The Corinthia Budapest (Review, Five Star Luxury Hotel)

BUDAPEST! Thanks to blog posts like 50 things you must do in Budapest you might already know that this is our favourite city in the entire world. We are always ready to spend time in Budapest. But last time we went we were desperate for some rest, some relaxation and above all some luxury. We had just spent the night at Balaton Sound and although we absolutely loved it, we were knackered. Time for luxury. So we checked into the Corinthia Budapest for one night and this is what we thought:

1. Check-In

First things first, the Corinthia is absolutely gorgeous. It's grand and it's filled with natural light. Check-in was swift. We arrived super early and although our room wasn't ready, it wasn't a problem, we were invited to the Executive Lounge:

2. Executive Lounge

Pretty much no matter where you stay, if they have an executive lounge, make sure you upgrade and have access to it. Execute lounge means good food, good service and good drinks. The Corinthia was no exception, in fact their executive lounge was exceptionally good, with lots of options for vegans like us.

[Side note, find out how travel made us vegan right here]

The Corinthia's Executive Lounge offers high tea and happy hour.

Wine, olives, grapefruit juice - all my favourites were there - and more!

3. Our Room

Our room had a super duper comfy bed. Omg. We had the best night's sleep here.

It also had an amazing shower (even more amazing for us as we felt all disgusting from the festival). There was a gigantic TV too! Also, we were super impressed by the welcome gift: traditional Hungarian snacks and Palinka!! How nice is that?

4. The Pool

The pool at the Corinthia looks absolutely incredible, and very much like the other Hungarian baths dotted around the city. We didn't take a photo because people were bathing, and unfortunately we didn't have time to get in ourselves - oh well, we have an excuse to go back now!

5. Dinner & Breakfast at the Corinthia

Even if you don't actually stay at the Corinthia, which of course we recommend that you do, you must at least make sure that you have dinner there, it's unbelievably good. In fact I think this might well have been the best meal we've ever had in Budapest. Caution, read on with care - side effects may include mouth waterings and accidentally booking trips to Budapest. We started with bread and an amazing tomato based spread, served with olive oil and beetroot.

Next up game a delicious, fresh salad with avocado and roasted pine nuts

Then came what may well have been the most tasty soup I've ever tasted. It was a clear tomato soup and was served in a very fancy manner: the bowl was brought to us without the liquid, and the liquid was poured in front of us. Classy. It tasted so unbelievably good for you.

I thought the soup would be my favourite course but then came the pasta. This was insanely good, dare I say it's better than the pastas I've had in Italy? Yes I dare.

Finally came pudding, which combined my two favourite pudding bases: fruit and chocolate (dark chocolate of course).

It was a vegan chocolate mouse and it was absolutely incredible, look how happy it made Tanbay:

After such an incredible dinner our expectations were very high for breakfast, but yet again our expectations were exceeded: there was so much choice! In the end I settled for a fruit salad, juice, coffee and what I like to call a vegan English breakfast: beans, bread, mushrooms, tomato. Yum.

Wrap Up: the Corinthia Budapest

If you haven't been able to tell already, we absolutely loved our stay at the Corinthia, and honestly can't find a single thing wrong with our stay. We would love to go back and try out the baths - hope to see you there when we do! To book your own stay head on over to their website or find them on price comparison website checker

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests but as always all opinions are our own. We would never recommend something we haven't personally tried and loved. If we don't like something, we tell you! 

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