The Must-Experience Oktoberfest Attractions and Adult Activities in Beer Festival

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Typically known as a Beer festival, Oktoberfest has many other chapters to uncover. It is famous for its "Beer Mug" thing, where people are dressed up in Bavarian Lederhosen for men and dirndl for women, holding their mugs high, cheering and laughing aloud. Exploring Oktoberfest, you will find amazing attractions that German festivals hold for people of all ages. This German traditional festival has a lot for you, be it a Carnival, Games, Bavarian food, or Bavarian musical concert, along with cultural performances.

6 Wiesn Attractions: The Other Side Of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a festival full of Bavarian culture, and it's sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Beer Stein Holding Contests

At Oktoberfest, they have this fun thing called the Beer Stein Holding Contest. Imagine people trying to show off their muscles by holding a full beer mug at arm's length for as long as possible. It's like a friendly competition to see who's the strongest! This happens inside the beer tents, where everyone is cheering and having a good time.

Beer Tents (Bierzelte)

Bavarian Beer tents have everything you need in them, whether you are looking for traditional tents that keep you near the originality or prefer the touch of modernity. The tent interiors are adorned with colourful banners, wooden tables, and benches, creating a cozy, festive ambiance.

why visit oktoberfest

The highlight of the Oktoberfest beer tent is that the traditional Bavarian beer is served in one-liter glass mugs called "Maß." Yes, this is one beautiful part of the festival for adults. However, there is another side of Oktoberfest that can entertain your kids as well.

Traditional Bavarian Music

Bands often showcase their talents in iconic beer tents during Oktoberfest, dressed in traditional German attire that mirrors the region's cultural heritage, men wearing Lederhosen and women going for dirndls. Their performances entertain and serve as a dynamic expression of Bavaria's collective identity, featuring songs that celebrate local customs, landscapes, and the spirit that defines the region's festivals. From the lively beats of polkas encouraging dancing to the soulful tunes evoking a sense of nostalgia. Bavarian music played by these bands becomes a powerful and memorable part of the Oktoberfest experience.

Traditional Bavarian Food

Food is the ultimate attraction for the foodies visiting Oktoberfest. The food stalls and tents offer a tempting array of Bavarian specialities. The food festival has it all; soft and salty pretzels are a classic choice, often served with mustard. Commonly known as Brezn, it is a delightful snack of the event. Also, you can add sausages if you are a big fan.

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You get various choices, including savoury Bratwurst and the light Weisswurst (vegan options are available, too!) and Obatzda is the one thing you should not miss. It's a flavourful cheese spread served with bread (vegan cheese alternatives are also available). You will be thankful for such recommendations as they will add a delightful touch to your culinary experience.

Carnival Rides & Games For All Ages

If you are here with your family, Oktoberfest amusement park is for you. There is a fantastic mix of rides for everyone to enjoy. A roller coaster ride is designed in various sizes so people of all ages can enjoy it. Plus, it also depends on how much thrill you would like to experience. Merry-go-rounds are classic old rides that are fit for families who are here to experience the ancient side of Germany. The iconic Ferris Wheel, known as Riesenrad, stands tall, offering breathtaking views of the festival grounds, providing a delightful experience.

Oktoberfest Parades

The Oktoberfest parades are vibrant and integral to the festival, taking place on the first Saturday to mark the official commencement of the celebration. Participants from both local and international visitors wear traditional dress (Lederhosen and Dirndls.) The parade features majestic horse-drawn beer wagons from significant breweries. It covers marching bands that play lively Bavarian tunes and the traditional dances performed in a group.


Oktoberfest is celebrated to pay tribute to Bavarian culture. It's a unique platform where you combine tradition with fun, respecting the spirit of the Bavarian community. Once you are in Munich, exploring the attractions of Oktoberfest, you can enjoy the traditional food, Bavarian crafts, amusement rides, and the iconic parade. You can always visit the festival with families and enjoy various activities at Oktoberfest attractions, including puppet shows, carousel rides, and kid-friendly games in designated family areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Oktoberfest Famous?

From carnival festivals to Bavarian music, there is a lot to explore in Oktoberfest. Typically it is famous for its beer and roughly 7.5 million beer is consumed each year.

What was the main attraction at the first Oktoberfest?

The first Oktoberfest started with horse races at the wedding of the crown prince of Bavaria.

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