Most Beautiful Places in Tennessee

places to visit tennessee

We have visitead the USA (San Fransisco) before and loved it - Tennessee is also a gorgeous state with a lot of lovely places to see :)

Best Places To Go In Tennessee

Famous for its music scene, particularly country and blues, as well as the beautiful landscapes and charming towns and cities, there is a lot to see and do here that makes a trip here well worth it. Here are some of the most beautiful places in Tennessee:


For most people across the world, the first place that comes to mind when thinking of Tennessee is Nashville. It is the music hub in the state and famous across the world for its country music scene. While you’re here it is a must to catch some shows, and explore the rest of the capital. You can eat out at some incredible restaurants, stop off at quaint boutiques, and explore the vibrant neighborhoods here. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time while you’re here so you can explore the surrounding areas as well, though you can make it a weekend trip to the capital. Since you can fly in and out of the city, it makes for easier access and the number of tourists that visit here has brought another level of tourism support here.


Located in eastern Tennessee, Knoxville was once the capital of Tennessee. It has a lively downtown with plenty of restaurants, shops and cafes, and also a significant sports culture.

best place to visit in tennessee

It is home to Neyland Stadium, one of the biggest stadiums in the world, so if you want to spend some time somewhere a bit more low-key than Nashville but still with plenty to do, this is a great spot to visit. It is also known as the Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains due to its close proximity so there are plenty of outdoor activities to do while here!


South of Nashville is the city of Franklin, a spot well-known in the area for its lively downtown, annual parades and festivals, as well as being a great place to live! It is another spot that is still lively but calmer than Nashville, still with music at its heart.

Cummins Falls State Park

For a scenic natural landscape, head to the Cummins Falls State Park, home to Cummins Falls, the 8th largest waterfall in Tennessee. There are two trails you can take to go down into the gorge; both under 2 miles at a steep decline where you are rewarded with the incredible views—just be sure to purchase a permit ahead of time. If you stay on the trails up above rather than going down to the gorge, no permit is required.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. Named for its morning fog, this park is easily one of the most visited national parks in the country with over 9million visits per year.

beautiful places in tennessee

It spans over 500,000 acres and has peak seasons of mid-summer and October. If you go during the off season, such as winter or spring, just note that some roads may be closed due to weather.


Located in southwest Tennessee, Memphis is located on the Mississippi River. It is the birthplace of rock and roll and home of the blues, and with this combination of music and culture it is a spot to visit!

With so many incredible spots to visit, be sure to take some time to enjoy outdoor adventures that the state of Tennessee offers as well. With so many lakes such as Chickamuga, you can get out on a boat, go kayaking, and enjoy some water sports. You can also get out biking, ziplining, hiking and so much more. What do you think, have you ever been to Tennessee? If you have, feel free to share your tips and advice with us below :)

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