Real-Time Travel to Munich Oktoberfest for an Unforgettable Experience

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Munich is Bavaria's most populous city and it is a highly active capital with numerous attractions and activities for everyone. Visiting Munich's Oktoberfest is a traveller's dream destination as it has a rich historical background, colourful culture, and modern facilities. The city is famous for its stunning architecture and offers a unique culinary experience for travellers. That's why millions of people all around the world gather to celebrate Oktoberfest every year.

Real-Time Travel To Munich Oktoberfest For An Unforgettable Experience

Visiting Oktoberfest in Munich can be a roller coaster ride. Keep scrolling to read the ultimate experience of travelling to Oktoberfest. Plus there are a lot of tips for you that will hopefully help you plan your trip. Let's begin!

Key Takeaways For Real-Time Travel Experience To Oktoberfest

  • Oktoberfest pays tribute to Bavarian history, by showcasing traditional music, dance, and attire. The atmosphere often feels like a massive, friendly gathering.
  • Oktoberfest is a rich celebration with many rides, parades, and children's games, making it family-friendly while still being cultural and traditional.
  • The festival features large beer tents, each hosted by Munich's local breweries. Some tents accommodate up to 5000 people, and each has a unique atmosphere and decor, serving beer from Munich’s local breweries.
  • Be sure to book your accommodation in time and make tent reservations. The festival is highly popular, and the tents get overcrowded, especially on weekend evenings.
  • The event extends till the first weekend in October. So, be prepared for potentially cold and rainy conditions, as temperatures may not exceed 20 degrees Celsius during the daytime and are even colder at night.

Transportation Options to Arrive in Munich

Almost every traveller is confused when it comes to choosing transportation options in Munich. Each mode of transport offers its unique benefits, and can make your journey through the city during Oktoberfest both smooth and enjoyable.

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Whether you go for the direct S-Bahn from the airport to the city centre, the convenience of taxis, the economical Lufthansa Express Bus, or the efficient regional trains, each option has the possibility to positively influence your travel experience. You may budget accordingly and choose the best transportation suiting your needs. By public transit, Munich Airport is located only 45 minutes away from the city centre. Here is some information that can help you explore transportation options:


A taxi or a private transfer via services like Welcome Pickups is without a doubt the most comfortable option, plus you would have an English-speaking driver waiting for you at the arrival. Cost is around €50-60.


The Lufthansa Express bus is a comfortable way to get to the city. Prices are sometimes lower than opting for the train, as this bus will cost you €10.50 for a one-way ticket and €17 for a return one. Munich has two main bus stations:
  • Central Station Bus (ZOB): has more than 900 destinations and is centrally located with easy access to major tourist attractions.
  • Fröttmaning: is located slightly out of the city and offers less versatile options for savers.


Munich's Central Station, a lively nexus of activity, offers more than transport connections. It is a place where different cultures converge, a miniature representation of global visitors drawn by the Oktoberfest spirit. The efficiency of the trains, connecting you to various parts of the city, allows for spontaneous explorations, each giving a new chapter in your Munich story. Still, the most popular choice among people is the S-Bahn train, as it is the most reliable and quick, circumvents the primary city data, and can reach the city centre in about 45 minutes. Munich has three main train stations:
  • Munich Central Station (München Hauptbahnhof): is the most important one and is used by international tourists to go through regional routes.
  • Munich East Station (München Ostbahnhof): serves mainly the S-Bahn lines and is located on the east side of Munich, which makes it a popular choice for residents of the city's east division.
  • Munich Pasing: is the least busiest station used for European destinations.

An Opening Parade

After arriving at Munich, Theresienwiese, dress in Lederhosen for men or women and witness the grand parade that kicks off the day. This iconic event creates the perfect setting for a day of celebration. The event's highlight are the beer keg's grand entrance. Finally, as is tradition, the Mayor of Munich taps the keg in an ostentatious display of "O' zapft is!" This ceremonial action officially declares the affair open, and everyone present is finally able to start consuming the beer.

Tents And Ultimate Fun

You will probably have an outstanding experience in the tents at Oktoberfest. Each tent has a different theme and vibe, but all share the common traits of camaraderie and cheer. The Hacker-Pschorr tent, known for its heavenly brews and lively music, is particularly memorable. Inside, the communal tables are filled with new friends in Bavarian attire sharing stories and toasts. At Oktoberfest, accessing the tents is free, and each offers open seating and reserved tables. Reserved tables are often centrally located within the tents, making them ideal spots for groups planning to enjoy meals together. These tents, including 17 large ones, can host thousands of visitors and serve a variety of beers brewed right in Munich. Popular tents like Augustiner Bräu and Hofbräu draw lively, fun-loving crowds and are favourites among tourists.

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Ensure that you secure a spot, particularly during packed times; making a reservation is highly recommended. You can secure reservations directly with the respective tent via email or telephone. The reservation window usually ranges from January to April each year. Tables seat 8-10 people and cost between 300-400 EUR per reservation, about 30-40 EUR per person. However, it's important to note that you usually have to book the entire table in advance, even if fewer people attend. This policy is intended to foster larger group gatherings, thereby enhancing the communal and festive atmosphere of the event.

Culinary Treats At The Munich

Another enjoyable aspect of Oktoberfest is the food, which offers something for everyone's taste and celebrates Bavarian culture with various traditional, hearty dishes. Here's an overview of the types of foods you will encounter at the festival:
  • Sauerkraut: traditionally German, accidentally vegan, this fermented cabbage is one of my personal favourites
  • Soy steak with caramelized onion: can be found in most tents, big and small;
  • Pretzels (Brezeln): Large, soft pretzels with salt flakes, ideal for munching while drinking beer or alongside sausages.
  • Pan fried vegetables with tomato puree: filling and delicious!
  • Vegan meat loaf: can be found at the snack stands;
  • Pea Schnitzel: all Germanic and tasty, without the cruelty!
  • Baumstriezel: also known as chimney cake, it's like a doughnut in a tree (or chimney) shape;
  • Desserts: sugar-coated almonds, vegan gingerbread hearts, and dark chocolate-covered strawberries.

Crazy Amusement Rides

If you love amusement rides, you’ll be thrilled to get a chance to try out the numerous attractions that Oktoberfest boasts. Here are some of the rides and attractions to experience;
  • Olympia Looping: This ride is a personal favourite with its iconic Olympic ring-like loops. The intense speed and precision engineering behind each loop provide a rush, making each second on this roller coaster memorable.
  • Alpina Bahn: Experiencing the first airtime hill on this ride is a moment of pure thrill. The sensation of weightlessness as the coaster crests the hill is a delightful surprise that leaves you laughing, eager for another round.
  • Höllenblitz: The indoor setting of this coaster, combined with a spectacular light show, creates a visually stunning experience. The fast-paced journey through bursts of light and shadow adds a mysterious allure to the physical thrills.
  • Teufelsrad (Devil's Wheel): This ride adds a playful challenge to the day. Trying to stay atop the spinning platform is more complicated than it looks and provides a lot of laughs and light-hearted competition among friends and fellow festival-goers.
  • The Toboggan: The quirky fun of climbing a moving conveyor belt before sliding down a spiral slide brings back childhood joy. It's a more straightforward pleasure but profoundly gratifying in its nostalgic appeal.
  • Crinoline: Riding this gentle carousel is a calming interlude among the more intense attractions. Its graceful movements and traditional design offer a moment to relax and soak in the views of the bustling fairground.
  • Skyfall: The breathtaking views from the top of the Skyfall are as thrilling as the drop. The anticipation built with each meter you ascend, and the subsequent drop is a heart-pounding plunge that is both terrifying and exhilarating.

Traditional Folk Music

Traditional folk music at Oktoberfest offers a delightful experience that perfectly captures the festival's exuberant spirit. The blend of bouncy tunes and electrifying guitar riffs bring together tradition and modern flair in a festive atmosphere. Each tent has its musical showcase, encouraging you to clap, dance, and sing along. Even though you probably won’t understand the lyrics (even if you do speak German), the melodies will probably resonate with you, profoundly enriching the festival experience. The recurring songs throughout Oktoberfest enhance the communal vibe and will hopefully make you feel like a genuine part of the celebration.

Shopping Spree

Shopping at Oktoberfest is as exhilarating as savouring your first stein of Märzen beer under the bustling tents. The quality of the authentic Bavarian costumes and accessories like loferl socks, lederhosen shoes, and chequered shirts are matchless in Munich; fair enough, though, as it’s their cultural heritage. If you're planning your trip to Oktoberfest, here are a few recommendations that might make your shopping as memorable as possible.
  • Artisan Treasures: As you wander, you’ll be drawn to the craftsmanship of the Bavarian artisans. Personally, I couldn't resist picking up a hand-carved wooden cuckoo clock—a quintessential symbol of the Black Forest but widely celebrated in Bavaria. These make fantastic gifts, so consider bringing one back for a touch of German charm in your home.
  • Beer Stein Bonanza: There is a huge collection of beer steins, and you can select a hand-painted ceramic stein depicting scenes of Munich. Cheers, you say? It's also a piece of art.
  • Bavarian Goodies: Fill your suitcase with local delicacies. The types of mustards, particularly the sweet Bavarian kind, are impressive. Bring back several jars and authentic Bavarian pretzels. These are significant purchases if you love cooking or want to relive the Oktoberfest flavors.
  • Heartfelt Gingerbread Souvenirs: There are beautifully decorated gingerbread cookies with cute sayings iced on them. They look so unique and lovely, making them perfect gifts. I brought back several to friends and family, which were a hit.

Each of these aforementioned items allows you to bring a piece of the festival home with you and make the journey more fun. If you're heading there, we highly recommend you go shopping. Set aside some time and budget for shopping. You may come back each year to add to your collection of Oktoberfest memorabilia!

Wrap Up: Things to Do During Oktoberfest in Munich

The Oktoberfest experience is a unique opportunity to become a part of Munich’s heritage, a joyful celebration of life, and a genuine tradition of hospitality. Whether entering the tent to sip their first cold beer, tasting one of the many available authentic Bavarian dishes or just walking around the fairgrounds, all of these experiences allow you to see what makes the Bavarian spirit and culture unique. Oktoberfest is a tradition of gathering people in the spirit of goodness and amity. With careful preparation, understanding of the regional and custom-driven mindset, and an open heart, everyone can take more home than just some souvenirs.


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