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jungle shoe tropicfeel

When I first heard about Tropicfeel and how 'every decision [they] make contributes to a better future' I was excited (for even more excitement & a Tropicfeel discount code, see below ;) Although it (finally) seems to be agreed that climate change is real and closer than ever, there are still far too many companies, corporations and governments that think it's okay to go green 'in 2030' or 'by 2050 at the latest' and it's not good enough. Tropicfeel feels like a breath of fresh air in comparison because they're not making promises for some distant future that we may or may not get to. They're promising it now, and what's more, they're delivering:>

1. Tropicfeel Review

Challenging the fashion industry

By utilising the power of collaboration, Tropicfeel is able to challenge the fashion industry - by using crowdfunding platforms they are able to streamline their production process. Furthermore, they believe that crowdfunding is the best way to reduce unnecessary harm to the environment because they only produce what you need which helps avoid excess emissions and waste.

Anti Over-Tourism

After Tropicfeel's CEO, Alberto, saw how destructive the impact of over-tourism in South East Asia is, he decided to make a stand. Tropicfeel is committed to spreading the word and promoting responsible, respectful and conscious travel around the globe. They encourage people to opt for alternative destinations to ease the pressure on over-touristed destinations. Further, they promote the idea of a respectful attitude whilst travelling - an idea that's sadly lacking nowadays.

Beneficial for you too!

As if spreading the word of respectful travel and challenging the fashion industry wasn't enough, Tropicfeel takes it a step further and is also committed to making travel products that are good for you too! No more cheap fast fashion for us (where you buy a cr*ppy pair of sandals for the summer, end up having to throw them away when they break at the most inconvenient time - and throw them onto the ever growing pile of plastic garbage in the sea). Tropicfeel promises three important things: versatility, sustainability and all products are lightweight! The later in particular encourages you to pack in a more conscious way.

2. Jungle Shoe: the Ultimate Travel Shoe

jungle shoe tropicfeel

Jungle - "Take them wherever life takes you," it says on their website and so it is, these sneakers are simply wonderful! I'll show you why we think they are :)


"The shoes you can swim in" - from urban to outdoor environments, Jungle are as versatile as shoes come. Named the "all-terrain sneaker", they were made specifically to meet the requirements of present-day travellers, nomads and adventurers who are ready for and seeking out adventures anywhere, anytime. Great on sand, concrete, natural terrain and also in wet environments (you can actually swim in them like wtf mate), they really are the perfect shoes for travelling!


When they say lightweight, they really mean it - but it is not only the weight of the Jungle sneakers themselves, it is also how easily the two shoes can be folded, look:

jungle shoe tropicfeel review


Tropicfeel is dedicated to the zero waste movement and produces items striving to be more and more in line with the ethics of that movement. They are also working to become a carbon neutral company and have teamed up with companies like Cosmo and Bloom Foam to use recycled and eco-friendly materials when producing their travel equipment like the Jungle shoes. I mean, how cool is that? :)

Tropicfeel Discount Code

In order to get a 15% off Valentine's Day discount, feel free to use our link and copy this code at checkout: LOVEISTRAVEL15

3. Wrap Up: Jungle Shoe Tropicfeel Review

This concludes our review of Tropicfeel and their Jungle Shoe, we hope you liked it and were convinced that this company is indeed worth supporting - and if you have any doubts, you can watch this video they made about their ethics related to zero waste :) Enjoy!

P.S.: in order to get a 15% off Valentine's Day discount, feel free to use our link and copy this code at checkout: LOVEISTRAVEL15

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