The Top Yoga Retreats in Bali

best yoga retreat bali

Yoga retreat in Bali? Could there be anything more awesome? Maybe. Maybe not. But today I bring you the list of the best yoga retreats and teacher training in Bali. Who am I? Two years ago I went to Bali as a yoga newbie and just about managed to perfect my simplistic tree pose (see above). Nowadays, I'm back as a somewhat advanced fan of yoga and I have a list for you. No not some hack-job of affiliates put together by someone who has never been to Bali and never done yoga, but a list of places I would actually recommend to you if you were my actual friend. Mainly because I actually want you to be my friend. I want everyone to be my friend. I'm like a dog when it comes to that. Like a downward dog (too much?)

Yoga Retreat Bali

But enough about me, this blog post is about you, and how we're going to find you the best yoga retreat in Bali ever. We'll find you one that's:

  • Optimal for your skill-set (beginner, advanced or somewhere in-between)
  • Optimal for your wallet (we have options ranging between $70/day all the way up to $350/day all options include breakfast, daily yoga and a place to sleep).
  • Optimal for what you want from life - no matter if you want to do the full thing and have an actual outer body yogic experience, or if you want to just get in a few cool insta-shots and then go and party on the beach. (No shame in either, as Yoga Goddess Adrian says, find what feels good!)

Oh and before we get started please remember one important thing: in order to travel to Bali (that is, Indonesia), you will need an Visa! Do not forget to get one please :)

#1. The Best Yoga Retreat Bali

I'm going to start, not with a hotel or a resort, but with a concept: Yoga and Balinese Healing Experience. If you're looking for a Bali yoga retreat that's personalised, unique, unforgettable and, of course, healing go for them. Their concept is simple: connect yoga and healing and put them together on a trip filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Btw this is me:

best bali retreats

Put simply, when it comes to personalised yoga retreats in Bali, I personally don't think it gets better than this.

surf and yoga retreat bali trovatrip

All yoga healing trips in Bali are different, of course, depending on who is running them and what they're into. But with these guys you're guaranteed a professional guide, yoga session and so much more.

#2. The Chillhouse Bali

I loved my Yoga and Healing Experience (see above) for their uniqueness and variety and imo they're the best when it comes to yoga tours around Bali (aka actually moving around Bali). BUT when it comes to the best surf and yoga retreat in Bali (aka not moving around), the Chillhouse Bali is the best, again, in my opinion.

luxury yoga retreat bali

£60 per night at the Chillhouse Bali gets you a traditional Balinese room complete with tropical shower, daily yoga class, and the best breakfast I've had ever (no exaggeration, seriously, I'm serious this time)! There are yoga classes every day (and twice a day tues through thurs), and they are held in this gorgeous open-sided yoga studio - which (along with their two pools) you actually have access to 24/7. So if you need something a little extra after or before class, you have the whole studio (complete with blocks, mats and bottled water) to go full yoga in. As for the classes themselves, there are many different types from yin to vinyasa, Kundalini to Hatha and beyond.

the chillhouse bali

As for the food. Oh god. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Local. Organic. Mountains of vegan options. Smoothies.... and the usual suspects (cereals, toasts, coffee, blah) PLUS pancakes, fresh fruit, granola, coconut cream, the list could go on, but this is a blog post about yoga retreats in Bali not vegan travel food fest blog, let's move on.

surf and yoga retreat bali

Yes, the yoga is amazing there, but the Chillhouse also offers many other extras like surf classes, dirt bike tours, rice field tours and so much more. For more information see my full review on The Chillhouse Bali or find them on for the best rates.

#3. Bali Yoga Teacher Training Course

Last but not least we have a Bali Yoga Teacher Training Course ($145/night, 26 nights) which focusses more on teaching you how to teach yoga - as the student becomes the master. I don't know about you, but I've always found I learn a lot from learning how to teach something. Sometimes even more so than when I'm 'just' learning how to do something. Maybe it's because I concentrate more when other people are going to end up benefiting from it too?

luxury yoga retreat bali

What else is on this Yoga Teacher Training Course?  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for starters (which is a good start imo, so often do courses only offer two or even just one of these with no time to find the other(s)). You'll also get snacks, water, accommodation, wi-fi, beach blankets - basically everything you could possibly need. To find out more, check out their Viator page.

Wrap Up: The 3 Best Yoga Retreats Bali (in my opinion)

So there you have it, hopefully a little bit of something for everyone and everyone in-between.  I hope your trip to Bali is everything you dream of and more (by the way, make sure you visit Kitamani!), let me know if you have any questions. Btw if you're wondering where to stay in Bali, Jo has some wonderful tips for you. That's all for today, folks - for now, namaste!

P.S.: If you're interested in a way of travelling and getting accommodation cheaply, you might wanna check out house sitting. was kind enough to provide us and our readers with a 10% discount, feel free to click on the link to use it :)

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