Minniborgir Cottages: Where to Stay on the Golden Circle, Iceland

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Minniborgir is a family-owned cottage rental company which offer luxury cottages complete with hot tubs. Additionally, Minniborgir is in the absolute perfect location for exploring the famous Golden Circle Route. We stayed for the night and this is what we thought :)

1. Check-in: Our Cottage

We had an extremely warm welcome to Minniborgir. The lady behind the counter was very friendly and considerate. Check-in is at 4pm but as we arrived two hours early she kindly found out if our cottage was free and as it was, she let us in! She also told us about breakfast, which we were so excited about, but unfortunately had to miss because of our early flight. Luckily, they were really nice and flexible about us checking-out super early (3am)! We stayed in a Minniborgir 80m² and it was amazing.

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There are seven of these cottages and we stayed in number 2. It was the perfect temperature inside (which was great as it was freezing outside)! The whole cottage had a lovely wooden decor. Our room was the first room off the corridor. It was warm, it was comfortable, it had blackout curtains and a massive wardrobe - we loved it!

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Next to our room was my sister's room. She also had a double bed, and in case she fancied it, a single bed over the top!

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Upstairs there was yet another bedroom, this one had two double beds:

review minniborgir cottages

All in all, our Minniborgir Cottage had enough space to sleep nine very comfortably. Plenty of room for the three of us - we think this place would have been excellent for two families on holiday together! The upstairs bedroom had a sweet balcony which looked down on the kitchen and living room area:

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The kitchen itself was impressive, we've stayed at a lot of luxury places which claim to have a 'full' kitchen, when in reality they don't offer anything more than a normal fridge and a microwave. Our Minniborgir Cottage didn't disappoint, it truly was fully equipped and had: a very normal fridge, a gas grill, a dishwasher; all the little important things you need like a tin opener and a cork screw; and so much more! It was really cool that the cottages had an upstairs - it somehow helped to make it feel much more homely than a hotel. Outside there was another must-have - a jacuzzi:

golden circle minniborgir cottage

The jacuzzi was absolutely massive and so perfect in a chilly country like Iceland! We only wished that a) it was snowing and b) it was Christmas - can you imagine how awesome that would be in that jacuzzi? We were also pleased that  there was plenty of space on the drive for our rental car:

iceland rental car

(For more about renting a car in Iceland, check out our full blog post here: Renting a Car in Iceland - Lagoon Car Rental Review.)

2. Other Cottages at Minniborgir

minniborgir cottages review

In addition to the seven awesome 80m² cottages (one of which we stayed in), Minniborgir offer three other types of cottage: seven 30m² cottages (Village I) with shared hot tubs which are ideal for individuals or couples, seven 40m² cottages (Village II) with private hot tubs which would be great for a birthday or an anniversary; and one 100m² extra luxury cottage which sounds like a dream wedding suite.

3. The Restaurant

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Minniborgir have a restaurant on-site which was ideal for us. After a long, long day of driving the last thing we wanted was to drive somewhere for dinner, all we wanted was some tasty comfort food and Minniborgir provided. We had a delicious pizza each. The service was great, the food was delicious and we can't stress how great it was to be able to eat out in Iceland, without having to go far - the best of both worlds!

4. The Location

golden circle best location

Minniborgir Cottages are perfectly located for your Golden Circle Trip because they are right on the Golden Circle Route. This means that a) they are very easy to find and b) they are very close to all the great sites.

From Minniborgir we visited Gullfoss Falls:

Gullfoss Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls we've ever seen and is only 50km from Minniborgir Cottages. It's actually a really pretty drive between the two, and on the way you can stop and see Strokkur Geyser which erupts every 6-10 minutes and is one of the most famous geysers in Iceland. Strokkur is only 40km from Minniborgir, and the perfect stop on the way to or on the way back from Gullfoss. We also visited Laugarvatn Fontana (16km) and Reykjavik (70km), using Minniborgir as our base. Other awesome Golden Circle stops are easily reached from Minniborgir including Pingvellir national park (47km), Kerio (8km) and Selfoss (23km).

5. Wrap Up: Our Minniborgir Cottages Review

golden circle minniborgir cottage

All in all, we really loved our stay at Minniborgir Cottages and highly recommend it: the space was luxurious, warm and there was even a hot tub! But above all, the location of the cottages really can't be beaten as the perfect base for exploring the Golden Circle. To find out more, check out hotels.com or find them on Facebook. Alongside our travel blogging job, we are also travel vloggers! Check out this vlog to see a tour of our Minniborgir Cottage!

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