Top Things To Do In Houston: Museums, Space Center and Sports!

top things to do in houston

We have been to the U.S. of A. before, loved it and wrote about it too - today, we bring you another post about a North American city, Houston! This city might not be the most famous tourist destination, but there’s still plenty to do for locals and visitors alike. If you’ve been eyeing Houston real estate, you might be wondering whether this city is the right one for you. Whether you’re part of a couple or have a larger family, you want to be sure that there are plenty of things to see and do in your local area. After all, few people stay in their homes all day every day, making it important to live in a place that supports your interests. Houston is a bustling city that has all kinds of activities and events. Make sure you do some of the following once you’re settled:

#1. Buffalo Bayou Park

For those of you that are worried about integrating into city life, Buffalo Bayou Park is the perfect oasis that takes you away from the hustle and bustle for a while. Perfect for summer and spring walks, you can enjoy swathes of green as well as footpaths and cycle tracks.

best things to do in houston

The park also boasts a picnic and play area, which is great for keeping the whole family entertained. Whether you need to unwind after work or need to take your kids somewhere they can let off steam, it’s good to know that you don’t have to constantly be surrounded by concrete.

#2. Museums

If the weather isn’t at its best when you move, then you can still get out and about by visiting some of Houston’s museums. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a huge fan of the arts, almost everyone can enjoy an afternoon in a gallery while they learn something new. Some of the museums in the district will have seasonal exhibitions, so you can keep going back and seeing new things as the months go by. Popular museums include the Museum of Fine Arts and the Children’s Museum, for example.

#3. Space Center

Did you know that the Houston Space Center is one of the leading science centres in the country? A brilliant place to not only learn about NASA and trips to the moon, but you’ll also be able to delve into all things astrophysics and cultivate a real appreciation for knowledge.

top things to see in houston

While it’s possible to walk around the centre and enjoy the exhibits on offer, you may also want to book a VIP tour to really experience what the centre has to offer. Make sure you check out all the space suits that are displayed in cases and marvel at the Galaxy Lights that run from November until January.

#4. Cheer on your team!

Sports fans will be spoilt for choice in Houston, whether they are partial to football, baseball, basketball, or soccer. There’s always a game on somewhere, so even if your favourite team isn’t playing, you’ll be able to stop by a stadium or sports bar and soak up the atmosphere or go looking for a basketball uniform! This is a brilliant way to really integrate with the locals in Houston, as there will be many sporting groups happy to accept new members.

What about you, have you ever been to Houston? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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