Romantic Bangkok: Where to Stay and What to Do

Whilst lots of couples choose to honeymoon in Thailand, most decide to stay at resorts and hotels in the south (where the beaches are). Romance probably isn't the first thing on your mind when you think of Bangkok, which is a shame as there are plenty of romantic things to do in Bangkok and plenty of honeymoon-worthy hotels, and there's plenty of things to do in Bangkok on a budgetChances are, if you are heading to Thailand's beaches for your romantic getaway, you will be passing through Bangkok - so why not extend the stay and start (or finish) your honeymoon in Bangkok? This guide isn't just for honeymooners though - whether you're going away on your first romantic getaway as a new couple, or if you're celebrating a big anniversary: this guide to Romantic Bangkok including what to do and where to stay is for you! 

1. Where to Stay in Bangkok

Looking for accommodation in Bangkok can be daunting - there are so many good hotels to choose from! But how do you pick the best romantic place to stay in Bangkok? We think that the Metropole is the perfect place to stay for couples. It has every luxury you could need and more under one roof, meaning that you get the whole Bangkok package, which includes, among many other: the Perfect Room!!

Massive, comfy bed? Check. Super fast WiFi internet access check? Humongous TV with free movie channels (in English)? Check. We slept SO WELL at the Metropole, everything was absolutely perfect. Even the bathroom is rave-worthy: first of all, instead of the standard 'bit-of-shampoo-and-a-couple-of-cotton-buds', the Metropole goes all out and supplies you with everything you could possibly need - including toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving kit and conditioner. 

As for the shampoo, conditioner, body soaps and lotions themselves - they smelt INCREDIBLE! Now, the toilet is not something I'd usually mention in a blog post, but the one at the Metropole was so cool it has to be included: 

It was one of those Japanese ones with lights and bidet moves - it even had a dryer! 

Steering quickly away from the bathroom, brings me to the best part of the rooms at the Metropole:

The kitchen! Yes, the Metropole is that perfect hybrid of hotel and home - you can have all the luxuries of a hotel room: room service, housekeeping service, 24-hour reception, breakfast and more; BUT still keep all the comforts of home: like making your own lunch or dinner - perfect if you get tired of Thai food. The kitchen really is fully-equipped and includes: a hob, microwave, kettle, fridge, toaster, coffee machine and plenty of glassware, cutlery, crockery and utensils. And don't worry, it's not like you will have all these amazing facilities but have to walk miles to get food - there's a supermarket right next door and lots of local markets nearby.

But it's not just the rooms that made us love the Metropole, the whole hotel is fabulous! 
It toes that line between modern and classic perfectly. As it was only built in 2016, it has all the amenities and high quality services that you'd expect from a great hotel in Bangkok. But you don't feel like you're in a clinical, futuristic hotel: the Metropole offers a unique and classic feel because it was inspired by the Colonial architecture and cultural fusion of the elegance of the Thai 'Golden Age'. The check-in area is absolutely gorgeous with superior architecture and fresh flowers. There's a cosy residents' lounge complete with books and magazines to read. Not to mention the awesome outdoor pool, fitness centre and sauna! Breakfast is a delicious affair served either as a buffet or set menu - we highly recommend the potatoes! 

The location of the Metropole is another reason we think this hotel is the best place to stay for couples - it's far away from seedy areas like Soi Cowboy (where the go-go bars are) and Khaosan Road (where the backpacking lads-on-tour are). That's not to say it's not central: a free shuttle will take you over to Thonglor BTS - and from here you can reach any point in Bangkok quickly and easily. Taxis are readily available too and it only costs about 60 baht to reach Sukhumvit (lots of expats and great restaurants here). The area itself (Thonglor) is also definitely worth exploring: it's an upmarket residential area with trendy dining and entertainment options. There's also a ton of authentic, local Thai markets here too. All in all, the Metropole is one of the best romantic places to stay whilst in Bangkok! They have everything you need and more.

2. Romantic Things to do in Bangkok

When it comes to the best places to visit in Bangkok, you will be spoilt for choice. No matter what kind of couple you are (adventurous, interested in culture, sporty, shopaholics etc), Bangkok can definitely cater for you with its numerous attractions. Here are some ideas:

Have a Thai Massage

Having a Thai massage is an absolute must thing to do in Bangkok. When you stay at the Metropole, we highly recommend that you visit the organic Prim Thonglor Spa - as they share a building, you won't have to go far! For those that are looking for some serious TLC whilst in Bangkok, go for the Absolute Prim's Treatment at Prim Thonglor Spa: Organic Aroma Massage with Himalayan Crystal Salt Pot Compress, Organic Facial Treatment with a touch of Guasa Acupressure Technique - 190 minutes later and you will feel like a new, completely relaxed and zen person. Visit their Facebook page to book your own package!


Go on a Klong River Cruise

A Klong River Cruise is absolutely fascinating and a must do-activity in Bangkok. Book a Bangkok tour just for two to make it super romantic. We went on a Private River Tour and saw a traditional Thai puppet show and so much more. 

Visit the Floating Markets

The Floating Markets are actually super far away from Bangkok - great for a day trip, but we recommend taking a sightseeing Bangkok tour to see this one. 

Visit a temple (or three)

One of the main Bangkok attractions are the temples. There are so many that you'll definitely find at least one you both like: there are popular tourist temples, more off-the-beaten-path temples and everything in-between. Our two favourites are Wat Arun and the Golden Mount. [Read more: Top Things To Do In Bangkok]

Abandoned Aeroplane Graveyard

Not really a particularly romantic thing to do in Bangkok, but for those that love adventure and cool Instagram photos, we recommend the abandoned aeroplane graveyard! You must pay the Burmese refugees 200THB (about £4.50) to get in, but once in, you can clamber over the health-and-safety-nightmare planes to your hearts are content!

Riding an Elephant

For some, riding an elephant in Thailand is the dream. If it's your dream please, please, change your dream to something more ethical: visit an elephant sanctuary instead! Riding an elephant is really bad for their backs, and the process they have to go through to make them 'safe' to ride is ridiculously cruel :( 

4. Transportation in Bangkok

First things first, to get into Bangkok I'm going to assume you'll be flying in. In which case you will probably need a Thailand Visa, please don't forget this, it's a must! When it comes to flying we rave about Kiwi because it not only gives you the cheapest option, it also gives you the best option. E.g. the second cheapest option but only be $20 or so more, but you save 15 hours and don't have to go into China. Or it will show you an alternative route you hadn't thought of, or tell you that if you go a day or two earlier/later you could save 100s of pounds. Have a look at their website for yourself, personally I LOVE the map. As for transportation in Bangkok, we've found taxis are not just cheaper (as a couple) but more luxurious than the BTS system, because you don't have to share it with 8,000 other people and the taxi will drop you off at your door.  A few things to note about getting taxis in Bangkok:

1. It doesn't matter what colour taxi you get: pink, yellow, yellow + green, green whatever, just make sure that there is an illuminated red squiggle (also known as Thai) sign in the front right corner (you'll know what I mean when you see it).

2. When you get in, make sure you say 'meter on'. If they try to get you to pay a set fee, get out and get a metered taxi.

3. Check that the meter is going up at a normal rate. The starting rate should be about 30-35 baht, and it goes up with a mixture of time and speed. A 20 minute journey should not cost you more than 75 baht, a 40 minute about 150 baht. 

4. Oh yeah, Thai taxi drivers don't know anywhere in Bangkok. It doesn't matter if it's really famous, or if you show them the name in Thai or if you show them a map, most of them just don't know it!  Here's what we do: ask for a nearby BTS and then direct them/walk to your final destination. Most taxi drivers know the BTS stations. Make sure you have either a TEP wireless or a Thai sim card with data, and just direct them. 

5. Wrap Up: Romantic Bangkok

So there you have it, one romantic guide to Bangkok including what to do, where to stay and how to get around. We hope you love Bangkok as much as we do - it's one of our favourite cities in the entire world! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below or find us on Facebook! Also, we have forgot to write about all the wonderful food one can have in Bangkok -- here's our vlog to make up for it, enjoy :)

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