4 Tips to Score Cheap Flights for Your Next Holiday

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Travelling can be an excellent experience for many reasons. Aside from trying new experiences and stepping foot in new destinations, travelling can also be a chance to relax and escape from the monotony of your daily life. In a previous post, we highlighted some of the best reasons to travel for Americans looking to visit Europe. This includes endeavours like language learning, embarking on a European cuisine trip, or admiring historical architecture. Of course, a trip to European cities can also be a romantic getaway or a way to relax.

4 Tips to Score Cheap Flights for Your Next Holiday

Of course, despite its many benefits, travelling can be costly. Aside from the money you'll need for all the local restaurants and food markets you may want to visit, you also have to worry about your accommodations and travel fare. However, thanks to digital technology and the Internet, finding cheap flights has become much easier. In this post, we'll be sharing four tips to score cheap flights for your next holiday:

#1. Use an airfare finder!

One of the best ways to find cheap flights would be to use online airfare finders. When looking at your flight options, there are a lot of factors to consider, including the dates of your flight and what time of day you'd like to fly. Using an online airfare finder, you can easily find cheap flights based on your preferred destination and the best times and dates to travel. Online airfare finders can also recommend cheaper alternatives to the flights you're looking at.

how can you find cheap flights

If you've got a long holiday planned and can be flexible with your dates, you're more likely to find cheaper flights. Using an airfare finder can also help you determine when to schedule your flights, from the season and months of the year to the days of the week you should watch out for. For example, some websites and platforms recommend booking a flight on Wednesday or Thursday rather than Friday to find bargain flights. If you're set on your destination and length of stay, you can also find cheap round-trip flights using these platforms.

#2. Don't book last minute!

Another tip is to avoid booking your flight last minute. While some of these instances may result in you finding bargain flights, booking last minute can be risky due to flight cancellations. This is an occurrence so common that the Department of Transport has had to establish new regulations in 2022 to mitigate flight disruption during the summer peak. This included a one-off "amnesty" on airport slot rules, helping airlines plan ahead and deliver more realistic flight schedules to minimise disruption at the airport.

how can I find cheap flights

Booking flights last minute can also be more costly, depending on the time of year and how close to your flight date you are booking. For example, it's best to expect flights to be more expensive during peak seasons, such as Christmas or summer. Last-minute flights can also be tricky due to your accommodation plans at your destination. Even if you can book a flight at the last second, you may end up inconvenienced by a lack of hotels or resorts you can stay in.

#3. Get a travel credit card!

You can also opt to get a travel credit card, which can help you stack up reward points to be exchanged for various travel benefits. Using a travel rewards credit card also offers other additional benefits and perks, like airport lounge access, miles bonuses, and free checked baggage. A travel credit card can also help you reach milestones like frequent flyers or frequent guest programs much easier than by solely using rewards from flights and stays.

how to find cheap flights

Essentially, you can use your travel rewards credit card to offset the expenses you spend on your holidays and travels. Of course, as is the case with regular credit cards, you should ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your travel credit card so you can maximise your spending for the best rewards and perks, whether added travel points or partnerships with hotels.

#4. Consider package holidays!

Finally, you can also consider package holidays to score cheaper flights. This is an especially great option for more indecisive travellers who may have trouble planning itineraries and destinations. By getting a package holiday, you can let the travel organiser handle all the logistics and worries associated with travel so you can fully enjoy your holiday.

how to score cheap flights

In some cases, travellers find that package holidays can be even cheaper than booking flights independently. After all, a packaged holiday would be all-inclusive, and you're likely to have set tours and tourist experiences planned out without having to organise them yourself. This would also include accommodations and food excursions. Travel companies also have access to many discounts due to multiple purchases, which makes them much more affordable than booking all your travel elements independently.

What about you, where do you find cheap flights? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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