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Sending postcards is a joy for both the sender and the receiver. But sending postcards abroad is hard. The app MyPostcard is here to make it easier, cheaper and above all more fun to send postcards! If you're looking to send postcards online free, scroll to the bottom of this post for a mypostcard code.

1. My Love/Hate Relationship With Postcards

I'm a sucker for sending postcards. My grandma (my travel inspiration) used to send them to me all the time when I was a kid and when I started travelling I decided to send her one from every new country I visited. I loved writing to her, I loved hearing how much she enjoyed them, and I loved reading them every time I went back, but that's where the love ended: I hated trying to find a post office abroad, this isn't like finding a well-known sight, or free wifi or a good meal. No one knows what you're talking about, and even if they do they rarely know where the post office is - no one uses them anymore!

Well sort of... once I actually found the post office I would wait for what felt like hours... there are always so many people in there (which is a paradox, how can no one know where they are when everyone is simultaneously using them?) And to top it off, I never really knew if my postcard was going to get there - had they put the special 'send it abroad' stamp on top? Were they going to keep their promise and send it? Who knew. Anyway, my point is, I got sick of queueing and sick of sending postcards.

2. The Solution: MyPostcard

Then along came MyPostcard - a Photo Postcard App and website which was the answer to my dreams, I could send postcards without going to the post office! Game changer!! MyPostcard is the way to send a postcard online. Simply go to their app (download now from Android or Apple) or head to their website. Choose your postcard, write your text and bam! Job done. They send it off for you. No more post office.

But it's so much more than making your life easier. No longer do you have to choose some postcard with some rubbishy touristy impersonal design you find in the corner shop - with MyPostcard you can actually use your own photos - aka ones you've taken of the sights yourself!!! (or, even better, photos of you at those sights ;) )

Okay, so this is too good to be true right? Design your own postcard, use your own photos, get it sent out and all without leaving your bed? The catch has got to be the cost, right? Nope! It's only $1.99 per postcard with free shipping WORLDWIDE! That's $1.99 to send your customised photo as a postcard from anywhere in the world. Trust me, that's cheaper than buying and sending a postcard from abroad and it's definitely cheaper than printing off a photo and customising the back on a traditional photo printing website.

3. My Experience: MyPostcard Review

I downloaded the MyPostcard app and found the sign-up process to be very simple and quick. The pricing was clear and upfront. For postcards, it's $1.99 per postcard and free worldwide shipping. You can also opt for Greeting Cards ($3.99), XXL Cards ($5.99), Templates & Designs (from $1.99), Set of Cards (from $7.99) or Photo Prints (from $8.99).

send postcards online free

I went for a postcard with a classic style and then chose where to get my photo from.

mypostcard code

You can choose from your gallery, your Instagram or if you're feeling really crazy straight from your camera.

send postcards online free

For my first postcard, I went with a classic postcard and picked out my favourite photo of us in Budapest to send to Tanbay. After I'd picked the photo and readjusted it I chose the font I liked, the size I wanted and wrote my message.

mypostcard code

Then it was just a case of inputting the address and I was done! I gave it a quick review and went to pay.

friend code mypostcard

Payment can be done with either PayPal, card or credits you've received from friends. Once the payment was complete, the app told me that it had been successfully sent:

send a postcard online free

I also received an email confirming that it was on its way:

"You should expect shipping to take 3 to 6 business days. (For shipping to remote locations like Madagascar, it may take a little longer.) To help you estimate when your card will arrive, we will let you know as soon as we have handed it over to the post office."

Again, this is so much better than the post office! I couldn't get over it. Next, I made a Mosaic style postcard with Instagram to send to Tanbay's mum. You have to authorise the app with Instagram but that's quick and once it's done you can see all of your beautiful photos:

mypostcard code

I had a lot of fun deciding which photos to pick and which ones should go where. With MyPostcard you can go for a shuffled order or swap the photos round yourself:

friend code mypostcard

Tanbay's mum loves photos but doesn't have Instagram so, hopefully, she'll love this postcard.

4. MyPostcard End Product Review

The app was fun and easy to use, but I was eager to see the quality of the actual postcards. I sent out a handful to our friends and family, and a couple to Tanbay (aka myself haha).

send postcards online free

Tanbay's mum received hers first, no doubt because the MyPostcard is based in Germany and Tanbay's family live in Germany. Anyway, they loved it!

send postcards online

Ours came a day later than theirs (but still only took 3 days to arrive). The quality was excellent!! I also ordered Tanbay (read: myself) a similar one to the one I sent to Tanbay's mum:

mypostcard code

It's so nice to have our favourite Instagram photos from 2017 in real form :) My friends and family all loved theirs too.

5. Wrap Up & MyPostcard Code

So are there any bad things about MyPostcard? I found that there was only one problem with MyPostcard - it's absolutely addictive. I sent 12 postcards in the space of 15 minutes. Woops. All in all, I am super impressed with MyPostcard. It's revolutionised the way I send postcards and I absolutely love them! You can download the MyPostcard app on Android or Apple now or head to their website.

Plus to start you off, and so you can see for yourself how awesome this app is, use the friend code mypostcard EAFBDI to get $3 free credit (good for one free postcard) and you can send a postcard online free today :) Also, how cool are they: they released a video for 2021's International Women's Day, check it out:

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