Where to Find the Best Beaches in Gran Canaria

best beaches in gran canaria

We have been to quite a few sunny beaches around the world: in the Azores, Thailand and Australia, among others. For those seeking a sun, sea, and sand holiday, you will do to find somewhere better than Gran Canaria. It is renowned for its stunning beaches with more than 80 to choose from including white sand, pebble, black sand, and volcanic beaches to choose from.

Where To Find The Best Beaches In Gran Canaria

Choosing a beach can be a tough choice when there is such variety, so this post will look at a few of the best Gran Canaria beaches. If you end up staying at a resort that is far away from the airport, it is advised that you book your airline transfer in advance due to its popularity (especially in the school holidays).

Puerto de Mogan

Those seeking a peaceful and tranquil beach will want to put Puerto de Mogan on their list. This is a human-made beach in a quieter part of the island often referred to as Little Venice because of the beautiful network of canals found here.

gran canaria most beautiful beaches

The beach is a great place for relaxing, soaking up the sun and enjoying the views out to sea. Other areas of Gran Canaria can get busy, especially in the warmer months, so having somewhere a bit quieter and more peaceful to retreat to can be a great feeling.

Puerto Rico

This small but charming beach has sand that was imported from the Sahara, and it is a popular choice with those that enjoy water sports or simply chilling on the sand. Puerto Rico is also a good place to stay if you like being by the sea with incredible ocean views to wake up to each morning.

Anfi del Mar

Anfi del Mar is regarded by many to be Gran Canaria’s finest beach and it is hard to argue against this. Although human-made, it has a natural feel with its golden sand, palm trees and beautiful floral displays that contract with the turquoise waters.

gran canaria best beaches

Another reason why this is considered to be a jewel in the crown is that it has everything that you need right by the beach, including bars, restaurants, and fast-food stalls. It is also a good beach for water sports, and you can even hire small boats from the marina. This means that this is the kind of beach that you can easily spend an entire day at and not get bored.

Wrap Up: Where To Find the Best Beaches In Gran Canaria

This post should give you a few ideas for beaches to add to your list when visiting Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is the perfect destination for those seeking a beach holiday, but you are spoilt for choice, and it can be hard to know where the best spots are and for what kind of beach activities. This post should hopefully help you to find the gems of this beautiful Canary Island.

What do you think, which are the best Gran Canaria beaches in your opinion? Feel free to share your tips & advice with us below :)

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