Best UK Holidays for a Friends Getaway

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My friends from the UK came out to see me in Belgrade recently, and although I was really touched that they came out, and we had an amazing time, I couldn't help but think about how good it would have been if we were all holidaying together in the UK. For one, it was a hassle for them to get over here - rona restrictions aside, it also involved taking two flights. For a second thing, we missed the rest of the gang...

Best UK Holidays For A Friends Getaway

So since my friends left I've been planning some best UK holidays for our next getaway. Although I'm far from decided which one to go on, and far from actually going on any of them (I will be sticking around the Balkans for a while longer), I figured it might be useful to you if you are looking for places to travel with friends!

#1. Woodland Camping / Glamping

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One of my fondest memories of growing up in the UK is going on holiday to the woods to go camping. There's something so magical and mysterious about the woods in the UK, maybe it's because of all the fantasy books that are based there, or maybe it's because they are so damn old. Back then, glamping wasn't a thing, but because it is now, and because it's so much more comfortable than camping, I highly recommend glamping in woodlands in the UK - you get the best of both worlds! The magic of the trees, and a comfortable place to kip.

#2. The Seaside

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We also took trips to the seaside when I was a kid and although I found the trees more magical and welcoming, to be honest, I found the UK seaside quite terrifying (not to mention cold and uncomfortable). Now, as an adult, I like to think I've grown out of that and can appreciate the beauty of the seaside too. Especially now, having not seen the seaside since pre-2020. It's so much fun to go surfing or bodyboarding there - especially if you've grown into being an adrenalin junkie like me - nothing says danger more than those unmerciful, untameable waves, and those harsh rocks. I love it!

#3. Brighton and London

places to travel with friends

Nothing says fab gay group travel more than a trip to Brighton, and London isn't far behind - nor is it far away. I always make sure I go to both whenever I'm either ones area (o-er). Additional bonus, whilst the UK is taking massive strides and bounds to become animal friendly (more commonly and perhaps slightly misleadingly known as vegan-friendly), this is still the land of fish and chips and bacon sarnies. Brighton and London are two of the leading places though with some of the best vegan restaurants in the UK, and indeed options in the country.

Wrap Up: Best UK Holidays For A Friends Getaway

So there you have it, some of our favourite spots in the UK for a getaway with your best mates :) In case you're interested, here's a video we shot of our time in Brighton :) Enjoy!

What do you think? Have we convinced you to visit any of these places with your friends? Or perhaps you have already had your fun holiday in the UK with them? :) Let us know and please feel free to give us tips and advice!

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