Day Trip from Mostar to Dubrovnik

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Day tripping from Mostar to Dubrovnik is a grand idea! Neither Mostar nor Dubrovnik is the capital of their respect countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia), but that doesn't mean that they're both not breathtakingly beautiful (they are) nor that they're not chuck full of history and culture (they are). If I've done my job correctly, you're here for info on Mostar to Dubrovnik, which I am going to give you, but since I don't know how much time you're intending to spend in Mostar and Dubrovnik, I'm going to give you the highlights of both of these places too.

Mostar Itinerary: 24 Hours in Mostar

If you're only in Mostar for one day, here are the 'must dos':

#1. Stari Most, aka the 'Old Bridge'

You probably recognise Stari Most from the photos but maybe not from the name (because I didn't). 'Star' in Bosnian translates to 'old' in English, and 'most' means 'bridge' so Stari Most literally translates as Old Bridge. It's arguably the most recognisable and famous attraction in Mostar and dates from the Ottomans in the 1500s.

Day Trip from Mostar To Dubrovnik
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boyer (thanks, Jen :)

#2. The 'Don't Forget' Stone

Visiting the 'Don't Forget' stone if you only have one day in Mostar is easy because it's right next to Stari Most. But even if it wasn't, it's important to visit because it is a reminder of the civil war that was awful and didn't happen very long ago. Even when we only have a short time in a place, it's really important to not use that as an excuse to learn about the history and the culture.

#3. The Museum of War and Genocide Victims

On that note, it is probably worth visiting this museum to further our own education about the recent tragic history of the Balkans. The museum focuses on reconnecting the people of the region after the fragmentation of the 1992-1995 war, building a new and peaceful future together whilst also remembering the past.

Getting from Mostar to Dubrovnik

24 hours dubrovnik

There are two ways to get from Mostar to Dubrovnik - it's only a 126 km journey and should only take a few hours, but because Bosnia and Herzegovina isn't in the EU and Croatia is, it can take a little longer due to customs. There is a train from Mostar but it doesn't go as far as Dubrovnik, hence your two options (other than walking and cycling are):

#1. Mostar to Dubrovnik by Bus

The bus takes about three and a half hours and costs between £10 and £20 depending on how early you buy your ticket. It's true that the bus takes longer than going by car, however, it is (approx) 50 times better for the environment. Plus, travelling by bus means you can stare out the window and enjoy the beautiful scenery (as opposed to staring straight ahead if you're driving, and you're good at driving, lol).

#2. Mostar to Dubrovnik by Car

Going by car takes about 2 hours and costs about £20 in petrol, and then however much you've paid to hire the car, for insurance, and so on. If you do decide to go by car, I would encourage you to use Blablacar - either to take other passengers with you, to make your carbon footprint slightly smaller, or to be the passenger yourself! Another idea would be to hitch-hike - a great way to make friends on the road (pun intended). No matter how you can by car (be it your own or with others), you need to know about parking Dubrovnik.

One Day in Dubrovnik Itinerary

24 hours dubrovnik
None of our own photos were as good is this one by Bernard Gagnon - thanks, Bernard :)

If you're only in Dubrovnik for one day - having made a day trip from Mostar to Dubrovnik, then these are the most important things for you to see (in my opinion):

#1. The Old Town and the City Walls

If you're anything like me, your wanderlust for Dubrovnik started when you saw Game of Thrones, and, if you're anything like me you'll be embarrassed that that's was the first you heard about the Old Town and the City Walls - not for more academic or impressive or justified reasons like it's one of the most well preserved medieval cities in the entire world. Anyway a Dubrovnik city walls walking tour is an absolute must in my opinion so you can see the hidden gems and learn all the important facts.

#2. Franciscan Monastery

This monastery might not be on everyone's top list but it's a personal favourite for me. And if you've taken my advice and already been on the walking tour, you'll have seen most of the main sites in the Old Town. The Franciscan Monastery deserves its own spot I think, because it's just so beautiful!

#3. The Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum can be found within Fort of Saint John and it deals with maritime history and Dubrovnik's role in it. If you are a fan of ships, sailing, the history of maritime trade and war, this is the place for you! It boasts over five thousand historical objects on display. By the way, if you're interested in some elegance cruises around Croatia, we recommend you embark on a ship tour!

Wrap Up: Day Trip from Mostar To Dubrovnik

So there you have it, our quick guide to getting to Dubrovnik from Mostar - we hope hope it was helpful! If you are interested in our adventures in Croatia, here's a video we made about our time in Zagreb - enjoy & feel free to comment below :)

We hope you liked this post, let us know if it was helpful! Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any suggestions and additional ideas :) Cheers!

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