How to Plan the Best Camping Road Trip

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Ready for your next adventure? We certainly are :) As we predicted, camping is becoming more and more widespread again now that lock-down is over! Yay! For this post, we have collected some basic tips & advice for going on a camping road trip! Enjoy :)

How to Plan the Best Camping Road Trip

Going on a camping road trip could be one of the best ways to discover the outdoors like never before and escape the stresses of everyday life. Whether you’re heading to the Lake District or the Scottish Highlands, here’s how to prepare for the trip of a lifetime – and on your own schedule, too.

#1. Plan your route!

Even if you love flexibility, it’s important to have an idea of your route and itinerary. Take some time to pick out a few locations you’d like to visit and decide on the distance you’ll be comfortable to travel between each stop. From there, you'll be able to envisage your journey and make more detailed plans for specific beauty spots or attractions you’d like to include along the way.

#2. Pack the essentials!

It’s absolutely crucial to pack as much food as you could possibly eat, plus a little bit more. It’s possible that you could be miles from the nearest grocery store at some point on your trip, so make sure you have enough water and long-life food to last at least a few days (we wrote about vegan road tripping on our sister site two years ago).

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If you’re planning a long trip with a large group, taking a generator to power electrical equipment is a good idea. Not only will this power your cooking equipment, appliances, and gadgets while you’re away, but you’ll be able to rely on it in case of an emergency, too.

#3. Prioritise comfort!

You’ll need to make sure that you can sleep properly and comfortably after long days on the road. If you have a car with enough space, you could drop the back seats and using mattresses and pillows to stay protected from the elements. If you’re keen for a more authentic camping experience and you’d prefer to sleep under the stars, packing your tent is the best way to go. For the best of both worlds, why not try a savvy piece of kit like a roof-mounted tent for your car?

#4. Do your research!

Start doing your research in advance of your trip, particularly if you’re planning to stay at campsites. Each campsite has different regulations and guidelines, so don’t light any campfires without checking first. If wild camping is more your style, it’s important to make sure that your checkpoints are wild-camping friendly!

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Knowing exactly where you’re staying should also help you know the specific types of equipment you’ll need. If you’re staying near open water, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll need bug spray or mosquito repellent, for example.

Wrap Up: Road Trip Camping Essentials

As with any adventure, only careful, creative, and sensible planning will guarantee that your camping road trip will meet or exceed your expectations. Pack light, know your roads, and you’ll be ready to go!

Have you got any tips & advice for a camping road trip? Feel free to share below :)

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