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prana promo code

prAna clothing is for people who live fully, play long and travel well - which are the type of people we aspire to be. prAna clothing are known for using 100% organic cotton in their clothing and implementing a lot of fair trade and sustainability values, something that's very important to us. We partnered up with prAna (scroll to the bottom of this blog post for a prAna promo code)! We tried out four prAna clothing pieces and the theme was #TravelprAna so we decided to take an outing to our favourite city - Budapest. Along with us for the day was PorTrait Blaho an ├╝ber talented Hungarian photographer.

1. The Perfect Day Out with prAna clothing and PorTrait

One of the things that first attracted us to Budapest was how beautiful it is, the architecture is absolutely stunning and it's just so photogenic! Our favourite building in the city (at least aesthetically wise), is Hungarian Parliament Building. Built between 1885 and 1904, it's tied as the tallest building in Budapest. (St Stephen's Basilica is the exact same height.) That height, 96m, is important for many reasons. Firstly, it refers to the nation's millennium (1896) which is also when the building was inaugurated. Secondly, 96m (or 315ft), isn't really all that high, and as no building in Budapest is allowed to be taller than Parliament (and the Basilica), it means that there aren't any tall buildings in Budapest - another thing we love about the city, no skyscrapers here!

prana coupon code

Yet another thing we love about Budapest is the weather - unlike England and Germany, Hungary has proper seasons - super hot and sunny and lovely in summer, super cold and frosty and cosy in winter. This perfect day out took place in May, so it was lovely and hot - 25 degrees but the sun was shining so brightly it felt a lot hotter. Our prAna clothes were perfect for this. I was wearing the Jasper Green Kornelie Tank and Tanbay wore the Dark Khaki Heather prAna Polo and the Black Herringbone Furrow Short. They were absolutely ideal for the hot weather. Too often we wear clothes that seem like they will work well in sunny weather, but then find ourselves sweating to death (especially me), and that's even before we've started doing anything taxing! Thankfully, this wasn't true with our prAna clothes, all three pieces breathed beautifully and we could enjoy the weather and pose for our photos without passing out. First up we did some couples shots in front of Parliament:

prana discount code

We love taking photos when we travel but it's often so hard to get a good shot of both of us - thus it was a dream come true to have PorTrait Blaho with us, so she took many photos of us that we can treasure forever. Next up we did some individual shots:

prana influencer

Here's a behind-the-scenes shot of Tanbay modelling:

prana discount

And here's the finished shot:

prana code

I love how the Dark Khaki Heather colour of the prAna polo matches Parliament perfectly. Next up, were my individual shots, my favourite part of the prAna clothing Korneli Tank is the back so we really concentrated on those angles:

prana promo code

Personally, I think this is the killer shot:

prana discount code

All in all, we had the most fun day out ever with PorTrait, we've done quite a few photoshoots in the past but this was by far our favourite. Blaho is so talented with the camera and knows exactly what she's doing, but that's true of a lot of camera people - where Blaho truly shines is in her personality, she's so lovely and nice and made us feel so relaxed. If you're in Budapest looking for a photoshoot we highly recommend her. [Follow her on Facebook and Instagram] We were also super impressed with the clothing, it was incredible to wear something that a) was comfortable and could cope with the weather but b) also still looked good for our photoshoot - finally, the best of both worlds!

2. prAna Clothing Review

prAna Polo

The dark khaki heather prAna Polo is made from 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester. Organics and recycling are two ideals that are very close to our heart and thus it is awesome to represent this by wearing prAna clothing that supports our ideals.

prana influencer

Tanbay's thoughts on the prAna polo: "It feels very high quality and 'breathy' in high temperatures and it's also very soft. I love the colour. The fit is also perfect - it's not a loose unflattering fit, but it's also not too slim-fit so you feel like you can move."

prAna Furrow Short

The black herringbone Furrow Short is made from 53% sustainable hemp, 44% recycled polyester and 3% spandex. We're really passionate about using hemp in clothing because there are so many environmental reasons to use hemp.

prana discount

Tanbay's thoughts: "The shorts are a perfect fit around the waist, I really like that they offer half sizes (i.e. 30, 31, 32, 33 etc as opposed to 30, 32, 34 etc which is what most companies offer). Because of this, it fits really well and I don't need a belt. They are also really lightweight and really 'breathy' like the polo. They also didn't need ironing, which is ideal for travellers like us, who don't always have access to an iron (or time to waste ironing)."

prAna Kornelie Tank

The green jasper Kornelie Tank is made from 70% organic cotton and 30% hemp, I've never worn a hemp top before and the quality of it is unbelievable.

prana code

I love the back of the top, it offers something really unusual that you don't normally see. The colour is beautiful too and really brings out the green in my eyes. It's super soft and just feels high quality and comfortable. It's a rarity to find clothes that both feel comfortable but look good, it's the perfect top to do yoga in, but I would also feel comfortable wearing this to a posh hotel or restaurant. This diversity is an absolute must for travellers, when you have limited bag space it's great to have a piece that works in pretty much all situations.

prAna Ostara Top

I also tried the forest green Ostara Top, it's absolutely beautiful quality and is so snug and warm! It will be perfect in winter.

prana promo code

The Ostara top is made of 53% hemp, 42% organic cotton and 5% spandex. I was surprised how dense it is - but this is an important quality for a jumper to have if you want it to keep you warm. I can't wait to wear it on the plane - it's the perfect mix of comfortable and beautiful. I really like how it sits off the shoulder, it gives it a really sophisticated feel.

prana coupon code

prAna clothing packaging review

My first impression of prAna clothing was 'impressed' because of their packaging, I received a cardboard box and inside three of the pieces were packaged like this:

prana clothing

Aka super simple plastic-free packaging - just tied up with brown string, how beautiful is that! Unfortunately, the kornelie tank was inside its own plastic bag, presumably because it's more fragile than the other pieces of prAna clothing. I hope in the future prAna clothing will extend their conscious thinking to all their packages. But, like Tanbay said 3/4 is not bad at all, especially considering the amount of plastic packaging we normally receive when we get parcels. I love that their sustainable mindset doesn't just cover their clothes - the fact that they are clearly thinking about their packaging too shows that they're really serious and makes me trust them. And it wasn't just that they were tied up with string, the tags were environmentally sound too - no horrible plastic there either, just a natural string.

prAna Promo Code

prana promo code

If you're in love with prAna clothing (and how couldn't you be? Beautiful clothes + ethical values is a win!) I am happy to announce that I can offer you a 15% prAna discount code when you shop online, simply use the prAna promo code TRWES18 and make sure to use #travelprAna and #prAnaspring18 on Instagram so we can see what you've bought!

3. Wrap Up: prAna clothing review and PorTrait

All in all, we are super impressed by prAna clothing, their sustainable values and classy wear is something we are very much onboard with. We can't wait to wear them on our travel adventures in the future. [If you'd like to have some prAna clothing too, make sure to use the prAna promo code: TRWES18 ] Massive thank you to PorTrait for spending the day with us, be sure to check out her Facebook and Instagram. Also, if you're looking for more sustainable fashion? Check out my other reviews:

And of course, here's some more information on prAna clothing:

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were offered four pieces from prAna clothing in return for an honest review, as always all opinions are our own.

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