5 Places to Visit in Beijing

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Beijing, the capital city of China, is one of the best capitals in the world in terms of development and attracting a lot of tourists, especially recently. One of the best parts about visiting Beijing is that you don't have to pay a very huge sum. There are a lot of tourist attractions in and around Beijing which you can not just enjoy, but will probably find unforgettable - and all at a fraction of the prices of the West.

5 Places to Visit in Beijing

Getting a Chinese visa is no longer a very hard task for many people. Since the country is very much friendly towards tourists of late, it’s a very simple process. There are a lot of places you must visit in Beijing when you’re in the city. Some of the top ones are listed below.

#1. Forbidden City

Forbidden was a name used in the past but right now it’s completely permitted. It’s truly a lifetime experience visiting the Grand Palace built by the king and the dynasties of the past in China. If you want to have a taste of Chinese culture, then you must be visiting this place. It takes about four hours to have a tour around the Forbidden City completely. It’s located in the prime part of the city. So, reaching isn’t a big trouble.

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It took about 14 years to build the entire complex. The place serves as a power centre for over five centuries. There are more than 8,000 rooms in the complex spread over 70 to 80 acres. The tiled roof and marble base add beauty to the view.

#2. Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Anyone who visits Beijing will not miss out on visiting this marvel. You could enjoy some of the best views when you walk through the walls of the structure. Different sections in the world speak about the glorious past of China. If you’re a fan of hiking, then you could land a hike in the Great Wall of China.

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The Great Wall spreads across different cities and they are a lot of contiguous segments. The different sections have different crowds based on their terrain. The Great Wall of China can be visited during any time of the year as during any season the tourist attraction doesn't lose its charm.

#3. Temple of Heaven

This particular complex is almost 300 years old. It was built in 1420 and it’s one of the sacred buildings in Beijing. The beautiful greenery surrounding this complex makes it worth the visit. The name is because the place symbolises both earth and heaven. The emperor connects himself with the God Almighty from this place during the winter solstice.

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There are about three tires on the terrace and a roof, which is covered with more than 40,000 blue tiles. The images of dragons, phoenixes and other symbols relating to the dynasties are embossed in it.

#4. Beijing National Stadium

The National Stadium of Beijing is where the Summer Olympics was held in 2008. The stadium was constructed with all josh in a very short period. The structure of the stadium is what makes it very unique after the Olympics was held. Various events like Opera, football matches were also held in this place. During the winter season, the stadium is used as a skiing site.

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If you’re visiting the National Stadium, then don't miss out on visiting the national Aquatic Centre, which is situated right next to it. The very attractive night-time water display is one of the top attractions in the place.

#5. Beijing Temple of Confucianism

This is one of the best places you must be visiting if you’re fond of the Chinese culture influenced by Confucianism. It was built in the year 1302 and it’s dedicated to the teacher and philosopher Confucius.

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The teachings of Confucius aren’t only limited to the public sphere but also the personal aspects of life. Back in the past, this particular venue was used for various important ceremonies like transferring the leadership between the different emperors in the dynasties. The Hall of achievements within the temple complex shows the history of the dynasty culture in China elaborately.

Wrap Up: 5 Places to Visit in Beijing

These are some of the most important places you must be visiting when you’re in Beijing. All these places can be enjoyed without having to obtain any other special permit other than the China visa from Visa Express. Though there could be other places as well, these are some of the important ones you should never be missing out on.

So, what do you think? Have we convinced you to visit some (or any) of these places in Beijing? We hope we did! :) Let us know and please feel free to give us tips and advice!

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