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7 Reasons Why You Should House Sit

reasons you should house sit

Do you want to house sit? Or are you wondering why people house sit? Whatever your reasons, you've come to the right place. We've been called the house sitting experts - with over four years of house sitting experience under our belts we have thousands of reasons why you should house sit. But we've today we've narrowed it down to just 7. Enjoy!

1. By House Sitting Your Accommodation is Free!

No more renting, no more forking out for hotels. Even at their cheapest, hostel fees really do add up making sure that for most travellers, accommodation is their biggest cost. Why wouldn't you want free accommodation? Free accommodation was all it took to convince us - even with the yearly signup fees that most house sitting websites require, it comes to like 6 dollars per month... but once we started we found that there are lots more reasons to LOVE house sitting. 

2. When You House Sit, Often You'll Be Luxury House Sitting

Now we all know Couchsurfing is free and fun! But with Couchsurfing chances are your accommodation isn't going to be very fancy. Maybe you'll be sleeping in a tent or a hammock:

i want to house sit

House sitting on the other hand, tends to give free accommodation that's a little more upmarket. Mansions with multiple swimming pools, for example:
luxury house sitting
Photo published with permission from the owner, of course.

We've also house sat homes with tennis courts, home gyms, nature reserves, deserted beaches around the corner, porches, home cinemas - you name it, we've house sat it.... but yeah, okay, not every house sit is straight out of a glossy magazine. We have sat some averages houses too, which takes me back to point one - free accommodation is free accommodation, and your average house is still better than a tent or a hammock. The houses we sit in the city have all been a bit less fancy because of their prime location.... oh no wait I take that back, the Berlin house sit we did was so fancy it had a sauna:

reasons to house sit

3. The House Sitting Perks

Most homeowners treat you like an honoured guest. They pick you up from the airport/train station/ bus stop. They cook you a meal or two and leave you some food in the cupboards. All gladly received when travelling on a budget - and even when you're not! They also show you the area and the secret spots only the locals know:

trustedhousesitters discount code

Some homeowners go even further. We've had a few owners stock up for the apocalypse and tell us they will be very disappointed if we don't eat everything. Other than transport and food, most homeowners have treated us to awesome day trips which have included a visit to the Gold Coast theme parks, taking us fishing (before we were vegan lol) and, the best, taking us to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary:

how to become a house sitter

But it can be more than day trips. As our Melbourne house sit was during Australia's 'winter', the lovely homeowners have insisted that we come back in the summer as guests to see it in the summer -for a month! Furthermore, one of our favourite homeowners in Australia insisted that we visit Kangaroo Island and stay in her apartment. An extraordinary trip we are so grateful for:

what is house sitting

4. Meeting the Locals Through House Sitting

It's great to get a real insight of local knowledge, they knew the best places to eat/go etc. and we really had a good look into how real people live. Aka not tourists. If you're looking for authentic meaningful travel, you've got to become a house sitter. We've also made some great friends though house sitting, some of which will be our friends for life and all of which will be most welcome to stay with us. One couple is actually visiting Europe in November, and we plan to meet up with them then!

5. Being a House Sitter Gives You the Comforts of Being at Home

I can't stress this one enough, no matter how homely your hotel or hostel is, it will never be as homely as a real home. We had the laundry, a bed that hadn't been slept in by over a thousand people, we had all the kitchen utensils you could ever want, and silly little things like oil and salt and pepper. Everyone needs those but you don't want to be lugging them around from place to place.

6. House Sitting Takes You to Places You'd Have Probably Never Been To

Whilst we've done sits in popular places like Melbourne, Chiang Mai, Malaga, Berlin and Helsinki and Athens, we also went to many places that we'd never heard of before: Glen Osmond, Hopetoun, Newcastle, Ancona. These are all places we probably would have never gone to, but are so glad that we did:
i want to house sit
Australian Newcastle - a lot better than the English one

reasons to house sit

7. House Sitters Get to Have Pets!

I love pets, especially dogs, as a traveller, the luxury of pets is not something you can really have. But with house sitting you can! You get a few weeks of all the perks (the walks, their personalities), but you don't have to worry about their food or vet bills. 

pet sitting

Saying that now is probably a good time for me to point out that you are fully responsible for your pet. If the pet needs a vet you need to get them there (though some house owners arranged for the vet to come to you). Also if you're sitting in a foreign land, you've got to make sure you know about all their foreign dangers. As we were in Australia we had to learn about snake bites, ticks and how a cat reacts when it's bitten by a spider.

luxury house sitting

House sitting is for the dependable, sensible type of traveller. And if that's you I really recommend you start house sitting today!

... So How Do I Become a House Sitter?

So do you want excellent, free accommodation and friends for life (both furry and human)? Do you want to travel the world in luxury on a shoestring budget? Still wondering why people house sit? Convinced and want to become a house sitter yet? Becoming a house sitter is easy - simply sign up to TrustedHousesitters, the house sitting website that we have got all 30+ house sits from. If you need more info, check out our full house sitting blog post: how to become a house sitterIf you have any questions about house sitting, leave us a comment! Also, I would like to share this video we made about house sitting with you guys -- enjoy! :)

P.S. was kind enough to provide us and our readers with a 10% discount -- click on the link to use it!

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