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gunas new york discount code is America's first 100% vegan handbag brand. Established in 2009, they make luxury handbags, wallets and shoes that are not just vegan-friendly, but ethically made and eco-conscious too: they are sweatshop-free and use eco-friendly materials.

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I tried out two Gunas handbags products - Cottontail Raspberry Purse and Twiggy Mustard Wallet, and this is my review. [Btw if you're already convinced Gunas the Brand is awesome and want your Gunas Discount Code, head to the bottom of the post] 

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1. Gunas Bag Review: Handbag Materials

First things first, it's very important to me that their bags are vegan, because we are vegan [find out how travel made us vegan]. Being 100% vegan means that Gunas New York does not use any animal products to make their handbags, aka no leather, silk or fur. Instead, they use high-quality manmade materials that don't harm any animals. Read more about this here: is leather vegan?

Other than animal rights, one of the main reasons I'm vegan is for environmental reasons. Strangely enough, vegan and environmental don't always go hand-in-hand - sadly a lot of vegan products are un-environmental and wasteful in other ways. Thankfully, Gunas is not one of those companies. Gunas strive to use manmade materials that are manufactured using non-toxic methods. For example, they don't use Vinyl or PVC because of their harmful effects on the environment.

The linings of Gunas Bags are made from up-cycled cotton twills or recycled plastics. We are very anti-plastic [read: plastic items we're avoiding], so it's awesome to learn that they use recycled plastics, rather than contributing to the plastic problem by creating more plastic. They also use recycled metals. Thankfully, most vegan companies are also sweatshop-free, but it's important to check every time - don't worry, Gunas Bags are 100% sweatshop free.

2. Gunas Bag Review: Cottontail Raspberry Purse

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I originally fell in love with the Cottontail Raspberry Purse because of the beautiful raspberry colour. I was looking for a day bag that's good for both day trips and taking as hand-luggage on planes: something that's big enough to hold my important things, but not so big that I end up taking things with me that I don't need and having a heavy bag.

gunas new york discount code

I was super pleased to discover that this handbag is sturdy yet light - it's annoying how often those two things don't go hand in hand! Sturdy is important to me - I want to feel like my items are safe and aren't going to get damaged, but I don't want to carry a bag that's unnecessarily heavy by itself - the Cottontail toes that line perfectly.

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The bag has an external zipper pocket - which is the perfect size for my phone and gives me quick and easy access to it.

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gunas handbags discount

On the front, it has two magnetic clips which make the most satisfying noise when clipped together and make the bag feel secure. Inside is another zipper pocket perfect for keeping your passport safe. Another inside zipper pocket divides the bag in the middle. This pocket is slightly larger than the other two pockets and fits my kindle in perfectly.

gunas new york discount code

I love that it divides the bag because it means that my items aren't free to roam around and get lost. When I open my bag everything is exactly where I left it and I don't have to look for it. I LOVE this about the bag, it also has a really sturdy bottom and sides, which helps in the 'not letting my items roam' situation, but also makes me feel like I can safely have fragile items in my bag, like my camera.

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On one side of the divide, I keep my Nikon, on the other side I keep my wallet, and my sunglasses fit snugly on the top.

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I said it earlier but I want to reiterate the point - the size of the bag is absolutely perfect, my keys and lipstick fit in too and I don't need to take anything else with me on a day trip. In the past, I've had bigger bags and laden myself down with things I didn't need to take with me.

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This Gunas bag comes with a removable strap, so you can choose between holding the bag, or strapping it over your shoulder.

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The Cottontail is made from 100% vegan textured eco-polyurethane, recycled plastic bottles and recycled metal hardware with 18K gold plating. If you are already convinced, for a Gunas Discount Code click here and use the code "WEASELS10" for 10% Gunas New York Discount Code (note to my dear readers: the code won't work unless you use this specific link, sorry).

3. Gunas Handbags Review: Twiggy Mustard Wallet

The second piece from Gunas The Brand that I reviewed was the Twiggy Mustard Wallet. I've been obsessed with the colour mustard for the last year, so it was great to find a wallet that matched my coat (and my crop tops and t-shirts haha).

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I've been looking for a wallet for a while that's the right size for when I'm going out but don't want to take a bag - I want something that fits my credit card and cash but can also take my phone too. This Gunas wallet is the perfect size for this.

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Inside it has a divider pocket with a zip - perfect for keeping your coins. It has a total of 20 card sized spaces as well as four larger slips for things like bus passes.

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The wallet comfortably takes my cash, cards, bus pass, notes and phone. It's perfect for taking out. And it's so damn pretty!

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On the outside is a stylish buckle with a popper. Once un-popped it reveals space for more cards. The Twiggy is made from 100% vegan textured eco-polyurethane with a lining made from recycled plastic bottles. Once again, my dear readers, for a Gunas Discount click here and use the code "WEASELS10" for 10% Gunas Coupon Code (note, the discount code won't work unless you use this specific link).

4. Wrap Up: Gunas Handbags Review

Hopefully, it's clear by now that I absolutely love GunasTheBrand, they're stylish, they're classy, they're ethical - in summary, they're all I'm looking for in a brand, and more! I highly recommend Gunas New York for their high-quality, luxury vegan handbags. If you would like to purchase your own handbags, use this link + Gunas discount code WEASELS10 for a 10% discount (nb, the coupon code doesn't work unless you use the link): Gunas discount code.

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I can also offer you a free shipping Gunas discount code: FREE Shipping on Orders over $150. Gunas shipped from New York to our place in Budapest in less than 7 days, which is super impressive.

gunas handbags review

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Disclaimer: I received these products in return for Instagram promotion, I wasn't actually required to write a blog post about them, but I loved them so much I just had to share! As always all opinions are my own and I have never, nor will I ever, recommend something I haven't personally tried and loved.

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