SzegAdventure! The Best Way to Explore Szeged

Looking for the perfect tour in Szeged? Something that takes you to all the sites, teaches you all the facts but is FUN?!

If you're anything like us, you're a bit sick of the average walking tour: a boring walk where you have to feign interest as you listen to another boring fact (which you could have looked up on Wikipedia at home).

Don't get me wrong, we LOVE learning about the places we go to and we love learning more about history - especially Hungarian history, but after a while walking tours seem to all merge into one. Enter SzegAdventure: the answer to our prayers.

SzegAdventure is an adventure through Szeged! With the help of a spy, you will solve clues around the city and help make sure it doesn't get blown up!! Whilst learning all about the city and seeing the sights. It's a super fun way to spend the day with friends, laughing, learning and discovering Szeged.

And it doesn't stop at being an interesting tour, no, this tour takes it a step further - not only is it great for tourists and newbies to SzegAdventure (like us); it's also great for Szeged natives!! Have you ever heard of a tour that's suitable for tourists and natives? Well now you have.

Because SzegAdventure is so much fun, it's perfect for people who lived in Szeged for years and years. We know for sure because we took one of our Magyar Weasels. Dóra has lived in Szeged for over 10 years, at one point she even gave tours of Szeged so knows loads about the place, but she said she learnt even more on the tour and (more importantly) that she had heaps of fun.

Now I don't want to ruin the tour and the fun for you by giving away the clues, so what can I tell you:

The Clues

Let me tell you this, working out the clues involved searching your surroundings, keeping your eyes peeled, mathematics, a handcuff and occasionally a couple of water pistols! Cool logic was required (but don't worry if you get stuck, a helpful spy will help you out!)

The Sights

Of course a big part of this tour was exploring Szeged, again I don't want to give anything away but what I can tell you is that all the main sights of Szeged were either heavily involved as clues, or we passed by them looking for clues. Our spy was very helpful - even if a sight wasn't part of the tour, he still took time to tell us a bit about it (bare in mind, he was working against the clock and trying to make sure Szeged didn't get blown up, so this was very thoughtful).

Throughout this post are some of the sights we saw - some of these sights were clues, some weren't, some sights that were clues aren't included - basically you won't get any hints from us :D Here's what we will show you:

Tanbay unpacking our mysterious helper pack at the beginning of the tour.

Me padlocked to a mysterious briefcase!!

Wrap Up: SzegAdventure! The Best Way to Explore Szeged

SzegAdventure is by far the most fun we've ever had on a walking tour, we were impressed by how much we learnt, but thankful that it was done in such a fun environment. We were further impressed that this is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone: tourists and natives alike. Perfects for a Szegedi who wants to show off Szeged to friends from out of town. You can find out more on SzegAdventure's facebook page! We also a had a fan meet-up in Szeged and made a video - enjoy :)

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