Things to Consider When Driving a Caravan in Australia

Did you know that caravans can be run on battery and solar to reduce cost? Driving an RV in Australia gives you the benefit of solar energy and beautiful scenery. They also have better roads for long drives and remote spots ideal for caravan camping. This makes the adventure more cost-efficient as you can save money on accommodation with the campervan. Here are factors to consider in visiting Australia with a caravan:

#1. Plan Your Itinerary (Maps)

Australia has many popular routes for a caravan trip. One of the best places to visit is the Western part if you love beaches and wildlife. While Tasmania provides wonderful landscapes perfect for long drives with stunning private beaches all over the place. When looking for awesome campsites, the Great Ocean Road can be an option. And a lot more on the Northern and Queensland coasts which you can explore. Tour guides can help first-timers plan for their trip free of charge. It will be less stressful but make sure to inform them of what you expect.

#2. Identify Weather Condition

The Australian climate is based in the Southern hemisphere. Therefore, there is a huge difference in the seasons that many other countries experience. This will influence picking the right time to travel in Australia wherein summer trips are best held not later than February as the winter begins in the second quarter. It will also help you determine the proper places to explore in that certain season. For instance, you can avoid Tasmania between June and August due to freezing weather.

#3. Get Road Situation Updates

Driving along with the giant truck on the road can be risky. This happens a lot in Australia where huge vehicles pass by the road every day. Such a road condition urges caravan owners to drive slowly and keep their distance from the trucks.

Another factor to note is that wildlife may block the road, especially in the evening. Some animals might jump over vehicles which can cause collisions. The best thing to do is to stop or slow down when a creature crosses the road. Injuring an animal will require drivers to report to wildlife rescue.

#4. Travel Duration

Caravans can travel for long periods, depending on your itinerary. The farthest distance you could travel in Australia is the road toward Perth which will last for weeks. A week's stay allows caravan campers to travel from Melbourne to Sydney.

#5. Gather Must-Haves

Fill in your caravan with all the travel essentials to reduce your expenses along the road. Do not forget to bring repair tools and extra tires in case of need during the trip. Other emergency tools such as a head torch, whistle, batteries, and rechargeable lights must be in your luggage as well.

#6. Safety

There are caravan parks across Australia that demand a cost for greater safety. They exist in towns or roadsides for easy access. Some are powered sites to provide camping essentials, like showers, toilets, and cooking areas. If you want to reduce costs, go to freedom parks that are non-powered but can keep caravans safe.

Australia has 20% of remote areas with lesser access to fuel. Better estimate your fuel consumption before the trip and bring extra for in-between fill-ups. There will be road signs telling how far the next fuel station is but it is best to top up your caravan ahead. Fuel prices are stated online for easy budgeting. Maintenance checkups are crucial in every 310 miles of travel distance. This also applies to rental vans to ensure a safer drive.

#7. Tips for Choosing a Caravan

Select a caravan most ideal for your driving skills and travel needs. It could be manual or automatic, and also the vehicle’s size must fit the number of guests comfortably. Make sure the seat belts are in a good condition, as well as the chairs. One thing to note is the storage space. This matters regardless of the number of travel days to keep your things from falling out. It should be locked and easily accessible. Review the caravan’s insurance for added protection. This will give you the comfort to reach extra miles knowing you are covered from possible liabilities. Inspect all the amenities the caravan offers which will benefit your whole camping trip. The best time to book a caravan in Australia is a month earlier than the actual trip. They are available for pick-ups and drop-offs, whichever works best for you. Get a vehicle that is appropriate for your travel route.

#8. Hiring Versus Buying a Caravan

Among the causes of road accidents in Australia is driver fatigue. It can be tiring to drive extra miles alone. Hence, some caravaners choose to hire drivers to avoid such a thing. This is possible both when you buy or lease a caravan for your travel plans. Owning a caravan gives you the benefit of control over your trip. Nonetheless, hiring a van in Australia also guarantees freedom to travel with some things to consider. You can find vehicles that fit your budget at various prices.

Wrap Up: Things To Consider When Driving A Caravan In Australia

A caravan trip in Australia will let you experience the best things in camping life. Take note of all the factors that make travel safe and convenient. You can opt to hire one which best suits your travel plans and budget.

What about you, have you ever tried driving an RV in Australia? If you have, feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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