Vegan Travel in Italy and the Best-known Vegan Italian Restaurants

In recent years (since 1944 to be exact), an increasing number of humans in the Global North have begun to focus eating only plants and fungi: fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, in order to refrain from killing and torturing non-human animals and from harming them to feed humans, or even obtaining their bodily juices and depriving their children of it (e.g. the cow mothers' milk).

Vegan Food: A Short Introduction

Some of these humans (we usually call them 'people on plant-based diets', or 'no-issue vegans', or 'health vegans' or not even vegans but whatever) also believe in the necessity of following this diet to ensure the purity of their bodies from the adverse affects of animal products. In addition, the matter has an ethical (and for some, spiritual) aspect represented in that taking the life of any animal is an absolute crime (and if this is their only problem with how things are done by human society, they are called 'single issue vegans'). But enough of the vegan theory talk, this article is about travelling in Italy as a vegan :)

The Magic of Vegan Food in Italy and the Best-known Vegan Restaurants

Vegan food is based on consuming plant- and fungi-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and mushrooms or foods made entirely from plant products as much as possible and practicable. Vegans do not consume animal products such as eggs, cheese, dairy or honey. Vegans can obtain most of the nutrients necessary for the body (apart from vitamins B12 and D3) via grains and legumes (chickpeas, lentils &) beans, thus they can fill their bodies’ protein needs. Contrary to what many believe, the only source of protein is not meat and animal products!

Familiar foods made entirely of plant-based ingredients have also been introduced, such as vegan burgers and hot dogs, vegan ice cream, milk and dairy alternatives such as soy milk. Furthermore, cheese that’s made from vegan and non-animal materials, and tofu such as hemp tofu, is made entirely from hemp seeds :)

Accidentally Vegan Italian Food

It might seem weird that Italy, famous for its cheesy-soaked pizza, beef lasagna, and spaghetti filled with cheese sauces, would be a go-to destination for vegans.

Actually, if one looks a bit harder, Italian cuisine offers some traditional and accidentally vegan dishes, that are delicious and are known for their distinct flavors worldwide. Here are the most famous and admired Italian vegan dishes:


It is the most popular and famous vegan dish in Italy. This dish is characterized by its simplicity, rich natural tomato sauce, and low cost.


This is one of the most well-known vegan noodle dishes, especially for spicy food lovers. The sauce for this pasta consists of rich tomatoes, garlic, parsley, and the ingredient of chili peppers, which are mainly prepared and added according to taste. Arabetta means 'angry', named after hot pepper :)

Tuscany in Italy is famous for its delicious kinds of pasta. If you have never considered food tourism, you should consider one this year. It’s not that difficult, and all you need is a flight ticket and Tuscany villa rentals & you can enjoy the taste of Italian tourism.

Marinara pizza

This classic pizza is a wonderful dish for vegans. It consists of salt, water, yeast, flour, marinara sauce (tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano, onions, perhaps some capers, anchovies olives & wine), dried oregano & basil leaves, some garlic, with a little olive oil added on top. Mmmmmmmm :)

Tomato bruschetta: the Perfect snack for vegans!

This dish is very popular with vegans and among all appetizers lovers, even among those who diet. It consists of toasted bread drizzled with olive oil, on which the famous Italian tomatoes of Pomdros are placed.

Lemonade and gelato, an absolute vegan dessert

Even if you are a vegan, you cannot visit Italy without tasting the famous gelato dessert and premium Italian ice cream. This ice cream consists of ice and water instead of milk and its derivatives. Available in many flavors, one of the most famous is lemon.

The Most Famous Italian Restaurants For Vegans:

Here is a selection for our dear readers:

  • Libreria Brac (Florence): this restaurant is based in the heart of charming Florence, it is full of patrons 24/7, vegan food enthusiasts from all over Italy and also many many tourists - make sure to make a reservation before you go!
  • Save (Toronto): this restaurant offers you the most delicious pasta recipes with pure vegan ingredients, you only have to ask for it!
  • Nirvana Veg (Florence): this restaurant offers a parallel universe of classic Italian delicacies with pure vegan ingredients. It is characterized by an atmosphere charged with the intimacy of family and the warmth of friends’ sessions.
  • Mezzaluna (Turin): distinguished not only by its vegan dishes but also by its warm atmosphere and the acceptable prices. Mezzaluna offers the most delicious vegan desserts that will charge you with energy and vitality.
  • Origami House (La Spezia): this restaurant is the only vegan restaurant in la Spezia, and its atmosphere is distinguished by being full of love that adds charm to its delicious vegan dishes.
  • Grezzo (Rome): this place is a treasure island for lovers of sweets and vegans at the same time. It is marked by sweet dishes rich in raw and pure chocolate, in addition to the famous ice cream and its natural ingredients, and desserts that deserve praise. The founders of this restaurant excelled in serving tiramisu, brownies, and chocolate bars without adding refined sugar, dairy products or eggs to these delicious dishes. Yum!

Wrap Up: Vegan Travel In Italy and the Best-known Vegan Restaurants

In short, it is not impossible to find places specialized in serving vegan foods in Italy - even in regular Italian restaurants, just ask for Marinara pizza, Penne alla Arrabbiata and some Limoncello (beware of the fining agents used to make it though). On the contrary, Italy offers its touch in vegan dishes known for their deliciousness, no less magical than its famous classic dishes!

This post is literally 'just a taste' - if you want to read more on travelling to Italy as a vegan, feel free to head over to our sister site, VeganVsTravel :)

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