The Best Spanish Islands for Group Travel

I don't know about you but the last few years on this planet have got me thinking a lot about what's really important in life. And I've come to a conclusion of two things: 1) travel and 2) true friendships. So what better thing to do than combine the two? I'm talking, of course, about travelling with a group of friends :) We have visited and lived in Spain before - this time, we bring you a post about the top 5 Spanish islands!

The 5 Best Spanish Islands To Visit

For this post I've picked the best Spanish islands because firstly I feel like many of us have at least one member of our friendship group who can speak Spanish (in the English-speaking hemisphere of the world this is fairly common)... and secondly because, well, they're just so beautiful with their beaches and sunshine! :)

#1. Ibiza

I've wanted to go to Ibiza ever since that catchy Ibiza song ('oh we're going to Ibiza') came out. The song got (at least) one thing right: Ibiza is indeed in the Mediterranean sea. And, since it's an island, Ibiza can offer some of the most beautiful beaches all the way around it. This isn't mainland southern Spain with just the one coast, Ibiza has a coast for the sunrise and another for the sunset (and more for all the hours in-between).

I always feel like Ibiza is the best island for groups of friends who like to do many different things, from quiet relaxing yoga to full out partying, Ibiza can offer it all and more. Plus, with plenty of eco-friendly Ibiza villas you can be comfortable and nice to the environment at the same time :)

#2. Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a bit further away than Ibiza, aka a lot further: it's right off the coast of West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. So if you're looking for something a bit more adventurous than Europe, but still want the safety of Europe, Lanzarote might well be right for you and your friends! Lanzarote holds a personal favourite in my heart because of its volcanic landscapes... I personally feel there are no islands more beautiful than the volcanic ones. Lanzarote is also a famously great place to surf - so why not take your friends on a surfing hol?

#3. Tenerife

Tenerife has beaches for everyone in your group: firstly, there are the human-made beaches which are arguably both safer and less interesting. Then, my personal favourite, there are the beaches up north which are wilder, protected by cliffs and have black sand beaches straight out of Game of Thrones. To keep the whole group together consider Tenerife lettings. And don't forget to go whale watching :)

#4. Graciosa

Not as well known as the former three, perhaps, but definitely worth visiting is Graciosa. Like it's nearby neighbour Lanzarote, Graciosa is also volcanic. Graciosa is also a protected island with plenty of opportunity for your group to relax, so you can just unwind and take in the gloriousness.

Top tip: try out the local wine here: zero food miles and it tastes so good you will swear it's because of the sunshine (it is).

#5 Majorca

Last but not least we go back to the Mediterranean for the Spanish island crowning jewel: Majorca. Although it has a rather beautiful name, the translation of it is kinda boring (it just means 'larger island'). But don't let that put you off, Majorca has it all: here you'll find beaches (of course), nightlife, festivals and history - oh so much history! Majorca has Roman ruins so if your group loves history (and beaches) then Majorca will be right up your street :)

Wrap Up: The Best Spanish Islands For Group Travel

All in all, I think when it comes to group travel and Spanish islands, you can't really go wrong. There's something so much fun about having a group trip together to an island, it's almost like it becomes your place - you guys will be talking (and insta-throw-backing) on this trip for years to come!

What about you, which Spanish islands are your favourites? Feel free to share any tips & advice with us below :)

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