Staycation Success: Exploring Dubai’s Vacation Rentals Like A Pro

staycationing in dubai

Vacation can also be fun if done in your country or your home. And if you are a Dubai resident but haven't stayed for a long time, there are many ways to enjoy your vacation. As a couple, single, group, or as a family, you can spend your holiday in this fun-filled country, and there could be many things you haven’t discovered about the “Burj Khalifa” city. It is home to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, features luxurious malls and historic places and 80% of its residents are multicultural. This means you can easily blend in. However, vacationing in Dubai is best enjoyed in a vacation rental. In this piece, you’ll discover some vacation rental ideas in Dubai you can try to ensure you choose rental homes that suit your needs and budget. This is quite essential as it determines how enjoyable your staycation will be.

Benefits of Staycations in Dubai

Staycations can also be as adventurous as vacations if done creatively. And quite frankly, it is far cheaper and requires less stress. Here are the following benefits:

#1. It Saves You Money

Travelling from one country to another for vacations is more expensive than observing holidays in your country. Unlike vacations, you won’t have to pay high flight fees and many other expensive travel costs. You could easily pick places closer to your residence for your staycation.

#2. It Saves You Time

Unlike typical vacations that involve flying to a different country and spending hours on air, staycations save you travel time. This gives you more time to relax and enjoy your holiday.

#3. It Gives You More Time To Explore Your City

Dubai is wider than how much you’ve explored and taking a holiday as a resident allows you to reach places you haven’t seen since you arrived. There are dozens of welcoming neighborhoods and communities you haven’t yet visited or lived in and a staycation would give you that opportunity. You can make new friends, bond with locals in far-away neighborhoods, and explore undiscovered places.

Exploring Dubai’s Vacation Rentals

If you intend to “staycation” in a different city from where you reside, here are the different vacation rentals in Dubai you can stay in.

#1. Luxury Villas

Dubai is home to many luxurious villas that feature private pools, jacuzzis, and even staff to attend to the needs of guests. If you prefer high-end staycations, you should book a luxurious villa.

#2. Beachfront Apartments

Dubai offers beachfront apartments in many iconic places in Dubai such as Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina. If you’re a beach lover, staying in such a rental could make your staycation quite memorable.

#3. Downtown Apartments

Downtown Dubai is a popular area in Dubai given the fact that it’s close to the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and many other iconic places. So if you’re looking to visit such places during your holiday, you should stay in rentals close to them.

Ways To Enjoy Your Dubai Staycation

Need help figuring out ways to make your staycation memorable and enjoyable? Here are fun things you could do to spice it up.

#1. Get Atop Burj Khalifa

Wouldn’t it be nice to reach the top of the tallest building in the world? Burj Khalifa is an iconic place in Dubai and a tourist attraction. You could get atop the building to check out the charming view of the country. Going with friends or family members could also make it more fun.

#2. Go Shopping At The Dubai Mall

You could visit and shop at the great Dubai Mall. You could buy things such as clothes, tech devices, jewellery, and the like. The Dubai Mall sells nothing short of quality. However, some of their products are high-end, but they are worth every penny spent.

#3. Have A Sky Dinner

Dubai has a fun activity where you can be suspended in the air and have a nice dinner. Sounds crazily exciting right? Many vacationers and tourists ensure they have this experience whenever they visit Dubai.

#4. Go Camel-riding In The Desert

Dubai is home to many deserts and reservations. You can visit any of them and go camel-riding. Going with some friends or family members could be fun. You guys could have interesting conversations as you ride around the desert.

#5. Enjoy An Emirati Meal

Dubai also offers great foods you’d like. Some of their native meals include matchbooks (which is a plate of rice with some pieces of meat), hummus (which is a chickpea dip), and many other various types. You’ve indulged in your favourite foods for far too long. You can spice up your staycation experience by trying out different Emirati dishes.

Wrap Up: Staycations in Dubai

If you don’t have the budget for a vacation, you go for a staycation. This way, you explore places you haven’t seen in your country, save money, save travel time, and also meet new people.

If you reside in Dubai, there are many great places you can spend your holidays but you should choose an ideal vacation rental.

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