How to Find Family-Friendly Serviced Apartments in Dubai: A Guide for Stress-Free Travel

family friendly apartments in dubai

Finding the right accommodation is crucial when travelling to Dubai with family, and opting for a serviced apartment can offer the blend of hotel luxury and home comfort that many families desire. With a variety of options available, choosing family-friendly serviced apartments in Dubai ensures ample space, essential amenities, and the privacy that families with children often need. The key is to select an apartment that not only provides a safe and engaging environment for children but also caters to the needs of adults for a relaxing and convenient stay.

How to Find Family-Friendly Serviced Apartments in Dubai

When considering serviced apartment rentals, it's important to look for properties that specifically cater to families. These accommodations usually feature child-friendly facilities like play areas, swimming pools with safety features, and sometimes even entertainment programs tailored for younger guests. In addition, convenient services such as housekeeping, on-site laundry, and 24-hour customer support can significantly enhance the overall experience, making the stay stress-free and enjoyable for parents.

dubai family friendly apartments

To ensure accessibility to Dubai's attractions, families should seek centrally located apartments that offer easy access to the city's landmarks, parks, and entertainment options. Family-friendly serviced apartments often provide transportation services or are situated close to public transit options, reducing travel time and allowing families to optimize their stay in this vibrant city. Finding ideal accommodation in Dubai that aligns with these considerations can lead to a memorable and comfortable visit for the entire family.

Identifying the Ideal Location

When selecting a family-friendly serviced apartment in Dubai, the location is paramount. It influences the ease of exploring attractions, the convenience of public transportation, and the overall safety and comfort of the neighbourhood.

Proximity to Attractions

Families should consider serviced apartments in Downtown Dubai for direct access to the Burj Khalifa and the expansive Dubai Mall. Alternatively, Dubai Marina offers a waterfront lifestyle with a plethora of dining and entertainment options. For those seeking a culturally rich atmosphere, Deira is known for its vibrant souks and traditional markets.

Access to Public Transport

The accessibility of public transport can significantly enhance the experience in Dubai. JBR and Dubai Marina are well connected by the metro and tram, facilitating travel to various parts of the city. Serviced apartments near the Trade Centre provide easy metro access to reach the business hubs and shopping destinations.

Neighbourhood Safety and Comfort

Families often prioritize a safe and comfortable environment. Al-Mankhool and JVC (Jumeirah Village Circle) are considered to be family-friendly neighbourhoods providing a sense of community. Discovery Gardens gives a more laid-back atmosphere ideal for families who appreciate quieter areas. Ultimately, choosing a location also depends on proximity to schools, clinics, and other family necessities.

Assessing Apartment Amenities and Services

When searching for a family-friendly serviced apartment in Dubai, it is crucial to evaluate the assortment of amenities and services provided, ensuring they cater to both the comfort and the needs of all family members.

Family-Centric Facilities

Serviced apartments that prioritize family needs typically offer spacious layouts with multiple bedrooms to accommodate parents and children. Play areas and children's pools ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for kids, while fully furnished kitchens allow families to prepare home-cooked meals. When considering an apartment, look for mentions of hotel-quality linens and daily cleaning services to maintain cleanliness and comfort during your stay.

Luxury and Leisure Amenities

For recreational purposes, a luxurious pool and access to a private beach can provide a resort-like experience. Guests often appreciate a balcony with a view, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the apartment. Some properties may also feature a gym with modern equipment or a spa for relaxation. These leisure amenities should be reflected in the reviews as positive experiences from previous guests.

Convenience and Business Features

Business travellers and families who require a blend of work and leisure should consider serviced apartments that offer high-speed Wi-Fi and dedicated workspaces. Parking facilities are vital for those planning to rent a car or drive their own. Many serviced apartments also provide a range of conveniences such as on-site restaurants, which offer a variety of dining options without the need to travel far.


In the search for family-friendly serviced apartments in Dubai, prospective renters have a plethora of options to consider. They can find accommodations with stunning Burj Khalifa views or choose from pet-friendly apartments that cater to the needs of their furry companions. Dubai's wide selection of serviced apartments promises the right balance of luxury, convenience, and warmth to ensure a memorable experience for the whole family.

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