House Sitting

house sitting

1. What Is House Sitting?

House sitting is an exchange of services between one or more home owners and one or more house sitters. The home owner(s) will leave their home for a predetermined amount of time, and the house sitter(s) will look after the house - which typically includes maintaining the house and gardens, and looking after the family pets (pet sitting). Basically like baby sitting, but for houses and pets instead of babies.</ br> Mostly house sitters aren't paid, as it's seen as a fair exchange: the house sitter(s) get free accommodation and bills (aka how to live rent free); the home owner(s) get free pet care and peace of mind that their house is being looked after whilst they're away. Whilst this is seen as the norm, there are a wide spectrum of house sitting exchanges, from house sitters paying for bills, all the way up to house sitters being paid to sit. This means that there are house sits and house sitters out there that will suit everyone. Some of our popular house sitting blog posts include:

2. Our Experience With House Sitting:

For the first three years of travelling, we did back-to-back house sits - three years of free accommodation in 30 different houses, across nine different countries on three continents. It's thanks to house sitting that we were able to get to the point that we're at today - travelling the world full time through our travel blog and online businesses. Although we no longer house sit full-time, we are the experts when it comes to how to get started with house sitting. We want to help you to understand what house sitting is, get your first house sitting jobs and essentially weasel your way out of the rat-race and into a life where you live your dreams - not somebody else's.

Our most popular house sitting blog post - How to Start House Sitting - and Live Rent Free WORLD WIDE - has everything you need, and more, to start house sitting. Already convinced and want to find house sitting jobs straight away? Our two years of house sits all came from trustedhousesitters.

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