least, the Candy Sunnies Rose Gold: again these were that same gorgeous Rose Gold. But these have a different frame to the KittyKats - a more subtle, elegant but still awesome frame:

top foxx sunglasses

I was happy to see that they suited the shape of my head, and think they'd be really great for more formal functions where the KittyKats might not be welcome. 

Price: $59

Topfoxx coupon code: click here and use the code "WEASELS15" for 15% Topfoxx discount code! 

Conclusion and Topfoxx promo code

topfoxx coupon code

All in all, and I'm sure you can tell by now, I'm super impressed by the Top foxx sunglasses, they're just so cool! I love the out-there designs and pretty colours, and I think they toe the line perfectly between hipster and fashionable and they are of course super foxxy. 

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As for Topfoxx, to get your own pair head on over to Topfoxx and use the code "WEASELS15" for a 15% Topfoxx discount code! 

Disclaimer: I received these three sunglasses in return for Instagram promotion, as always all opinions are my own and I would never recommend something I personally haven't tried and loved. I actually wasn't required to write a blog post about these, but I loved them so much I just had to share! 

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