Phi Phi Highlights Sunset Cocktail Cruise (Review)

Phi Phi Highlights Sunset Cocktail Tour

"The greatest illusion, is that life should be perfect", wrote Charlie Mackesy. These photos were taken the first time I went to Thailand with Tanbay - I went as a (meat and dairy eating) travel blogger & YouTuber. We spent most of the time there filming, taking photos and writing reviews in return for free tours, hotels, massages, food and alcohol. The second, third, fourth and fifth times I went I partied and/or lived in a towerblock with teachers, bloggers, millionaries, c0ke-heads, gym-rats, sugar-babies, vegans, carnists, tourists, yogis, pokerstars, instastars, vets, directors, models, feminists, men's rights activists and, of course, alcoholics from all over the world. What I like about travel is seeing parts and perspectives of the world that I'd never thought about (or even knew existed) ...and I very much look forward to the time we are allowed to travel again. Life shouldn't be perfect, and I think that makes it all the more beautiful.

Now Visiting Phi Phi islands, made famous by the film 'The Beach', is on most people's Thailand Bucket list. As people who love the film and the book, we were no exception, we were dying to see Phi Phi Islands, especially Maya Bay, where The Beach was actually filmed. So we joined up with the best travel agency in Krabi: Krabi Spesialisten, to take the Phi Phi Highlights and Sunset Cruise and this is what we thought.

1. Phi Phi Highlights Sunset Cocktail Cruise Review: Pick Up

In the morning (8.30am) we were sitting in our hotel lobby with another guest who was also going to Phi Phi, but with another company. A dusty, rusty old bus with no windows pulled up outside, and we held our breath to see who'd be going on it. Luckily for us, it was him. Two minutes later, our pristine, air conditioned mini van with blacked out windows pulled up, and we gratefully climbed in. The mini van took us down to the sea, where we climbed into a longtail boat which took us out to our Indonesian Phinisi boat - aka 'The Freedom'!

Phi Phi Highlights Sunset Cocktail Tour Boat

This homely, wooden, sailing boat certainly did feel a lot like freedom, there were comfy chairs and beanbags for us to sit on and we were served tea, coffee and cake.

Phi Phi Highlights Sunset Cocktail Tour

We then set off at a leisurely pace which ensured two things: 1) we had time to truly relax, sunbathe, read our books and enjoy the ocean scenery and the superb karsts:

phi phi island tour

It also meant that 2) we were able to avoid the crowds. Most tours set off in the morning by speedboat, and when they reach the islands, they have to fight for a space. When we got there, most of the crowd was gone!

phi phi island boat tour

2. Phi Phi Highlights Sunset Cocktail Cruise: Snorkelling

Snorkelling at Phi Phi Island

Our first spot gave us three awesome things: clear waters, fish and wild monkeys!

Wild Monkeys at Phi Phi Island

There were lots of monkeys hanging out on the beach. Although you're not allowed to feed them, plenty of people (who didn't know or didn't care) were, which gave us the chance to take some photos!

Wild Monkey at Phi Phi Island

Monkeys will try and steal anything they can, and we were grateful that the captain of our ship warned us about this beforehand, and recommended we left non-essentials (like towels) on the boat. After we'd admired the monkeys, we jumped into the clear ocean. We were so happy that our boat lent us a snorkel kit, because there were lots of fish to see!

phi phi island snorkelling

Phi Phi Island underwater

3. Phi Phi Highlights Sunset Cocktail Cruise Review: Lunch & Maya Beach

Back on the boat, it was time for lunch, which was delicious. For starters there was an amazing coconut soup, which was followed by rice served with three different dishes: spicy cashew chicken, soy sauce beef, and a vegetable vegetarian option. We went for all three and all three were delectable.

Maya Bay Thailand

Next, our ship docked in Maya Bay and we got on another longtail boat to get onto Maya Beach. With Moby's 'Porcelain' playing in our heads, we awwed at the natural beauty, and understood why it had been picked for 'The Beach'. It really is the most beautiful beach ever!

Maya Bay Beach Thailand

There were still a fair few tourists there (understandably) but we didn't have to search hard to find a good spot:

Maya Bay Thailand

After we'd instagramed our hearts out, we sat back and relaxed on the beach!

Maya Bay Beach Thailand

4. Phi Phi Highlights Sunset Cocktail Cruise Review: Maya Bay

We then got back onto the longtail boat and back into our ship which was still docked in Maya Bay. Here we had some awesome snorkelling fun!

Maya Bay Cliff

snorkelling maya bay beach

This was the highlight of our day, the scenery was awesome and there were lots of beautiful fish to see:

fish underwater maya bay thailand

snorkelling maya bay thailand

The boat also proved to be a great spot to dive from:

Sail Boat Diving Maya Bay

5. Phi Phi Highlights Cruise Review: Sunset Cocktails & Canapes

Phi Phi Island Sunset

After a full day of swimming, snorkelling, sun and fun, we were happy to get back on 'the Freedom' and relax our way home. 

Phi Phi Highlights Cocktails

At sunset we were served a cocktail and some canapes. It was the perfect way to end the day. The mini van took us back to our hotel.

sail boat sunset thailand

6. Wrap Up: Phi Phi Highlights Sunset Cocktail Cruise Review

Of the 26 days we spent in Thailand, this day was one of our absolute favourites (apart from Bangkok), the combination of luxury, breathtaking scenery and wildlife is an absolute winner, and ticking off one of our bucket list items (seeing the beach from 'The Beach') was an added bonus! We're really glad we went with Krabi Spesialisten and highly recommend that you do too. They are the perfect company to visit Phi Phi with, because they are professional and luxurious. You can find Krabi Spesialisten on their website: Be sure to also like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. And in case you are interested in reading about our other experiences in Thailand:

And to keep up-to-date with all our other adventures, be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We are also making daily travel vlogs over on our YouTube Channel, so feel free to click that subscribe button! Here is the one we made out this cruise, enjoy! :) 

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Krabi Spesialisten, but as always all opinions are our own. We would never recommend anything we haven't personally tried and loved, because that's not cool. Two days after our sunset tour, we went on another tour with Krabi Spesialisten (blog post coming soon), and you know we wouldn't do that if we hadn't loved the first tour!!!

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