Five UK Holiday Destinations to Visit This Summer

As many Brits jet off to Spain and Portugal during the summer months, there are those of us who would prefer a holiday closer to home. Despite its dodgy weather and clogged motorways, the UK offers some perfect holiday destinations, all of which are reachable by car. So, sit back and fasten your seatbelts, as these are five UK destinations you can travel to this summer.

Before You Travel

Before travelling by car, it is important to prioritise the safety of you and your passengers. This means carrying out the required checks before setting off. The essential checks to make are the following:

  • Tyres: you want to ensure your tyres are pumped up to prevent any unpleasant surprises during your journey. Checking tyre pressure is also worthwhile, as it increases brake quality, handling and overall safety.
  • Lights: to ensure safety for yourself and other drivers, lights must be working effectively. They need to provide enough visibility whilst not dazzling other drivers. Have someone check them for you or wait until it gets dark and check yourself.
  • Oil and water levels: massive issues can arise if there are not sufficient levels of oil and water in your engine. The last thing you want is to break down halfway to your destination.
  • Brakes: probably the most important component to check before a long journey. If these fail, there can be a serious threat to you and your passengers. Ensure the brake fluid is clean and change it if necessary. If something more serious seems apparent, have a mechanic look at it.
  • Car battery: the most overlooked car component is the battery. Without one of these, you are not going anywhere, which is why it needs proper maintenance. If a fault does appear, buying a new car battery is essential for a long journey.

#1. The Lake District

This destination is perfect for those who love the outdoors. Home to country pubs in the middle of nowhere and hundreds of walking trails, the Lake District is never short of things to do. Additionally, driving through the Lake District is an experience everyone should have. Huge lakes, rolling hills and picturesque views are just waiting to be seen from your car window.

#2. Devon

Devon is the perfect destination for those who want to avoid the never-ending drive to Cornwall. Whilst not offering all of Cornwall’s beauties, Devon is a suitable alternative for holidaying in the west country. You will be met with country roads and more in this deeply picturesque part of the UK.

#3. Northumberland

Despite being nestled away up north, Northumberland offers a whole host of worthwhile visits, which makes it a perfect holiday destination. Travel-wise, simply follow the A1 north and you will get there in no time. Home to the locations of world-famous films, Viking raids and more, you will never want to leave.

#4. Peak District

Perfectly situated in the middle of the UK, the Peak District never disappoints. Not only is it easy to access via car, but it also boasts many attractions. Its rolling hills are accompanied by attractions such as Chatsworth House, Bakewell, Castleton and many more.

#5. Scottish Highlands

Accessible by car, train or even aeroplane, the Scottish Highlands has something for everyone. Mountain climbers can enjoy a trip to Ben Nevis while Harry Potter fans can immerse themselves by traversing the 21-arch Glenfinnan viaduct via a Jacobite steam train. Travelling to the highlands by car is recommended as it will make getting around much easier. Plus, you will be able to take in all the fantastic views from the comfort of your car.

What about you, what UK destinations are you planning to visit this summer? Feel feel to share any ideas below :)

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