8 Best Beach Resorts in Vietnam: Nha Trang, Hon Khoi and More!

beautiful beaches in vietnam

While the popular beaches of Thailand and Bali tend to grab the attention of most international tourists, Vietnam is the true gem of Southeast Asia (in my humble opinion). With more than 3,300 km (2,000 miles) of diverse coastline and over 3,000 inlets and islands, it’s easy to find your own perfect place in the sun here. Looking to work on your tan during a Vietnam tour? Here’s your ultimate guide to the beaches in Vietnam. And before you book, please remember that U. S. American citizens need a Visa to travel to Vietnam - which is pretty easy to get, actually. From luxury escapes to under-the-radar hideaways, these are the most loved amongst locals and travellers alike.

The Top Beach Resorts in Vietnam

The first time I went to Vietnam I made the 'mistake' of just visiting Hanoi and Saigon. I say 'mistake' because I loved both Hanoi and Saigon and didn't regret going to either - what I did regret was not visiting any of the beaches. So, I made it my (bougie self-centred) mission to go back one day and visit the beaches. Which, spoiler alert, I did. At the time I was moving away from house sitting and diving straight first into working with luxury hotels and the best beach resorts. So I added onto my mission - I went to find not just the top beaches in Vietnam, but also the best beach resorts, and this is what I found:

#1. Nha Trang

The 'Riviera of the South China Sea', aka the white sand beaches of Nha Trang! From the lively Tran Phu Beach to the laid-back Bai Dai Beach, there is something for every type of traveller in Nha Trang.

best beach resort vietnam

Spend your first day taking a stroll down the popular Tran Phu Street. Admire the luxury hotspots and sample the ultra-fresh seafood restaurants (many of them have vegan options as well!). After eating, it's time to head to to Tran Phu Beach. Take a leisurely wander along the coastline to other beaches then hop on a cable car over to Hon Tre Island.

top vietnam beaches

If you're looking for the best beach resort in Nha Trang it's got to be Vinpearl Luxury, there's just no competition. But at around $1600 / night, it's inaccessible for most. So, if you're looking for a resort that's still luxurious and costs less for an entire week (specifically, $1300 / week) try Champa.

#2. Hon Khoi Peninsula

Only 45 km (28 miles) from the beaches of Nha Trang, you can find the postcard-ready beaches of the Hon Khoi Peninsula. Admire the azure shores of Doc Let Beach and snap photos of the vibrant boats dotting the seascape. You’ll find everything from budget hostels and street food to luxury resorts here so you can easily create your own adventure.

best beaches in vietnam

Just beyond the beaches of the Hon Khoi Peninsula, there is a one of a kind destination that is certainly amongst the most unique things to see in Vietnam: the Hon Khoi Salt Fields. Bring your camera to capture rare snapshots of locals working in the fields. My personal favourite resort in Hon Khoi was Pax Ana Doc Let even though it's 'just' 3.5 stars, there's something so indescribably beautiful about the beach there and I was very comfortable.

#3. Phu Quoc

Beside the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand, you’ll find Vietnam’s largest island and one of the most popular Vietnam tour stops, Phu Quoc. Stay in one of the beautiful resorts on the southwestern side of the island for an unforgettable experience. Plan a day trip to trek through the lush tropical jungles of Phu Quoc National Park then go check out the heady markets of the island’s largest town, Duong Dong.

top beaches in vietnam

While the entire island of Phu Quoc used to be amongst the best-kept secrets of Southeast Asia, it’s getting quite popular. Plan ahead of time and stay somewhere with a large private beach to beat the crowds. The best resort on Phu Quoc is not the Radisson or the Novotel but Phu Quoc Eco Beach Resort - nothing is more luxurious than being eco in my opinion :)

#4. Da Nang

Renowned for its stunning French colonial architecture and sandy beaches, Da Nang is a popular getaway in Central Vietnam. It’s an idyllic spot to go windsurfing, swimming or take a yacht out on the turquoise seas. If you’re looking for a more relaxed day during your hectic tours in Vietnam, you’ll also find plenty of sandy spots to claim for yourself. My Khe Beach is amongst the most beloved beaches in Vietnam while the nearby beach in Da Nang City is often named one of the top beaches in the world. Once you’ve gotten your fill of vitamin D, trek up to the top of one of the scenic mountains for a view from above.

best beaches resorts vietnam

I personally really liked Sandy Beach Resort Da Nang, it's way cheaper than the Hyatt but I just prefer Sandy a lot more. Way more chill.

#5. Cat Ba Island

When it comes to Vietnam beach holidays off the beaten path, look no further than Cat Ba Island. The largest of the 367 islands that make up the Cat Ba Archipelago, you’ll find plenty of quiet beaches to sit back and admire the beauty of Vietnam. While there are countless options, Cat Co beaches are amongst the best. The simply named Cat Co 1 Beach is surrounded by mountains and consistent waves. Meanwhile, Cat Co 2 Beach is a prime place to find a quiet hut. Cat Co 3 Beach is the closest to town and it’s a nice but small spot to a quick break.

top beaches in vietnam

Although Cat Ba is great to hang out, I don't recommend staying there, instead I recommend hoping over to Ha Long and staying the Vinpearl there.

#6. Hoi An

Famous for its friendly people and well-preserved Ancient Town, Hoi An is an essential stop on any Vietnam tour. From the Ancient Town, a 15-minute walk through a picturesque area will bring you to An Bang beach. Far from the crowds you might find elsewhere on a Vietnam beach holiday, this place tends to stay under the radar. Come to play volleyball, have a picnic, then lay back to admire the majesty of Vietnam. If you want to get a glimpse into the authentic culture and real everyday life of the people in Vietnam, this is a perfect place to do it.

vietnam beaches

I spent a long time trying out different resorts in Hoi An, so much so that if I was on one of those tv shows where you have to pick an area of expertise... this would (embarrassingly) be mine. Lol. Anyway, after extensive research no resort in Hoi An came close to Hoi An Trails Resort *perfection*.

#7. Cham Islands

The best-planned tours in Vietnam will take you straight from Hoi An to the Cham Islands. Near the coast, you will find this lovely group of islands that are also often called Cu Lao Cham. With fascinating and flourishing coral reefs, prime kayaking spots, and nice swimming beaches, you will want at least one full afternoon to explore in, on, and around the shores of the Cham Islands. On the largest island, Hon Lao, be sure to visit Bai Ong and Bai Xep Beaches. When you are ready to move on, there is an interesting marine museum to learn more about the local ecosystem and a few temples dotted around to explore.

beautiful beaches in vietnam

Cham Islands is only an hour away from Hoi An, so I'd still stay at Hoi An Trails Resort and just do day trips to Cham.

#8. Mui Ne

If you are looking at tours in Vietnam that’ll bring you to Ho Chi Minh City, be sure to make time for Mui Ne. This resort town is an easy day trip into the fishing region of Phan Thiet. Mui Ne is actually known around the world as one of the best sailing destinations and it’s a must for Vietnam beach holidays. More than your average beach, places like the White Sand Dunes and Fairy Stream create incredible photo ops as you walk along the shores.

best beach resort vietnam

I personally really enjoyed staying at Muine Bay Resort.

Wrap Up: Best Beach Destinations in Vietnam

If you are dreaming of sandy beaches and crystal-clear water in an exotic locale, you’ve got to make Vietnam beach holidays part of your future! This affordable, dynamic country deserves a place on every bucket list. So, where will your epic Vietnam tour take you? I hope you enjoyed this post, I unfortunately don't have much footage of my time at the beaches in Vietnam - partly because I was having too much fun to film, and partly because I dropped my camera in the ocean :( lol, but here's a video we made about my time in Hanoi :)

Getting around Vietnam is really easy with 12GoAsia - I personally used them not just throughout Vietnam, but also throughout South East Asia and I was really impressed with their professionalism and reliability, but above all how comfortable the buses were. Western buses have a lot to learn from them lol.

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