10 Must-Have Camping and RV Accessories for Your Next Adventure

campervan essentials

Getting acquainted with nature is a good way of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. But it also allows us to reconnect with the natural world. It doesn’t matter if you are new to RV camping or have been doing it for years, having some essential accessories will hopefully make your adventure more comfortable while adding an edge to your experience.

10 Important Camping and RV Accessories

In this article, we'll explore 10 essential camping and RV accessories that will probably improve your next outdoor excursion.

#1. Foldable Solar Panels

Even when we are away from our houses or apartments, staying connected is still important in this digital era. These portable solar panels provide an easy way of tapping into the sun’s energy and charging different devices such as smartphones, cameras, or GPS units, among other things. They can be easily transported due to the lightweight foldable design that allows them to fit well into most car trunks.

#2. Folding Cooking Gear

Making delicious meals during camping or road trips does not have to be difficult at all! Get yourself collapsible cooking gear like pots; pans and utensils which can save space inside your vehicle while streamlining the meal preparation process. Such compact items work great for whipping up anything from hearty breakfasts to gourmet dinners cooked over open flames or portable stoves.

#3. LED Lanterns

Once darkness sets in, you'll need reliable lighting for moving around your campsite as well as creating a warm ambiance light. Thus, these types of lanterns produce bright lights but consume less power which makes them ideal even for longer camping periods. Look for models with adjustable brightness levels and durable construction to withstand rugged outdoor conditions.

#4. Ways of Filtering Water

When we are is in the wilderness, it is important to have clean drinking water, for obvious reasons. A portable water filtration system lets you cleanse water from natural sources like lakes and rivers so that you can remain hydrated (not to mention healthy) throughout your trip. These devices are small and easy to operate thus indispensable for any camping trip or RV adventure.

#5. Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers

To utilise every inch of room available inside your van, consider customizing your camper and getting some roof racks and cargo carriers. These multi-purpose add-ons provide a safe means of transporting large objects such as canoes, bicycles, or camping equipment while leaving more space for passengers and supplies inside the vehicle. Depending on your requirements there are different ways in which they can be mounted.

camper van essentials

#6. Tools for Cooking on a Campfire

Cooking over an open fire surrounded by nature has something magical about it. A good quality knife, such as CRKT knives, is essential for prepping ingredients, cutting kindling, and even performing minor repairs around the campsite. You can get quality knives from various providers online. Along with a trusty knife, don't miss out on other campfire cooking tools like grilling baskets, marshmallow roasters, or cast iron skillets that will enable you to turn your outdoor culinary dreams into reality. From thick soups to sticky s’mores – when you start cooking on campfires there are no limits to what recipes can be prepared!

#7. Portable Outside Shower

Hygiene is essential, even when you are miles away from the city. A portable outdoor shower allows you to cleanse yourself after hiking, swimming, or exploring, without using a traditional restroom. Just suspend the shower bag on a tree branch or connect it to your RV for an invigorating rinse anywhere and at any time.

#8. Foldable Camping Chairs

There’s nothing like sitting around the campfire with your loved ones after spending the whole day outdoors. Get foldable camping chairs that offer comfortable seating and are also easy to carry around and assemble. Look out for those that have been built well enough to last but soft enough on their armrests if you plan to lounge for long periods.

#9. GPS Navigation Device

Though getting lost in the wild can be adventurous itself, it is good to have a reliable GPS navigation device that will take you back home safely. Go for a rugged waterproof version made specifically for outdoor use, with preloaded maps and way-points among other features useful in geo-trips.

#10. First Aid Kit

Lastly, a full first aid kit is an indispensable safety measure for any outdoor adventure. Packed with plasters, disinfectant wipes, painkillers, and other medical supplies; the well-prepared first aid kit will help you handle minor injuries and emergencies until professional assistance arrives.

Wrap Up: The Top 10 Camping and RV Accessories

With these 10 must-have camping and RV accessories — from keeping yourself charged up using portable solar panels to cooking gourmet meals with campfire cooking tools — you are bound to have the best time outdoors.

Whether it’s national parks or remote wilderness areas or even a cross-country road trip; having proper equipment can turn an ordinary experience into one filled with memories that stick around forever. Happy trails!

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