Working from the Caribbean: Grenada Citizenship for Investors

how to get grenada citizenship

If you are looking for citizenship by investment then Grenada can be a good option for you because they have cheaper requirements for the investment and the turnaround time is very quick. In fact, you can get your second citizenship with Grenada in just 5 months. You have two options you can get the citizenship by making an investment in government funds and the second option is to invest in real estate. The first option which is donating to the government requires you to donate 150,000 USD. If you are looking for a property to buy then you need to invest at least 200,000 dollars. Both options are cheaper compared to many nations.

Grenada Investment Program Requirements

The Grenada citizenship by investment program allows the person to obtain a second passport and nationality of Grenada by donating the amount of 150,000 dollars to the Grenada government fund or by purchasing real estate the amount for real estate is $200,000. The passport of Grenada is also powerful that allows you to travel to 140 countries without the need for a visa. You can travel easily in the Schengen zone as well. Also, you can travel to the United Kingdom, China, and Singapore. Moreover, with the help of a Grenada passport, you can also become eligible for the United States E2 visa.

The Grenada citizenship by investment is a straightforward procedure. You need to invest the amount in the government funds or invest in real estate of the country which is pre-approved by the government. Moreover, you need to know that you must be at least 18 years of age. You must have a good character certificate, also you need to ensure that you have no criminal record and the last thing you need to provide is that the source of your fund. The proof that your money is legal. These are basic requirements. However, you need to fill out the forms and other details as well which you can find on the official website of the Grenada investment program.

Why Grenada?

Grenada is an excellent Caribbean nation with beautiful landscapes and beaches. It offers plenty of opportunities as well. Moreover, you can save taxes and can enjoy the beauty of the land. Also, you can travel to 140+ countries without the need for a visa. So, these all things made Grenada an excellent option for second citizenship. The benefits of Grenada citizenship are numerous. Let’s take a look at some of the perks you can get with Grenada citizenship.

#1. Quick process

The process for application submission and approval from Grenada is very quick. It takes no longer than 5 months to complete all the procedures and get a second citizenship from Grenada. After the submission of documents and investing the money, you can get your citizenship in as low as sixty days which is 2 months in total. So, if you are looking for a quick turnaround time for the second citizenship then Grenada is an excellent choice.

#2. Family members

You are not alone in this you can take your whole family members with you. The Grenada investment program covers all the family members of your family. You can take your spouse, and your dependents child under the age of 30. Moreover, you can even take your dependent parents, grandparents, and even siblings with you. You can also include more members and you all can enjoy the second passport of Grenada with all the perks of travelling again I should mention that travelling is not restricted like in many countries. You can travel to 140+ countries without the need for a visa. You can understand the importance of travel freedom especially if you are from a country that has limited travelling options without the need for a visa.

#3. Dual nationality

By becoming a citizen of Grenada you don’t have to give up your current nationality. The Grenada allows you to have dual citizenship. Moreover, the benefits of nationality can be passed down to future generations which makes it more attractive.

grenada citizenship

#4. United States Visa option

The Grenada is the only Caribbean country that allows you to have a USA E2 visa. You can apply for United States E2 visa after becoming a citizen of Grenada.

#5. No residency is required

If you are choosing the investment route, which you are of course, you do not necessarily have to reside in the nation of Grenada. Well, even for the application process you do not have to reside in Grenada. So, there is no residency required when you apply for citizenship in Grenada.

#6. No interviews and tests

There are no interviews and tests required to pass by you. You do not need to go through the interview process and tests to prove anything. All you have to do is invest and fill the forms properly and you can enjoy your second citizenship in as low as 5 months.

#7. Tax advantages

You can enjoy the tax advantages when you become a citizen of Grenada. There is no tax on worldwide income. There are also no taxes on capital gains. Moreover, there is no inheritance tax as well.

#8. No restrictions

There are no restrictions on you from whatever country you are. You can apply for the Grenada citizenship by investment program without worrying about your current nationality. Anyone with investment can apply for Grenada citizenship. However, you need to know that you have to go through the due diligence process.

Wrap Up: Top Reasons to Move to Grenada

I am going to conclude this article by saying that the Grenada is an excellent option for investors who are looking to have a second passport. Qualified investors can become part of Grenada in a short period of time. You can imagine yourself living there without worrying about the travel restrictions. Moreover, Grenada has beautiful landscapes and beaches (just as gorgeous as the ones in Vietnam) which makes it an attractive place for tourists as well. The passport of Grenada opens many doors of opportunity for investors.

The citizenship of Grenada clearly has many advantages over other countries. So, yes Grenada citizenship is an excellent option for investors who are looking to have a second passport and more opportunities!

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