New Year New York: Ending the Year in the Big Apple

Although we may only have just celebrated the end of one year, it may not be too early to start planning the next. This may especially be the case if you wish to do so away from home. While there may be a number of destinations that could allow you to celebrate in style, you might want to consider seeing the end of 2023 in New York City. This can provide you with a number of wonderful opportunities for the day itself, as well as others included within your stay.

#1. See a sports game!

As the matches wrap up for the end of the year, you may still have a chance of viewing one before 2023 is over. Looking into the best price NBA tickets now can help you to avoid disappointment when the time comes. It can be important to remember that a lot of people may gravitate towards a bustling city for New Year, so it can pay to be prompt.

You may even find that a number of high profile celebrities also attend these games, especially if there is also a charity component going on. That might also cause tickets to sell out rather quickly.

#2. See the sights!

If you plan on spending a few days, or even weeks, in New York City, you might also want to see some of the great sights that are on offer. While a lot of the tourist attractions may be fun during the day, some can be even more breathtaking at night, especially with the city lights as a backdrop.

Due to this, it could be a good idea to look up when sunset is likely to be in December 2023, specifically for the days you plan to be away, and then amend your itinerary accordingly. Should you wish to go to the top of the Empire State Building, or even on a helicopter tour, this could make it even more incredible and romantic.

#3. End with fireworks!

As the clock strikes midnight, families and companies alike may set off fireworks to announce the new year. You might want to see where the city is hosting fireworks, as well as what time the rest of the celebrations may begin in the area. It could be a good idea to get there early, as these locations can get incredibly crowded. Planning a route back to your hotel may also be important, especially if you need to take public transport. Alternatively, you could opt to stay near one of these locations, especially if you have young children, so that you can view the celebrations from your window and still meet your kids’ needs.

New York City can provide a number of great experiences throughout the year, not just at the end of it. Should you wish to truly welcome 2024 in style, you might want to consider booking your stay as soon as possible. This could be great fun for your entire family.

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