House Sitting In Italy: The Ultimate House Sit

ultimate house sit

This post is all about our all-time favourite House Sit, we're hoping by telling you a little bit about it, it will inspire you to start house sitting yourself! Our all-time favourite house sit over the last two years has been the house we sat in Italy. We first sat it in January 15. The owners were so lovely that they invited us back in the summer for a month. We House Sat for them again for a weekend and the rest of the time we stayed there as guests! So what made us chose this as our ultimate House Sit?

1. The Pets

housesit italy

Now although we call it house sitting, house sits generally come with pets (so really it's pet sitting). In fact, out of the 20 sits we've done, only one has come without pets! However, being able to travel and still have the home comforts of furry friends is one of the best things about House Sitting. We LOVE animals and these are no exception. At this beautiful house we have three lovely ones: a Hound mix, a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix and a ginger American Shorthair (i.e. this cat). 

housesitting italy

All three animals are gorgeous (as you can see) , but they behave beautifully too. One of our favourite things in the world is waking up and walking these dogs around the vineyards and in the little town. 

pettsitting cute dog

Looking after the house is important too, but the pets are priority. This is mostly true for every House Sitting assignment.

2. The House and View

italy mountain view

The house itself is very comfy, pretty and everything in it has a logical place (which I love). Outside there is a forno for cooking pizza. The garden is absolutely beautiful with stunning flowers and fresh snacks (strawberries, tomatoes, etc):

Another favourite thing about the house is the view: 

beautiful view italy

Not sure why. 

italy mountain view

italy vineyard

It's also the perfect place to practice yoga. 

yoga italy

3. The Vineyard

italian vineyard

Part of the reason we love the view so much is because of the vineyard. They grow both red and white grapes and it's really awesome to learn more about this process. 

housesitting italian vineyard

We offered to help out with the vineyard, and we spent a few mornings teasing the vines back into the correct place (i.e. through the middle). It was beautiful work and a great work out. 

vineyard grapes

4. The Wine

We also helped bottle last year's wine, which was a lot of fun. In the end 234 bottles were bottled! But how many did we drink? None! It needs to sit for a year or so (we had margaritas instead). We love the Italian attitude to wine: generally if you're in a restaurant (or at least in any of the ones we've been to) you're lucky if they let you choose which colour of the wine, let alone which type. They tend to choose which wine goes best with your food, which is great because they know better than we do. They'll also quite happily bring you a half-full bottle of wine too and it's not weird. 

5. The Location


Another great thing about this House Sit is its location. The house is situated just a short walk from Ripatransone - the cutest Italian village in the world complete with it's own ancient wall:

ripatransone ancient wall
The house is also just a short drive from the sea, which is gorgeous. 

ripatransone beach

The water is really warm and it's so salty you can float!

ripatransone beach italy

The nearest city is Ascoli Piceno which, as you can see, is also delightful:

ascoli piceno

6. The Food

organic italian food

The food in Italy truly is to die for. The tomatoes smell so fresh and are insanely flavourful. The fruit? Dito. The pizza and pasta are the best we've ever had (of course) and the gelato is creamy and delicious. There is also really great fresh fish. 

typical italian food

Our home owners treated us to some excellent meals. For example this one: 

italian salmon

This was just the first course of our five course meal! We had salmon, anchovies, mussels, prawns, calamari, sole and plenty of crisp white wine. We also had a few meals at a convent, which was a really fun experience. They nuns cook all the food themselves, and they even grow some of it in the garden. 

7. The Owners

But it's not just the house, the pets and the location that make a good House Sit, it does depend on the Home Owners too. These particular ones are insanely cool! They are both extremely intelligent, kind and funny. We are so honoured to be friends with them and are thankful every day that they chose us to House Sit! 

vineyard housesit italy

Wrap Up: House Sitting in Italy

So, there you have it: after 2 years of house sitting in 8 different countries we've had some superb experiences, but none has been better than our gorgeous House Sit in Italy. We hope this little peek into our favourite House Sitting assignment has whet your appetite to try it yourself, but you tell us: have we convinced you? Would you like to House Sit in Italy? Or would you like to House Sit somewhere else in the world? House Sitting has been a dream come true for us, and if you think it could be for you too, we would love to help you achieve it. 

yoga italy

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