Weasel your way out of the rat race with this travel blog


Welcome to Travelling Weasels, a blog about travelling around the world and living your dreams.

My name is Laura and I travel the world full-time with my fiancé, Tanbay. 

We successfully weaselled our way out of the rat-race and want you to do the same.

In 2013 we were on the path to conventional success: I'd just graduated with a first class mathematics degree, Tanbay was working his way up the corporate ladder and we were about to buy a swanky apartment in the centre of Birmingham.

So, obviously we took the logical next step: sold everything we owned and bought a one-way ticket to Australia.

Four years later and we're still travelling. Initially we were able to afford a life of travel by living rent free through house sitting. This also gave us the time and freedom to set up this travel blog.

Nowadays we are lucky enough to be able to live off our travel blog, YouTube channel and ebooks. We also work with lots of different companies: tourism boards, hotels, travel tours, car rentals, airlines and more. 

We don't own a car, or a mortgage or a pension. But what we do have is geographical independence. 

We're working our way towards financial independence too. You don't need a lot of money to travel, but we like to travel in style. We quickly worked out that a backpacking lifestyle isn't for us: we like our privacy, our beauty sleep and good wifi too much. 

Where are the Travelling Weasels from? 

Where have the Travelling Weasels been?

Favourite destinations: VietnamJapanAustralia, Portugal, Thailand, Hungary, Slovenia, Canada

Where do the Travelling Weasels want to go?


Top 10 places we want to visit: the Galapagos, Canada, Iceland, the Azores, Kenya, South Africa,  the Maldives, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia

Our ultimate message is this: You can choose to secure your finances with a steady job; secure your housing situation with a mortgage; secure your elderly life with a pension. But security is an illusion. The only thing that's guaranteed is the here and now, so if you want to travel, don't wait, do it NOW. And if you don't want to travel, then you should probably find a different blog to read :)