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A Guide to Visiting Ljubljana and Lake Bled

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and the beautiful Lake Bled, are undoubtably the two most popular tourist spots in Slovenia, and for good reason. 

Ljubljana is the greenest capital in Europe and Lake Bled is simply awe-inspiring: 

The Lifestyle Camp Big Berry took us for a day trip to these two hot-spots and we returned with a guide to visiting Ljubljana and Lake Bled just for you: 

Lake Bled
Lake Bled is a 2,220m by 1,380m lake of glacial & tectonic origins, with a maximum depth of 29.5m. It's an absolutely perfect turquoise colour, surrounded by thick green forests. 

We were blown away by its beauty!

There are many ways you can enjoy Lake Bled, including (but not limited to): hiking round the edge, renting a paddle boat and paddling on it, and hiking up to Bled Castle to see it from above. 

Bled Island

In the centre of Lake Bled is Bled Island, on which sits a pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. Many weddings are held here, and it's considered good luck for the groom to carry the bride up the steps on their wedding day. This is a dream for many brides. 

Our Big Berry guide, Alberto, told us that the photos of this are hilarious: the brides are beaming as they are carried up the steps, and the grooms are red-faced, sweaty, and grumpy looking. 

Bled Castle

To witness Lake Bled and Bled Island in all their splendour, we recommend a trip up to Bled Castle. Entry is 10 Euros (5 for children), and this gains you access to the castle, the chapel, the museum and of course the best views of Lake Bled:

We weren't overly impressed by the museum or the castle themselves, but we think it's worth going in just for these views:

and the chapel is super cute:


Getting from Lake Bled to Ljubljana takes about 45 minutes in the car. 

Ljubljana [lyoo-blyah-nah] surprised us, it's an absolutely fantastic city: clean, green, arty, quirky and full of history, beautiful architecture and super cute graffiti: 

In fact, Ljubljana is so green it was awarded 'Europe's Green Capital, 2016' by the EU. The centre is completely pedestrianised, which means walking through is pleasant and the air is clean. They also encourage these so-called vertical gardens:

Here are some of the hot spots in Ljubljana:

The Best Hostel in Europe 
Ljubljana boasts Hostel Celica which was voted as the number 1 hippest hostel in the world. It used to be a prison and you can still see the bars on the window! 

Triple Bridge
Triple Bridge is (you guessed it) three bridges right next to each other in the centre of Ljubljana. It connects old Ljubljana to new Ljubljana. No one knows why there are three bridges there, but they sure are pretty. 

Franciscan Church of the Annunciation

Next to the bridges is this pretty little church. Directly to its right is a statue of a naked woman. The church hated it and tried to get it taken down/covered. But they lost that battle and instead planted the tree you can see in the above photo which hides the woman from view of the church entrance. 

We had lunch at Skuhna and it was great. Skuhna was established as a Slovene non-profit organisation to help integrate the vibrant migrant population whilst giving locals the chance to try diverse cuisines.   

The menu changes pretty much everyday and we had the chance to try Zimbabwean food. It was one of our favourite meals of our whole trip. It was a vegetable curry with coconut rice.

Ljubljana Castle
We walked up to Ljubljana Castle from the centre, which took about 15 minutes. We were keen to see the castle, but we wanted to see some great views of Ljubljana even more. We weren't disappointed  - even before we arrived we saw this:

And the view from the castle was even better:

The castle itself was cool too. It was built around the 11th century as a medieval fortress.  It has been rebuilt and used for several different things over the years, and by the early 19th century it was being used a penitentiary. 

Nowadays it's a popular tourist attraction and often holds cultural events. 

We also really liked the ceiling of the chapel:

Ljubljana's Open Kitchen

 Every Friday, Ljubljana is hosting an Open Kitchen Festival until October 2016. We went along and tried a vegan burger and a craft beer. Both were delicious. Skuhna also has a stall there too!


Right next to the Celica Hostel is Metelkova. Originally an artist squat, it has developed over the years into a touristy bar area similar to the ruin bars in Budapest. 

We liked it, and there were lots of locals there too. They recommended that we try a Bull's Blood (shot involving red wine, lots of spirits and no blood):

It was nice!

Where to stay

We visited Ljubljana and Lake Bled whilst we were staying at the fabulous lifestyle camp - Big Berry

Ljubljana is only an hour and a half drive away from Big Berry, and thus it makes the perfect day trip. Staying at Big Berry will give you a chance to see the 'real' Slovenia which you won't necessarily experience if you stay at Ljubljana/near Lake Bled. 

Set next to the river Kolpa, Big Berry is in an absolutely idyllic location. Locally sourced good food, comfy accommodation, events like healing gong sessions and day trips to superb spots in Slovenia are all part of the package and thus we highly recommend staying at Big Berry.   

Further Information
We have been making daily YouTube videos since February 2016. So of course we made one of our awesome day to Ljubljana and Lake Bled with Big Berry, so for further information, watch it here:

Ljubljana has quickly earned itself a spot as one of our favourite European cities, it has the perfect balance of modernity (hip up-and-coming restaurants, progressive environmentalism) and historical classics (the castle, the architecture). 

Lake Bled was beautiful to behold, albeit a little touristy. It's clear why it's a gem of Slovenia though, as it's so lovely. 

Have you started a Slovenian bucket-list yet? Pin this one to it! :)

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Travelling Weasels were invited to Ljubljana and Lake Bled as guests of Big Berry, however all opinions are our own as always, we'd never recommend anything we haven't personally tried and loved, because that's not very nice. 

Fast & Simple Food Tour with Best of Zagreb

Best of Zagreb offer unique and original guided walking and sightseeing tours, day trips and excursions. 

We tried their Fast & Simple Zagreb Food Tour which included a walk through historical Zagreb and some delicious treats with our wonderful guide, Samia, and this is what we thought:

Kras Chocolate
We started the tour in a way we think all food tours should start, actually in a way we think all tours should start: with chocolate. 

Kras is a Croatian food company based in Zagreb who specialise in confectionary products.

The chocolate was very tasty and the perfect start to our tour.

Dolac Square
Our first stop was Dolac Square. Since 1925, Dolac Square has been the home of one of the best farmers' markets we've ever been to. Why did we like it so much? It was so clean and, perhaps more shockingly, sooo quiet!! We are so used to being hassled and shouted at at markets, but there is none of that here. As Samia pointed out, all the fruits and vegetables have prices on them - why would they need to shout out to us?

Guided by Samia, we made our way through the market, past many different fruits and vegetables of all different colours. All were seasonal and all were beautifully coloured.

My favourite stop was at a wild berry stand. The difference in size between the wild blueberries and the home grown blueberries was unbelievable!

And we got to try out some of the freshest, juiciest blackberries we've ever tasted. 

We loved walking through the farmers' markets with Samia. We like visiting markets, but they can often be intimidating - especially in a foreign country. But with Samia we were free to browse, take photos and soak up the awesome atmosphere.

The fish and meat markets
Although we've recently become vegetarian (and are aiming to become vegan), we still thought that it would be important to visit the fish and meat markets, as these are such an important part of Croatian cuisines (and really, most cuisines). 

We learnt that as Zagreb is only 1.5 hours from the sea, the fish is very fresh and most sellers are proud to say that it ‘swam this morning’. 

We also learnt that it’s perfectly acceptable to eat horse in Croatia, there were a couple of butchers selling horse. 

Croatian Herbs
We checked out some herbs in the inside market - apparently Croatia grows a lot of medicinal herbs, more than any other country in Europe!

Alcohol in Croatia 
There are three traditional types of alcohol in Croatia: beer, wine and brandy. One type of brandy is made with plums, the other with grapes and almost all types include a few medicinal herbs or more!

Croatian Sauerkraut
Next we tried sauerkraut. Now I’m not a big fan of sauerkraut (to my soon-to-be mother-in-law’s dismay), but, this sauerkraut was delicious!!! They have two types of sauerkraut in Croatia: thinly sliced and plain old leaf. We tried the thinly sliced and it was so good, with a strong vinegar taste. 

Corn Bread
Then came the corn bread, again not something I’d usually go for, but again something that Croatia has changed my mind about!

We also tried lots of different fresh cheeses. Lots of these will be mixed with fresh cream, and some will be mixed with egg which makes the filling of our next treat:

This was one of our absolute favourite foods of the day: Burek. Fresh cheese, cream and egg are mixed together to make the filling, which is then put between lots of layers of dough.

Actually, traditionally Burek has a minced meat filling. But we went for a cheese one. They also do apple ones!

The cheese Burek was amazing! It was so tasty and nice of hot - perfect for a cold rainy day. 

Next came a dish that’s similar in some ways: Strukli is a cheese filled dish between a layer of dough. It’s served either boiled, or boiled and then baked. We had the latter option and it was simply divine. 

It was similar to a white lasagne, though the dough is of course completely different. The difference between a Strukli and a cheese Burek is the number of layers. 

Croatian Street Food
Croatians are not too fond of street food, as they believe food is a social thing to be enjoyed with friends and family.

However, around Zagreb there are a still a couple of tasty street food options, both based around corn: one is popcorn and the other is fresh corn-on-the-cob!

We tried a corn-on-the-cob and it was delicious, really fresh and juicy and the perfect thing to follow the rich Strukli.

Croatian Cakes
There are two types of traditional Croatian cakes: one is based on foods you can find round the house or farm - nuts, berries etc, and the other is based on what the royals would eat. 

We tried an example of each cake: the farm type had sultanas, cottage cheese, walnuts and poppy seeds. The royal type was made with egg white and sugar. 

Both were really nice and so different! The poppy seeds complimented the sultanas really well, and the royal one was like a soft, fluffy meringue. 

Croatian Wine
Our tour ended just like a good food tour (and indeed any good tour) should: with wine!

I tried a white: an Itocki Traminac Vrh which apparently the Queen (of England) likes!! I liked it too, it was dry with a honey aftertaste.

Tanbay had a red: a Josic Cuvee. It was smooth and slightly smokey.

Traditionally, the Croatians mixed wine with water to create weaker wines.

All in all, we loved our Fast & Simple Food Tour with Best of Zagreb. Everything we tried was local, fresh and delicious! Our absolute favourite was the Strukli. 

Our guide Samia was lovely, she was really knowledgable and shares our passion for food. 

We highly recommend this tour when you come to Zagreb. To book your spot head over to their website: Best of Zagreb and/or find them on TripAdvisor and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter

(Please note, each Fast & Simple Zagreb Food Tour is slightly different, depending on time of the year/ which shops are open, so your tour might feature some slightly different treats.)

To keep up with our own adventures, follow us on Twitter and Facebook too. 

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Best of Zagreb, but as per usual, all opinions are our own and we would never recommend anything we haven’t personally tried and loved. 

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