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Nepal is a wonderland for adventure seekers as the country possesses several stunning and spectacular remote places. Riveting and enchanting, adventures could spend years exploring the remote outdoors of Nepal and never get bored. Henceforth, if you find yourself in the category of adventurer, there is no doubt you will love walking the rugged trails of Nepal. However, the question comes when travelers have to choose from a sea of superb Trekking in Nepal. Therefore, to make things easier for thrill-seekers, we have compiled a list of the five best adventure treks in Nepal. Go through the list and make plans to tick off the best destinations from the list:

8 Best Treks in Nepal & Some Remote Treks You Can Do in Nepal

Nepal might be a developing country surrounded by two powerful nations. But this country is very rich in natural, cultural, and water resources. Over the decades, it has been able to put its name in the trekking world. Many trekkers consider Nepal to have some of the best remote trekking routes on this planet. Every year trekkers visit here to trek in these challenging and thrilling routes. Some popular treks are Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Langtang valley trek, Manaslu circuit trek, and many more.

If you're bored of trekking in the aforementioned popular routes or you're looking for remote treks to do in Nepal our article might be quite helpful for you. As we have listed out a few of the remote trekking areas of Nepal. Trekking in the remote areas of Nepal is quite an adventure itself. The routes are thrilling and challenging making it perfect for adventure-seekers.

Before beginning your trekking journey, you will be staying in Kathmandu for a day or two, spending some time sightseeing and prepping for the trek. During your stay, you will be visiting the UNESCO Heritage sites and some popular streets. If you need any trekking gears or accessories then you can buy or rent them from Thamel. Thamel is the most happening place in Kathmandu. This is a great place to buy souvenirs as well. Such as a hemp backpack, handmade statues, hand painting, religious sculptures, etc.

#1. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

annapurna base camp trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is an excellent combination of alluring mountain scenes and outdoor splendour. Most consider the Annapurna region a trekker’s paradise as it is suitable for every type of traveler and has unmatched natural beauty. The journey begins from the wonderful Pokhara, where one could admire the sky dominating the Machhapuchhre range. Leaving the finesse of Pokhara with a short drive to Nayapul, the trek officiates to Tikhe Dhunga and follows the stroll through Ghorepani, Poon Hill (3210m). Following the trail through Chhomrong, another charming village, the adventure continues through Modi Khola valley, walking past thick bamboo and rhododendron forests. The dense forest ambiance finishes as you cross Deurali and reach Machhapuchhre Base Camp before gracing the enchanting Annapurna Base Camp at 4130 meters.

#2. Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a classic trek that showcases the ultimate beauty of Nepal. The breathtaking scenarios, traditional villages following the Tibetan influenced culture, delicious local foods, and many more. Trekkers consider the Manaslu circuit trek one of the best remote treks of Nepal. Walking the utmost off the beaten path is quite challenging and thrilling. Even though this trek is gaining its popularity the routes are still remote and less crowded.

manaslu circuit trek

You will be encircling around the great Mount Manaslu on this trek. One of the eighth highest mountains in the world with a height of 8163 m above sea level. This is a tea-house trek in the wild and untouched region of Manaslu. Also, you don’t need to board domestic flights, as you can reach your destination by land. Also, you will find tea-houses on every point of these routes. Not to forget the daring Larkya La Pass, which is one of the crucial highlights of the trek. It is the longest and one of the highest mountains passes in Nepal that sits at an elevation of 5106 meters.

The routes are suitable for any level trekkers. It is challenging and harsh for beginners, while considered moderate for experienced trekkers. You will be trekking along the gorge of Budhi Gandaki River, checking out some marvelous peaks and landscapes. Some of the peaks are Mt. Manalsu, Lamjung Himal, Mt. Annapurna, etc.

A pure adventure in the pristine northern corners of Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek offers a great chance to taste Nepal’s unique Tibetan cultures. This glorious journey goes past authentic Nepali villages to authentic Tibetan parishes letting adventures taste a cultural transition. Similarly, ancient monasteries and gumbas that decorates the trekking trail offers a sense of tranquility to visitors. The walking course is free of traffic; thus, anyone looking for a quaint wilderness experience will appreciate the ambiance of Manaslu Circuit Trek.

#3. World-famous Everest Base Camp Trek

everest base camp trek

Everybody knows Everest Base Camp Trek has got a special place amongst avid trekkers. This fantastic trek which goes along the Sagarmatha National Park, exploring tiny Sherpa parishes, is an eventful journey that offers glorious vibes. Not only is this journey culturally magnificent, the wonders of Mother Nature one gets to witness are immense. Crossing suspension bridges, trekkers make their journey from one Sherpa village to another, all while being in the bliss of alluring mountain views. Moreover, adventurers can feel the essence of the adrenaline rush at Namche Bazaar as the bustling town is a hub for adventurers alike.

#4. Langtang Valley Trek

langtang valley trek

Another gem of Nepal, Langtang Valley Trek, truly is a mesmerizing journey for travelers looking to enjoy pure natural attractions. Close to Kathmandu valley, Langtang valley offers adventure seekers solace in gentle trekking terrain. Home to native Tamang and Sherpa community, with wonders of nature, here adventurers can also experience cultural elegance. Starting from Syabru, a busy market on the trail, the journey follows unpitched roads where you can expect to see waterfalls. The journey then continues via vast pasturelands where you can see yaks and horses grazing. Also, for the admirers of Himalayan scenes, do visit the infamous Kyanjin gompa and Tserko Ri. Overall, it is a remarkable journey for excellent outdoor adventure.

#5. Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna circuit trek

Classic and iconic walks of Nepal, Annapurna Circuit Trek, is a beautiful journey in the northwest of Nepal. This journey is a pure adventure for anyone who wants to see the varying landscape in one trip. Commencing journey from the green hills of a lower hilly area, the trek gradually escalates to barren and arid terrain of mountains. Along with diverse culture, adventure here could also see and taste unique Tibetan culture and their repertoire. Also, the thrill of walking through sloppy narrow paths that directly looks down the rapidly flowing Marshyangdi river is another surge of adrenaline rush one could experience. Overall, the journey is a mix of adventure and natural elegance that is simply majestic and memorable.

#6. Makalu Base Camp Trek

This remote trek to Makalu Base Camp is full of silent trails, beautiful landscapes, rhododendron forests, remote cultures, and traditions. On your way, you will be seeing many peaks above 8000 m point. Makalu is the fifth highest mountain of the world residing at a height of 8481 m above sea level. However, trekking to its base camp is less-visited making the routes less crowded. The routes of Makalu Base Camp Trek are not hard to reach. There are daily flights to Tumlingtar + many lodges along the paths. This region is home to various ethnicities like Rai, Sherpa, Tamang, etc. This Base Camp Trek is a part of the Makalu Barun National Park. And the 8th largest national park of Nepal. This park has some of the rarest species of flora and fauna found here, these routes being an ideal trekking destination for nature-lovers. Beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing views of mountain peaks will accompany you throughout the trails. You will be passing through dense forests filled with colorful rhododendrons. And see marvelous peaks such as Chamlang, Kanchenjunga, and many more.

#7. Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum was once an important trade route with Tibet. But, over the years it has been able to gain popularity in the trekking world. Only a few out of thousands have reached this mysterious valley. This trek is going to be one heck of an adventure for travelers. In Tsum Valley Trek you will be visiting the hidden land of Tibetan Buddhists. This valley lies on the edge of the undisturbed Himalayas.

This place was restricted to outsiders until 2008. The routes for Tsum valley have been recently opened thus it is not much crowded giving you privacy. Tsum Valley lies on the north side of Manaslu and is one of the best remote treks of Nepal. Known as a hidden valley, the people living here have their own delicacies and traditions.

You will be surrounded by many majestic mountains on this trek. Such as Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, Boudha range, and many more. This region is secluded from other regions of Nepal. Tsum Valley was once a part of Tibet so it gives out a completely different look from elsewhere. The people of the Tsum are known as Tsumbas who have their own dialect, culture, arts, and religion.

#8. Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is one of the popular remote area treks. Thousands out of million trekkers plan their journey to walk these exotic routes every year. This route is not as popular as other famous trails making it less crowded and remote. You'll be encircling the Mount Kanchanjunga, the third highest peak in the world (!!!) on this trek. This circuit route is a part of the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Project.

This conservation area is home to many endangered animals and foundations of flora. Such as black bear, red panda, pheasant, snow leopard, and many more. The routes were opened for trekking only in 1988. Before that, the routes were forbidden for trekkers. This trekking route lies in the restricted area of Nepal. There is a compulsory requirement of one local guide and two trekkers. Also, you will be needing permits to complete your Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek.

During your journey, you get to experience the wonderful culture, lifestyle, and food of the locals living here. You will be staying in Tea-houses for this trek. These are small lodges with minimal facilities. You don’t get a variety of dishes but the ones you find have a unique and delightful taste. Also, the view of some of the marvelous peaks along the way looks stunning. Such as Mount Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, and many many more. And the slow change in landscapes is not to be missed.

Six Other Great Adventurous Things to Do in Nepal

Coming to Nepal, you must have a lot of things in your mind. Being a beautiful country promoting tourism, you must have some clue about what Nepal offers you. The outstanding natural beauty along with the rich cultural diversity is what drives people to visit Nepal. However, there are a lot of people who come to Nepal to enjoy themselves. Some people want to be a part of the country and the celebration and the activities rather than just stay and watch and enjoy. So if you are one of the few who like to be a part of the country’s activities and celebration and here to have a good time, let’s find you some great things to do in Nepal.

For adventure enthusiasts like you, there are only so many things for you to do in Nepal. Being a landlocked country with diverse topography and gorgeous natural beauty, we can assure you one thing. You will find the time to appreciate the beauty of Nepal in whatever you do. So without beating around the bush, let us take a small peak at the 5 great adventurous things to do in Nepal for you. We promise you that your stay in Nepal will be much more memorable with these activities.

#1. Remote area trekking

If you are searching for something with more involvement and time consuming, why not try remote area trekking. There are so many places for you to take a short or long trek to in Nepal. Blessed with diverse topography, Nepal has many places to be explored which are not modernized yet. This means you can experience the raw natural beauty of these places in Nepal which has become quite rare in most places.

There are many treks in Nepal that take you through the off-beaten trails to the raw beauty of the remote areas of Nepal. Some treks like Upper Mustang Trek, Manaslu Trek, Upper Dolpo Trek really lets you experience the culture and lifestyle of the people in the rural areas. Remote area trekking can be pretty adventurous as you are exploring the deep remote areas that are mostly unaffected by modernization. Also, you can also try some mountainside trekkings like Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek for some hardcore adventure trekking experience.

#2. Paragliding

If you are someone who has had the dream of flying in the sky with the birds, let’s make that dream come true in Nepal. Enjoying the beautiful views of the country, glide through the sky just like a bird. With paragliding, you can finally make your dream come true.

Imagine being able to see what the birds see from the sky looking down at the world you usually walk on. Paragliding has become one of the popular adventure sports in Nepal as the views to enjoy in Nepal during paragliding are sumptuous and extremely pretty at that. One of the famous destinations for paragliding in Nepal is in Pokhara. As you get off the hill, the views are outstanding. Looking down on the vast lakes from above just seems magical to the eye. Make sure you don’t miss out on this adventure the next time you are in Nepal.

#3. Bungee jumping

This is for the ones with a brave heart and an itch for some chilling adventure. Bungee jumping has become a famous adventure sport for youngsters mostly who love the thrill of life and the adrenaline rush. Jumping off a high destination with a rope tied to your legs. You will not understand the thrill and the adrenaline rush you get until you try it.

In Nepal, the most popular destination for bungee jumping is the Bhote Koshi River bridge. At a height of 160 meters, the lines are always packed with enthusiastic thrill lovers waiting to jump off the bridge. You will be properly harnessed and the safety procedures will be just as great. However, get ready to fall at a speed of 150 km per hour free fall. Let the adrenaline rush make the memories for you.

#4. Everest skydive

If you are done with the above popular things to do in Nepal and some more adventurous things to do, why not try the Everest Skydive. Skydiving is kind of like paragliding being in the sky and all but different in many ways. It is more thrilling and of a higher scale of adventure.

What’s even better than just skydiving is Everest Skydiving. Everest is the highest mountain in the world. So what's better than jumping off an airplane from that height and feeling the air from near Everest enjoying the majestic views of the mountain. You will be free falling from 11000 feet from the plane and you will be in full control of yourself as to when you will open your parachute and enjoy the landing. The views from the dive will be just as extraordinary. You can also try other mountains but Everest skydiving is the most popular one as this is the highest mountain in the world.

#5. Rafting

Being the second richest country in water resources, water-related adventurous activities are a great hit in Nepal. If you have not tried rafting in Nepal, hurry up and get on board with this adventurous sport. The strong rapids on the rivers of Nepal which leads you to many places unreachable otherwise, rafting in Nepal has a different charm. Fighting through the strong waves of the river and reaching a destination together. Rafting is a great way of learning to get other people in the same raft or even have fun as friends.

The most popular destination for rafting in Nepal is the major rivers with strong rapids like the Trishuli river, Seti river, Sunkoshi river, and many more. If you have the time, you should try some rafting tours which will let you cover a large area of the river camping in great destinations. Also, your rafting tour will include fishing in the river and enjoying new and deep regions that cannot be just traveled to by other means of transportation. So if you have some time try this adventurous sport in Nepal and make some great memories.

#6. Helicopter tour

If you are in Nepal, you must have seen the beautiful views of the mountains on your north. Everywhere you go, they stand tall and glorious at the north. They may seem far but why not go check them out. If you are worried about the trip taking too long and being too tiring. There are other ways for you to enjoy this extraordinary sight without investing too much time.

With the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour, you can go and check out what the peaks look like up close within a day. The most popular helicopter tours are the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour and the Annapurna Helicopter tour. They are the most popular trekking and mountain climbing destinations among travelers. So take a day off your busy schedule and live to witness the extraordinary view of the mountains up close with the helicopter tour.

You can enjoy the view like no other. The glaciers, small valleys, lakes, and the big tall mountains will all be very close to you for you to witness. You cannot top this panoramic view with anything else. So be sure to check out the helicopter tour in Nepal if you are searching for adventurous things to do in Nepal.

Wrap Up: The Best Treks in Nepal & Other Great Adventurous Things

Some journeys are more adventurous than these incredible trails. Yet, these have garnered the attention of the adventurer for ages. Now that you have some ideas about Nepal’s fantastic outdoor adventures plan to explore one of these alluring trails and make lifetime memories. If you're in Nepal, I hope you will take advantage of being able to overland to India and check out the best places to visit in India (in our humble opinion) :) Here's a vlog of the Annapurna Circuit Trek, enjoy :)

[Much of this post was brought to you by our good friend Balaram who actually lives and works in Nepal - thank you Balaram! Photos are from Pixabay]

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