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Renting a Car in Iceland - Lagoon Car Rental Review

lagoon car rental review

Renting a Car in Iceland - Lagoon Car Rental Review

The majority of people say that hiring a car in Iceland is an absolute must, and in our opinion they are absolutely correct. 

We worked with the hire company: Lagoon Car Rental in Iceland, and this is what we thought:

Why do you have to hire a car in Iceland?
must hire car iceland

First things first, why is it essential to hire a car in Iceland? 

Reykjavik is perfectly 'do-able' by foot, but the real beauty of Iceland lies outside the capital on the open road. With absolutely no trains, limited buses and overcrowded coach trips, hiring a car is virtually a necessity.

But it's not just about the practicalities, you'll miss out on a lot of Iceland if you don't have the flexibility to stop whenever you choose. Iceland really is like no other country on earth (as far as we can tell) and there are surprises and breath-taking scenes around every corner. 

We don't usually travel by car, so having the freedom to stop whenever we liked was a real bonus. It was great to see something we liked and pull over for some shots, like this: 

iceland car hire must

But it wasn't just those 'wow-that-looks-amazing-let's-stop' type places that were full of wonder: a couple of times we'd pulled over just for a rest when Iceland magically surprised us, for example when we stumbled over a cave formed by lava!!!

iceland car rental

Why we chose Lagoon Car Rental
There were lots of reasons we picked Lagoon Car Rental to hire a car in Iceland, including the fact that we loved their clear website, that they were a family-owned business, that they were super-professional when we spoke to them via email and that they have a large range of cars from automatic to manual, tiny to monster. 

But there were the two main reasons we chose them which were:

1. Lagoon Car Rental will pick up for free from Keflavik Airport or Reykjavik Airport and take you to their nearby offices. 

This is really important because not all Icelandic car rental companies will do this, lots are based in Reykjavik and as your flight will most likely land at Keflavik, you will get stung with a 2.500 ISK (= £16/ $21) bus trip - that's just a one way ticket! 

2. Lagoon Car Rental are open 24/7 

Again, not true of all Icelandic car rental companies, so if your flight home is very early you might have to give your car back the night before, which for us would have meant cutting our trip short. 

We were impressed with Lagoon Car Rental before we'd even used the car, but how did the actual experience go?

Review of Lagoon Car Rental in Iceland
Greeting and picking up the car
We were met at Keflavik Airport at the arrivals by the awesome Darri and driven the short distance to Lagoon Car Rental's offices in nearby Reykjanesbaer (not to be confused with Reykjavik which isn't nearby).

At the offices we continued to be served by Darri as he guided us through the paperwork. Having never hired a car before (and having heard so many horror stories about car hire companies) this was the part I was most worried about. However, it was very straight forward, professional and concise without feeling rushed. 

Darri showed us our car (a small, white, manual, Hyundai i20) and we checked the exterior for scratches and bumps.

Back inside, he marked down a couple of extra scratches and talked us through extra insurances. He was really nice about this and didn't push us to get any unnecessary ones. In the end we decided to buy grit insurance - to cover us if it scratched the car and/or broke the windscreen, as grit damage is very common in Iceland, and that's how the scratches on the Hyundai had happened. The insurance was £18.60 for two days. 

This all took about ten minutes, and would have been the end, but Darri very patiently talked me through all my silly questions (how do you turn the lights on, how do you turn the windscreen wipers on etc). 

Incidentally, it's probably a good time to mention something important:

It's the law to always have your car lights on in Iceland!

- yes even in the daytime!

The Hyundai i20
lagoon car rental review

Lagoon Car Rental offer a great range of cars from small to extra-large, from automatic to manual, from diesel to petrol. 

I was really pleased that they had the type of car I'm used to (small, manual, petrol). It was really easy to handle and park, because of its size, but not so tiny that we couldn't fit anything in it. 

review lagoon car rental

Actually it comfortably fitted us (Tanbay, my sister and me) all of our luggage: two carry-on suitcases, two large handbags, five cameras, six bottles of water (the water from the tap tasted weird) and our groceries. 

In the front was a handy USB point for charging phones/iPads. Actually it also connected said iPad/phone to the radio, something we were slow to realise - I was so impressed that a) there was a Portuguese song playing on the Icelandic radio and b) it was the only Portuguese song I know! It was only when it was immediately followed by German rap that I realised it must be playing straight from my iPad! (I'm dumb.)

It also (unfortunately) worked with my sister's iPhone too, which meant I nearly fell asleep at the wheel (Lana Del Ray is the worst)! 

Where did we drive our Lagoon Car 
car hire lagoon car

So off we drove (with the lights on) and instantly fell in love with the car, it was clean, modern and very easy to drive - I swear I didn't stall once - and if you've ever driven a manual car you'll know this is a miracle.. or rather, if you've ever been driven in a manual car by me you'll know this is a miracle. 

We arrived in Iceland in the afternoon and spent the first day chilling at the Blue Lagoon, checking out Icelandic supermarkets and relaxing at our AirBnB.  

renting a car in iceland

The second day we drove into Reykjavik, had a walk round and some lunch, and then drove anti-clockwise on the Golden Circle route to visit Gulfoss Waterfall, Strokkur Geysir and Fontanna Spa. We then stayed at Minniborgir Cottages before driving back to Lagoon Car Rental at 3am to make sure we caught our flight home!!

lagoon car rental advantages

This was our route:

Over the two days I drove 200 miles (!) and we used half a tank of petrol. We filled up at an Orkan petrol station (aka the one closest to Lagoon Car Rental), and it cost 4.507 ISK (£30/ $39). This translates to 191.30 ISK (£1.27/ $1.66) per litre. 

Practical tips for driving in Iceland
must knows driving iceland
I've already said you must drive with your lights on but here are some other useful things to know:

  • They drive on the RIGHT in Iceland i.e. the driver's seat is on the LEFT i.e. normal for Americans and Europeans, weird for British and Australians. 
  • The speed limits are in km/hour - in populated areas the speed will be between 30-50km/hour and in rural areas it's 80km/hour on gravel roads and 90km/hour on paved roads.  - for most of the Golden Circle route it's 90km/hour. 
  • All the road signs are in the same alphabet as ours, i.e. if you can read this you can read the road signs that point you to a place name that you're going to.. Actually lots of the road signs were in English (e.g. Minniborgir Cottages). 
  • Although the legal age to drive in Iceland is 17, to rent a car in Iceland you need to be at least 20 and have held a driver's licence for at least a year 

Filling the car up
getting gas in iceland
If you're lucky the petrol station will have an Icelandic decorated doughnut!

Another reason we liked Lagoon Car Rental is because they have a full-to-full policy i.e. they give you the car with a full tank of petrol/diesel and you return it full.

Make sure you know if your car is a petrol or diesel car, and fill it up with the correct one!

Our Lagoon Car Rental keys actually had a little sticker telling us what ours was, which was a great idea. 

We went to a Orkan petrol station which was open 24 hours, but needed a credit or debit card to be put in before you filled up, so make sure you take a card or two with you.

Dropping the car off 
We dropped our car off at 4am, which was an hour earlier than we'd said we'd be there, but they were really nice, checked the car for us and then drove us back to the airport. 

Like I said, they are open 24 hours which I think is a real advantage - some car rental companies in Iceland let you drop the car and keys off without speaking to anyone, but how would you be able to settle any disputes? 

Further information
Here at Travelling Weasels we are not just travel bloggers, we are travel vloggers too!! Check out our vlog where we talk about Lagoon Car Rental:

car rental iceland review

All in all, we are so pleased we had a car in Iceland and so so pleased it was from Lagoon Car Rental, they are really professional, really nice and really made the whole experience a breeze. 

Please note that you will need to have a credit card to pay for your car. 

To find out more check out Lagoon Car Rental's website: and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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And to get in touch, follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were provided a Lagoon Car Rental Hyundai i20 in return for an honest review, all opinions are our own and we would never ever recommend anything we haven't personally tried and loved because that's not cool. 

How to Look Good AND Save the World - FAIR (For All Its Rights) shoes

fair for all its rights shoes review

How to Look Good AND Save the World - FAIR (For All Its Rights) shoes

Welcome to our Look Good and Save the World series. Today we will be focussing on FAIR: For All Its Rights.

What do you mean Look Good AND Save the World?
We're taking steps (pun intended) this year to be more ethical and environmental, with an emphasis on looking good at the same time. 

Part of this involves working with eco-friendly and stylish brands. 

Introducing FAIR shoes

FAIR, For All Its Rights, are a Portuguese vegan shoe company - and one of the very few companies that are PETA approved

FAIR aims to balance vegan philosophy with quality and design. They strive to respect not just the animals, but people and nature too, by producing FAIR shoes under worker-friendly conditions and by using sustainable materials. 

Save the world - FAIR are fighting against:
vegan shoes help cows

The Leather Industry, Slave Labour and Climate Change:
After watching Earthlings we vowed never to use leather again, it's cruel, vile and unnecessary when there are so many alternatives. All of FAIR's shoes are vegan, which means that all their shoes are completely animal-free. 

FAIR seek to use the most sustainable materials for their shoes, because even if you don't use animals, there are lots of other bad non-eco-friendly materials which contribute to climate change. 

But wearing cruelty-free clothes doesn't just stop at what they're made out of, it's also important to make sure your clothes aren't made through slave labour. FAIR collections come from Portugal and are made under worker-friendly conditions which includes paying a living wage. 

Look Good - FAIR shoes
for all its rights shoes

So we've established that FAIR shoes are doing their part to save the world, but do they look good?

When it comes to fashion, it's a little subjective, however, one of FAIR's aims is to create modern shoes that suit different styles for different people, something we think they've achieved - we tried Everyday Chelsea Boots and Lime Flower Slippers and this is what we thought: 

Review of FAIR shoes:
for all its rights shoes review
Tanbay tried the Everyday Chelsea Boots. These have an outer made of high quality Italian microfibre. They are breathable and eco-friendly (they don't contain harmful products, for example they are PVC free). 

fair chelsea everyday boot review
Photo credit: FAIR

The lining is made of a 100% breathable and anti-allergy microfibre. This ecological microfibre is made with a CO2-free manufacturing system. It does not contain harmful products (e.g. it's Oeko-Tex certified). The outsole is neolite. 

Tanbay loves his Chelsea Everyday Boots. He says that they are very comfortable, warm, lightweight and stylish. Plus they go with most jeans, especially skinny jeans, but can also go with a smart suit. 

They are the boot for autumn and winter, they're also really easy to put on and off as they have no laces. He really likes that they are not leather and that they're trendy. He thinks that they are ideal for city life. 

His final thought is that they are very versatile - they can be worn for anything from casual shopping to evening events. 

I chose Lime Flower Slippers. They also have an outer made of textile and high quality Italian microfibre, they do not contain harmful products and are PVC free.

fair lime flower slippers review
Photo credit: FAIR

The lining is a 100% breathable and anti-allergy, ecological microfibre made with a CO2-free manufacturing system. Also, they do not contain harmful products and are Oeko-Tex certified. The outsole is neolite. 

I absolutely love these shoes, they are smart and perfect for checking into a fancy hotel, but lightweight enough to meet my carry-on restrictions. 

The colours - beige, baby-blue, navy-blue and black work really well together and the pattern is subtle but pretty.

fair for all its rights everyday chelsea lime green

I ordered mine in a 39 (UK 6) and like most 39s they fit me perfectly. There was an initial slight rubbing on the back of my left foot, however this happens to me in every single pair of shoes I've ever had (sigh). After a few tries they moulded to my feet perfectly and are now really comfortable - just like slippers! So whilst I wouldn't recommend that  you wear them on a three hour shopping spree on your first go, you should have no problem if you're sensible and wear them in a bit beforehand. 

I particularly love the slight heel, for my body shape it's the perfect height - not so high that I feel like I'm going to fall over, but not so low that my hips hurt. And of course they make a beautiful noise on wooden floors. 

Further information
This year we've branched out from the travel blogging world to be travel vloggers too. Check out our vlog review of our FAIR shoes for more information:

everyday chelsea boots  iceland
Tanbay's Everyday Chelsea Boots were perfect in Iceland
All in all, we absolutely love FAIR and our shoes. They fit perfectly into our Look Good and Save the World series, because they're PETA approved, vegan, worker-friendly and they are super-stylish and beautiful too.

To find out more, check out their website and follow them on FacebookInstagram and YouTube

Do you have a wish-list Pinterest board? We made this pin for you! 

And to keep up with our Look Good and Save the World Series, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube too! 

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were given these shoes in return for a honest review about them. As always all opinions are our own and we would never recommend anything we haven't personally tried and loved because that's not cool. 

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