Best Places to Jet Ski in the World

best places to jet ski in the world

You know how motorbikes are considered super cool? Well jet skis are like the motorcycles of the sea. Aka even cooler. In actual fact though, the official name for these beasts, originally invented in the 1950s, is 'Personal Water Craft' or PWC (not to be confused with the accounting company). 'Jet Ski' was actually originally just a company name for a specific brand of PWC, but, Jet Ski stuck and PWC didn't - no doubt because 'Jet Ski' just sounds that much cooler :)

Best Places to Jet Ski

Now that we're up-to-date with the cool lingo, let's talk about the wheres. There are many places you can jet ski around the world from the USA to the Middle East and back again - but which are the best places to jet ski? We investigate:

#1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Having been chucked out of the EU (not really, don't worry, it's just my dramatic way of talking about Brexit), I'm rebounding into the Balkans, and like most rebounds in my life, it turns out that the rebound > the original. Everywhere I look, from quality fruit & veg to architectural aesthetics, from insanely cool locals to it being way less 'mommy-state' like than Western European states, the Balkans just feels better for me, and jet skiing is no exception.

where to go to jet ski

And the best place to jet ski in the Balkans is Dubrovnik, in my opinion. If you are lucky enough to jet ski Dubrovnik you'll know what I mean: the scenery is beautiful and, let's face it, it's cheaper than jet skiing in Western or Northern European countries (and on top of that, it's generally warmer). Whilst you're in Dubrovnik I highly recommend a day trip to Mostar: the inland city will be a nice contrast to your jet skiing holiday.

#2. Florida, USA

I don't know about you, but the first place I think of when I think of jet skis is Florida. But where are the best places to jet ski in the 'State of Flowers'? ('Pascua Florida' means the 'Festival of Flowers' in Spanish!) Well that, like most things, is down to individual tastes; there are so many amazing places in Florida to chose from, Tampa Bay to Key West, just to name two popular ones.

best places to jet ski

In my opinion, Miami Beach is the best because, put frankly, they are all pretty much equal in terms of jet skiing enjoyment, but Miami Beach has the added edge of being a bucket-list destination in itself - so why not combine the two? Jet skiing in Florida? Awesome. Visiting Miami Beach? Awesome. Combining the two? Awesome to the max!

#3. Dubai, UAE

One of the things I missed off my list of things you are allowed to do in Dubai is jet skiing. Initially I was surprised that you can jet ski Dubai, but that's because my geography is embarrassingly bad for a travel blogger, and I thought Dubai was in the desert, lol.

jet skiing holiday

What I learnt when I went there is that Dubai is actually built right on the Persian Gulf and hence it is a great place to jet ski. Especially if you're new to jet skiing, the calm tides and the high quality equipment are a sure way to keep you safe on your first time!

Wrap Up: Best Places to Jet Ski in the World

Well, there you have it, three of the best places to jet ski in the world... our personal favourite is still Dubrovnik, we must confess. If you are interested in seeing some jet skiing in Croatia, I mean in actual motion, we recommend have a look at this video:

So what do you think? Have we convinced you to try jet skiing around Dubrovnik or Dubai too? Or perhaps you're lucky enough to have done these things already? Let us know and please feel free to give us tips and advice! Also, here's a useful page, in case you're interested in the differences between water skiing and snow skiing.

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