Indego By Vineet Review (the Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai!)

Indego by Vineet is a Michelin-recommended Indian restaurant in Dubai. It's located inside Grosvenor House which is one of the poshest hotels in Dubai. When I wrote to Grosevenor and asked if they would like to work with me, professional blogger, they said yes and offered me a free meal at Indego too. Never one to say no to a free meal, I agreed. My assignment was to merely review Grosevenor on my blog and vlog, but I decided to go the extra mile and write this separate review of Indego By Vineet for you. But forewarning, whilst I do believe that (most) free stuff tastes better, I also don't really believe in capitalist institutions, hence I'm not going to say I like something unless I really do like something. Plus, it wasn't even part of my assignment, I doubt they will ever read this. Anyway, without further blabble, here is my review of Indego by Vineet:   

Ambience at Indego

I like eating at grubby grimy places as much as the next adventurous person, but once in a while it's nice to go to clean places. And Indego isn't just clean, it's fancy af. The ambience was calming and everything looked beautiful: from the Indian style decor to the rose petals on the plates. Even the plates themselves were beautiful, ornate designs. Indego by Vineet are proud to cater to many tastes and lifestyles. There are many vegetarian options (hello it's Indian food) but upon hearing that I am vegan, they adapted seven of their signature dishes to make them dairy, egg and hence animal-cruelty-free. I started off with cocktails and then tucked into a delicious seven course meal.

1. Starters at Indego by Vineet

At an Indian restaurant it's only right to have poppadoms to start, but these weren't the usual oily poppadoms you find at your local. These were sublime poppadoms. With three delicious sauces, and the perfect crispiness to the poppadoms, I felt secure that I was going to enjoy the rest of the evening.

2. Review of Multigatawny-Chawal Soup at Indego

The next course was a multigatawny-chawal soup: a pepper, lentil soup with brown rice, crab-eye-bean and pine-nut salsa. 

I loved that the soup came out without liquid, it was just beans and lentils, and then the liquid was poured right in front of our eyes, I was easily impressed at the time and found this very exciting! As for the soup itself it was very delcious, it tasted so clean and healthy. This to me personally is the true mark of high-quality food, after-all, you can make anything taste delicious if you add salt / oil / sugar (or all three). But to make something both delicious and healthy is when I feel like I'm in the presence of a good chef.

3. Pumpkin Seekh with Sesame Tikki at Indego By Vineet

For the third course there was Pumpkin Seekh with Sesame Tikki. A seekh is a type of kebab, traditionally made with minced meat. Mine was made instead with pumpkin, lentils, onion, coriander and more. I was "so blown away with the presentation" that I didn't want to eat it, but after I took a million photos I did, lol. The texture was great and the taste was yummy. I liked it so much that I even ate the edible flowers.

Mains reviewed at Indego By Vineet

4. Malvani Cauliflower Tikka

For the fourth course there was the Malvani Cauliflower Tikka with Crushed Potatoes & Peas Rajma with Corinanda Oil. Again it was beautifully presented and again it was simply delicious. I particularly liked the cauliflower. 

5. Black Olive Sorbet at Indego

The fifth course was actually a pallet cleanser, but boy what a pallet cleanser. I had a black olive sorbet - a very unusual flavour for a pallet cleanser, but as olives are one of my favourite foods, I wasn't complaining. Even Tom, my date who doesn't like olives, loved it! It was the perfect cleanser. And gets extra points in my book for being and 'odd' idea.

6. Potli Chettinad at Indego By Vineet

The sixth course was Potli Chettinad with Chettinad Mushroom Tempend Malkoni Sauce. If they thought pouring liquid on beans was going to impress me for the second course, which it did, they must have known that smoke was going to impress me too, and it did! Potlis are kind of like little bags, but delicious, crispy and filled with yummy things. I loved how this one was served. It came with a lid filled with smoke (see above), so when the lid was lifted the potli was revealed:

I was very excited about the smoke, and the polti was good too.

7. Dessert review Indego By Vineet

The seventh and final course was dessert. As most desserts at Indego contain dairy, Vineet created something new for us, it was delicious, and even the little jellies on the side were vegan. And of course, because it was my date's birthday, he got two desserts! How beautiful is this:

Conclusion: Indego By Vineet Review

As you can probably guess, I really liked the food at Indego By Vineet. Everything was so delicious, everything was so beautifully presented. The staff were lovely and the chef, Vineet himself, even came out at the end to say hi. It was a wonderful evening. The only other thing I will say about it is this: I usually try to speak to 'all levels' of staff when I review a place, because I trust the busboy's opinion of the work place environment more than the manager or the owner. I didn't get the chance to here unfortunately, and as anyone who knows anything about Dubai, unfair work practices are rampant. Not to say that this happens here, as I said I have no idea, but as I have no idea, it's important to highlight that lack of knowledge and ask others to find out so we can help others together. 
In other 'news', if you are interested in my professional blogger free stay in Grosvenor House, check out my vlog: 

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