Ideas to Make Travel Videos of Your Favourite Destinations

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I originally started a YouTube channel for two reasons: 1) I was live-streaming a lot and people kept asking me to, and 2) as a warped idea to make myself do something 'interesting' each day - I was heading to South East Asia for the first time and I wanted to make sure I had a 'real' reason to get out of the house and do something every day. In retrospect it would have been easier to just go out and do something - not film it, edit it and then struggle to upload it with low upload speeds... but I don't regret it, starting a YouTube channel led me down a path I could not predict: D-list fame in Budapest, countless sponsored hotel stays and work with airlines and tourist agencies. Nowadays, I try to make videos that help people. And if you want to make videos I feel I can help you with that. Enter this post:

Tips For Producing Excellent Travel Videos

Filming a travel video is quite a good way to spread your getaway memories with family and friends. Many travellers capture video footage while travelling but are unsure how to turn it into a compelling vacation video. Video production is a creative undertaking, and there are numerous techniques to use while making a vacation video. Here are some excellent tips that will assist you in getting going.

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You must go through the processes of ideation, preparation, and production when producing any video. However, in order to effectively carry out all these stages in the travelling video domain, you'll need to master a number of other talents in relation to the shooting, including time management, fast reasoning, and immediate reflexes. So, let's take a glance at what you should do to improve your travel video making skills and learn in-depth about how to edit video content.

#1. Pre-production and preparation

Since the activity of travelling is so erratic, many individuals assume that preparation is an unnecessary step on the way to producing travel videos. Nevertheless, if you want to make a lasting impression with your vacation movies, preparation and pre-production is very essential.

#2. Getting your narrative ready

Before you travel to your desired destination, you should have a rough notion of what you'll be filming. If this is your first-ever travel videography experience, you should conduct some basic research to ensure that you are adequately prepared.

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You'll have to hunt for off-the-beaten-path sites that offer features and properties that aren't seen in other well-known tourist destinations when planning your story. Then determine what you'd like to include in your long-term travel movies, such as ordinary workers, religious events, or cuisine.

#3. Adding a plot to your tour video

Tell viewers about your experience. This is really the simplest off-camera action to conduct once you've arrived at your vacation spot for first-time travelling video creators. Eventually, you'll be able to modify your voice snippets live on camera. Storytelling will function as a guide; it will serve as narration. It will be easier to decide the catchphrases and spots that you would need if you already have this recorded first.

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If you wish to perform it on video, you'll need to be ready to film the narrative at each place. You can outline your travel details and create a short narrative. Then, practice reciting and pacing your script. It should only take about 3 minutes. Without any voice-over, you'll need to have some room in your video; therefore, the narrative should be less than the exact run duration. Add an empty videotape to your camera and use the camera's mic or an additional mic to capture your screenplay. Take into account that you'll have to take a break after sentences to alter your audio.

#4. Take Multiple Shots

You must use a stabiliser, tripod stand, or place your arm on something to keep it firm while taking the shot. Hold the camera equipment still for a minimum of five-six seconds after each shot. Hold the snap for a total of 10 seconds for capturing quality action shots. Two to three broad setup photos of the locations you'll be filming are also recommended.

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Finally, to display trivial details, take a bunch of close-up videos. If the person being photographed is preparing food, capture a close-up shot of their palms and also the flavourings. If you're in a cab, take a close-up shot of the rear mirror or perhaps the interior.

#5. Film Your Videos

When filming travelling videos, consider what the location signifies and the sentiments it invokes. That's what you're aiming for in your video shots. The leading travel videos make the audience feel as if they're travelling alongside the creators - and evoking that feeling is only achievable if you understand what aspects of the location you need to include in your clip. Even for vlogs, inspect the location before starting filming to acquire the finest angles. To assure that you acquire all you need, maintain your production schedule from the planning process. Also, make sure you get footage of the trip rather than simply the location, unless you're bringing your audience on a tour, it won't create the sensation you desire.

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Another thing to be certain of is that you capture a lot of shots! Throughout most scenarios, just about 1% of your video will be used in the final draft. However, in order for it to transpire, you must first guarantee that you have adequate material. Returning after a tour to produce your video just to learn that you lost out on quality shots is a sad feeling.

#6. Make how-to travel guides that are both useful and entertaining

You are not required to make videos only about your travels. You can also make video guides for those who like to travel or for artists. With the help of beautifully made movies, you can share advice, ideas, and expertise with your audience.

Bottom Line: Make Travel Videos Of Your Favourite Destinations

These are a few of the most effective and critical steps to bear in mind while creating travel videos. Further, ensure that you go through essential camping tips so that you can capture some of the most exquisite shots during your journey. Moreover, do not forget to do thorough research before you start preparing for creating your ideal travel videos. Last, but not least, here is one of our successful travel videos on Youtube, as an example :) Hope it helps!

What do you think, have you got any useful tips & advice about editing travel videos or vlogs? Feel free to share below :)

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