How to Prepare to Move to the UK

moving to the uk preparation guide

Relocating to another country can be complicated, whether you’re moving to further your career or put down retirement roots. Use this guide to prepare to move to the UK so you don’t miss any of the essential things to do.

Investigate immigration requirements

Getting permission to live and work in the UK prior to arrival is the most important task on your list. Without the right visa and other documentation, you could be denied entry or deported. Investigate the immigration requirements specific to you, and apply for the appropriate visa well in advance. Many options are available, and your nationality, reason for moving, stage in life and skill set will dictate which is the right choice for you. The process can be complicated, so it’s best to contact UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and your embassy for assistance with your application if in doubt.

Prioritise money matters

Next on the list is getting your finances in order. Prioritise money matters that affect your short-term security. This includes saving up for the move, setting up your UK bank account, and arranging the exchange or transfer of foreign funds. Consider long-term financial management as well. For example, credit doesn’t carry over from other countries so you’ll need to investigate ways to build up your credit score quickly once you’ve moved.

how to prepare to move to the uk

Remember to enquire about your pension as well – setting up a UK pension and seeing if you can combine this with your existing pot. You’ll also benefit from researching UK tax laws ahead of arrival to understand how mandatory taxes like Income Tax will affect your remuneration and general finances.

Look for suitable accommodation

When you know how much money you’ve got to play with, look for suitable accommodation. There are many reliable real estate platforms that you can use to browse options online, or you can contact a real estate company in your chosen destination. Purchasing a property will require a deposit and possibly a mortgage from a UK bank, and the services of a solicitor.

how to move to the uk

Renting is more flexible but there are limitations to what you can do with the property in terms of renovation and refurbishment. Always check to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company or landlord before making a financial commitment to a property. All agreements should be in writing with witness signatures.

Sign up to the National Health Service

One of the major benefits of living in the UK is access to free healthcare. All UK residents are eligible, including expatriates – from the moment they arrive. The easiest way to sign up to the National Health Service (NHS) is to register with your local GP surgery. Your details will be inputted into the central system, and you’ll receive invitations to any advisable screenings based on your age and gender and existing medical history.

What about you, are you preparing to move to the UK? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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