5 Ways Rooftop Tents Are Perfect For Family Camping

More families than ever before are getting back to nature. Family camping vacations have become a popular trend. It can take a lot of work to pack all your gear, find the perfect spot, and set up camp unless you and your family make the switch to a rooftop tent. These easy-to-use, durable camping shelters are the perfect solution for families.

5 Ways Rooftop Tents Are Perfect For Family Camping

If camping comfort has always been an issue, especially for kids, you will love the super-sized comfort of your gel foam mattress. Parents don’t have to worry about their kids lying on the cold ground, and there is no chance of leaking floors during a storm. On your last visit to your favorite campground, you may have seen one of these unique rooftop setups from companies like iKamper. These innovative tents come in various shapes and sizes to suit your family's needs. Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons why rooftop tent camping is perfect for your family.

#1. Safety

It is important to keep in mind that when camping, you are sharing the wilderness with many different animals. It is possible to end up in an area where several types of predators can live, such as wolves, and mountain lions, even though some species are harmless and cute. A rooftop tent provides you with at least six feet of clearance from the ground, giving you greater security.

Smart campers are always aware of the possibility of encountering some of the worst critters, such as snakes, scorpions, and spiders. Compared to ground tents, rooftop tents offer you a greater level of protection against critters on the ground.

#2. Cleanliness

Camping should be a time of discovery and adventure. Both those things go hand in hand with getting dirty. Keeping your kids clean on a camping trip is almost impossible. With a ground tent, a lot of dirt is tramped in, making your sleeping environment messy and muddy. When you camp with a rooftop tent, you can take your shoes off before you climb the ladder, helping to keep your tent clean.

#3. Optional Additions

Depending on your rooftop tent style, you may have the option to add more space to your setup. Many tent manufacturers offer a surround awning option with removable walls and screens. Some families have added additional rooms for sleeping and housed the kids in the upstairs tent compartment where they are safe.

#4. Fast & Easy Setup

Setting up your campsite can be difficult with small children. Setting up a ground tent can be challenging, especially in the dark or poor weather. One person in under 5 minutes can set up rooftop tents. This will be a godsend for busy parents trying to set up camp and start the fun for their kids.

#5. Possible Destinations

With an RV, your choices of camping destinations will be limited to parks and campgrounds. With a rooftop tent camping set up, your family can hit the trail and go off-road to find the best-hidden camping spots. Your destination choices are virtually unlimited with a rooftop tent on a four-wheel drive vehicle.

If you are anxious to get out into the wild for your next camping trip, consider investing in a rooftop tent. Your family can benefit from increased security, durable materials that protect you from the elements, and more camping options than ever before. Consider these ways rooftop tent camping might be perfect for your family.

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