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7 Reasons To Visit Iceland This Year

Are you desperate to visit Iceland but need to convince a reluctant travel buddy to take the trip with you? Share these 7 reasons to visit Iceland with them, and you'll be packing your bags in no time!

7. To Relax In The Blue Lagoon 

One of the most iconic spots in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon and for good reason: It's breathtakingly beautiful!

But it doesn't just stop there, with healing mineral waters and hot, hot temperatures (37-39 degrees Celsius) you will leave this place feeling as soft as a baby's bottom - not to mention 100% zen and relaxed. 

We almost avoided this blue-gem because we were worried it was a tourist trap. It really is a tourist trap, but for once that doesn't matter, it was still one of our most favourite stops in Iceland. 

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6. It's Super Feminist!

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Iceland is the most feminist country in the world. Famous for its "day off" in 1974 where 90% of women went on strike from their professions and their household chores - the whole country came to a standstill and within a year a law was passed guaranteeing equal pay. 

But it dates back earlier than that - women in Iceland were 'allowed' to vote before women in Britain or the US. They were even the first country to have unconditional equal inheritance rights (in 1850). 

It's the first country in the world to ban stripping and lap-dancing for feminist rather than religious reasons, because as the Icelandic politician Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir says "It is not acceptable that women or people in general are a product to be sold" - amen to that! 

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5. To Drive The Golden Circle 

If you've never driven abroad before and are (understandably) nervous about doing it, Iceland is pretty much the perfect place for you to start: the main roads are super well maintained, there's barely any other cars, and the other drivers are very chilled back - no beeping or aggressive driving here!

We specifically recommend driving around the Golden Circle Route - a three hour drive in (you guessed it) a circular route. You can't go wrong! And the road is smooth all the way.

Obviously we don't just recommend the route for the easy driving - it's jam packed with lots of special iconic Icelandic stuff: geysers, waterfalls, craters, fluffy ponies, mountains -the lot! 

We drove the Golden Circle Route with Lagoon Car Rental and LOVED it! Pretty much every second of it was breathtaking and like nothing we've ever seen. Fair warning though, it took us a lot longer than three hours to complete because we kept stopping every five minutes to take photos - in fact we had to stop halfway and spend the night at an awesome cottage :D 

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4. To See The Northern Lights 

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Catching a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in Iceland is high up on many people's bucket-lists (including ours).

And you know how cool the Icelanders are? Hearing that it was going to be a particularly good night for the Northern Lights, the WHOLE of Reykjavik agreed to turn the lights out for the night (light pollution makes it harder to see the Northern Lights). Everybody turned their lights out and it was one of the most spectacular displays of the Northern Lights ever. But I suppose this won't happen when you visit and thus you will need a guide to the northern lights in Iceland I hope you enjoy them! 

3. To Meet The Lovely People

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As an extremely progressive country in terms of its feminism and environmental impact (not to mention the whole cool attitude towards the Northern Lights), it's only logical that the Icelandic people themselves are progressive too.   

The Icelandic people are some of the nicest, kindest people we've met on our travels - who go out of there way to help you out. For example: when we were in a supermarket I asked if there was a toilet I could use, the check-out boy said (in impeccable English), that he was really sorry there wasn't, but if I went into Subway I would be able to use it. When I went into Subway they didn't batt an eyelid that I was using their facilities without buying something. Thank you check-out boy (who could have just said no and carried on with his day) and thank you Subway people. 

Plus they're all super hot. Best cheekbones ever. 

2. Because It's Like No Other Country On Earth

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In fact it doesn't even look like it is from this planet with its black soil, lava tunnels and vibrantly green moss. 

After nearly four years of travel we haven't come across a country that looks so unlike the rest of planet earth - and it makes sense, it's super isolated - not really part of North America or Europe (okay technically it is part of Europe but it's so far away that it may as well not be). 

You'll never forget your first view of Iceland as your captain makes the decent (well unless it's cloudy and then you won't see anything). To me it looked like the surface of the moon or another planet. 

1. This Year Is Right Now! 

The main reason to visit Iceland this year? It's THIS year!! Sure you could wait and go to Iceland for a milestone: an anniversary, a graduation, a birthday... OR you could not wait and do it now! If Iceland is your number one bucket-list destination, don't wait - start booking now! 

Yes Iceland is expensive, but you won't regret it - it's 100% worth every penny. 

For memories that last a lifetime, scenery that takes your breath away and to visit a country like no other - head to Iceland.

So what are you waiting for?

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