Is Your Flight Cancelled or Delayed? Get Prepared in Advance!

what to do if you flight is cancelled

The bags are packed, the documents and money are double-checked, and the itchy feet are taking you to the airport to board the plane toward a new adventure. However, once in a while, luck leaves us, and the frustration of the delay or cancellation ruins all the plans and vacations.

How to Prepare For the Cancellation or Delay?

When facing such a situation, it is important to act fast to try to save the situation and get compensation for all the trouble you have to deal with (instead of enjoying your trip). Let’s learn the basic algorithms to follow in case of predicaments.

1. Reliable Airlines

When looking for a ticket to your destination, check on the list of most reliable companies regarding financial compensation. Among the most responsible are WestJet (Canada), SAS (Sweden), Flybe (UK), and LuxAir (Luxembourg). All of them share a comprehensive guide to the algorithms to follow in an emergency case, like Luxair Flight Delay Compensation, SAS cancellation and return policies, etc.

2. Know your rights!

Take your time and study the rules of flight compensation and financial reimbursement before heading to the airport. The airline websites and travel companies always inform their passengers about their rights, thus, don’t miss the opportunity to enrich your knowledge in advance. Apart from official airline websites, you can grasp the knowledge from comprehensive guides like TravelWise Way, whose tips and recommendations are always helpful and up-to-date. As a rule, the compensation is defined by the company’s policies, yet there are a few general guidelines:

  • The financial compensation for delayed flights depends on the distance to cover: more than 3500 km – 600$; between 3500-1500 km – 400$; up to  1500 km - 250$.
  • When the flight is cancelled the passengers can be offered a full ticket refund, an alternative flight at any time possible, and alternative transportation.
  • Depending on the cancellation or delay time, the passengers can claim a free meal and a free hotel stay.

Remember, knowledge is your power and protection, make sure you learn all the required details.

3. Forewarned is forearmed

It is important to follow the news and weather forecast, as they can often signal about the forthcoming flight change.  Among the most common reasons for the flights to be cancelled or delayed are the following:

  • Weather Conditions – one of the most common disruptions refers to thunderstorms, blizzards strong wind currents, heavy for, etc. Such conditions disable navigation affect visibility, and lead to air crashes.
  • Mechanical Issues – every plane is double-checked by the specialist before letting people on board. In case the malfunction is revealed, the flight will be delayed or cancelled (depending on the complexity).
  • Air Traffic Control Restrictions – when looking up in the sky, we just see the clouds; yet, above our visibility reach, there’s heavy traffic of planes, taking their passengers to their destination point. When there is excessive movement, the plane can be cancelled or rescheduled to prevent accidents.
  • Security Issues – terrorist activities, bomb threats, civil disturbances, military conflicts – security risks will always be considered when letting the plane set off.
  • Over- or Under-Booked Flight – when there are not enough or too many passengers, the flight is bound to be cancelled/rescheduled.
  • Nature-Dependent Reasons – volcanoes and bird strikes can bring unexpected disruptions to the airline's functioning.

4. Social Media

Considering the high level of our involvement in social media, airlines share updates regarding their work on the most popular websites like Facebook, Twitter (X), or public channels in messengers. Thus, follow the airline’s news to be informed about the changes instantly.

5. Be polite!

Last, but not least important – the manners. Obviously, the passengers are rather furious because of all the turmoil, yet, it is important to brace yourself and approach the airline agent politely. Considering the number of angry claims they have, a calm and peaceful passenger will be given more help and assistance. The element of humanity always matters. Flight delay or cancellation is a common issue nowadays, thus, while expecting a great adventure, make sure you are informationally prepared for the worst-case scenario!

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