Why Plan an Organized Luxury Safari Tour and Self-drive Expedition

mala mala game reserve self drive

Travelling allows you to fill your mental diary with beautiful tales of the places you explore. You see and experience something unique in every city or country. For example, an exquisite destination like South Africa can occupy a particular corner in your heart for its mesmerizing nature's gifts in the form of exotic wild terrains and wildlife.

Why Plan an Organized Luxury Safari Tour and Self-drive Expedition

A chance to witness local culture in remote areas can feel endearing, urging you to dig into your cultural roots. When you go to London, UK, from here, your eyes see something starkly different. Whether you walk a natural trail, visit a heritage site, or check out a festival, the urban appeal will be strongly felt. Such is the magic of travel. Do you want to redefine your holidays this time for far more memorable moments? Start with a guided African safari trip in Mala Mala Game Reserve and end your vacations in London in a camper van.

Why Choose Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa?

The private game reserve in Sabi Sands enjoys shared boundaries with Kruger National Park. The unfenced region between Sabi Sands Game Reserve and Kruger National Park is famous for the Big Five sightings. It treats your eyes to the gorgeous woodland savanna and dense vegetation. One can fear forests and riverine bushes will interfere with their wildlife viewing. However, Mala Mala’s abundant animal life doesn't disappoint. You can easily spot them. So, expect to encounter white rhinos, black rhinos, leopards, lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, cheetahs, hyenas, and wild dogs on your off-road drives. You can make the most of your safari by visiting this game reserve from May to September.

mala mala game reserve self-drive

Ensure that you book your tour package in advance. A well-planned itinerary and travel support can make your stay amid the wilderness luxurious and safe. You will get all your meals on time, and your transportation needs will be catered well. Spending about four nights at a luxury camp in the game reserve can be fulfilling. After this, you can embark on the next round of your trip – London.

Why Choose London for a Camper Van Trip in the UK?

Business flyers regularly commute between Johannesburg and London. Hence, you can expect good connectivity. Your camper van can wait at the designated place when you arrive in London. Of course, it can be possible if you have made prior bookings from a trusted site like Campstar.com or elsewhere. The memories of South Africa will still linger in your mind and may stay forever as fresh for all the pleasant things you witnessed. You can draw upon the excitement you gained from your African safari adventure to make your road trip through the fashionable city of London another joy ride. You can drive to Windsor town, which houses the coveted Windsor Castle and other heritage gems. Or, you can head to Cotswolds for its yellow sandstone structures and scenic countryside views. No matter where you go, safaris in Africa and camper-van tours in the UK always offer more than they promise. You can bond strongly with these places even on a short trip.

When you return home, you feel like you have left a tiny part of yourself behind!

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