The Best Places to Stay in Slovenia & The Best Hotels in Ljubljana

best places to stay in slovenia

Are you looking for the best luxury hotels Slovenia? Perhaps it's a girls' (pardon me: womans' - no need to infantilize ourselves non-consensually more than the patriarchy already does) weekend away or a business trip. Maybe you're celebrating an anniversary or you're on your honeymoon (congratulations)! Whatever the reason, if you're looking for luxury hotels Slovenia, you've come to the right place - I travelled to Slovenia for three weeks and I absolutely love this beautiful country. Furthermore, I am an expert when it comes to picking the best luxury hotels. So, I've written this travel blog post to help you find the best luxury hotels Slovenia.

The Best Places To Stay In Slovenia

For such a normal country (roughly the size of New Jersey), Slovenia has so much to offer! Lake Bled is an iconic, beautiful spot that's an absolute must, and Ljubljana is one of the coolest cities in Europe - but it doesn't stop there. Where Slovenia's beauty truly lies is in the nature, you simply have to make sure you also do glamping Slovenia.

where to stay in ljubljana

At a minimum I recommend 2 nights in Ljubljana, 3 at Lake Bled and 2 glamping Slovenia - but this will vary a bit depending on what you want to do and how long you have, whatever your time constraints and priorities, I insist you split your time in some way or another between these three musts. Thus this travel blog about Slovenia is split into three sections:

  • Luxury Hotels Ljubljana
  • Lake Bled Luxury Hotels
  • Glamping Slovenia

The Best Hotels in Ljubljana

Intercontinental Ljubljana ☆☆☆☆☆

Intercontinental Ljubljana is a 5-star hotel that provides international luxury standards right in Slovenia’s capital. It's one of the few boutique hotels Ljubljana that is walking distance from the centre.

boutique hotels ljubljana

The Hotel’s majestic height offers breathtaking views of the Julian Alps and Ljubljana castle. Wining and dining at Intercontinental Ljubljana provides memorable experiences since their restaurant includes exquisite cuisines overseen by the award-winning Italian chef, Alfredo Russo. Unlike other 5-star hotels, Intercontinental Ljubljana is spacious, with perfect air conditioning and marvellous décor. With friendly and welcoming staff Intercontinental Ljubljana guests will always feel welcome and the visit will be one you will never forget. Prices are from £204/night, you can find the best rates here.

Hotel Ljubljana ☆☆☆☆☆

The Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana is also a 5-star hotel that has proven to be among the best luxury hotels Slovenia. Guests are guaranteed to enjoy their stay in this high-class modern facility and build memories to last a lifetime. The Austria Trend Hotel has luxurious rooms, with exclusive comfort and striking interior designs, always providing a good impression.

best hotels in ljubljana

While residing in the hotel, you get to enjoy a stunning view of the city and landscape. Other amenities to enjoy include a luxurious spa and wellness centre and not to forget the restaurant which always has mouth-watering flavours. Residing in this hotel is undoubtedly an experience you would not want to miss. Personally, this is our favourite luxury hotel Ljubljana. Prices from £320/night, you can check availability here.

Hotel Cubo ☆☆☆☆☆

According to their website Cubo means originality, and according to their standards, their name fits the bill. Just a short walking distance from the city, Hotel Cubo sets high-quality standards with a modern cosmopolitan ambience beating most luxury hotels Ljubljana.

luxury hotels ljubljana

All of the rooms are spacious and well decorated with contemporary décor and high-quality materials. Get to enjoy a perfect culinary experience in their restaurant, with top quality food prepared by top-notch chefs. Hotel Cubo also comprises of spacious executive multi-purpose meeting rooms ideal for seminars, business meetings, and parties. Be it a business trip or personal visit; Hotel Cubo is indeed the ideal boutique hotel to stay in. Prices are from £153, you can check availability here.

Grand Hotel Union ☆☆☆☆

The Grand Hotel Union is a grand hotel and boasts itself being one of the finest luxury hotels Ljubljana. The hotel has eye-catching architectural designs and is guaranteed to turn heads. Both interior furnishings and façade have magnificent Art Nouveau style.

best hotels slovenia

This exquisite design will most likely make you want to overstay at the hotel. The Hotel has a myriad of amenities such as a restaurant, conference rooms, sauna, fitness centre, swimming pools, free wi-fi, airport transfers, just to mention a few. Another bonus is that you get to enjoy organised excursions all over Slovenia, this is the perfect hotel especially for tourists who want an ideal vacation. Prices are from £183, you can check availability here.

Lake Bled Luxury Hotels

Speaking of excursions all over Slovenia, you can, of course, do a Ljubljana to Lake Bled Day Trip, but if you have a bit of extra time I highly recommend taking your time and actually staying at Lake Bled:

Grand Hotel Toplice Lake Bled ☆☆☆☆☆

If you are looking where to stay in Lake Bled, the Grand Hotel Toplice is the best Lake Bled luxury hotel. The hotel is part of the renowned Small Luxury Hotels of the World group.

where to stay lake bled

Situated in a prime location just on the breathtaking shore of Lake Bled. The elegant five-star hotel is arguably one of Slovenia’s most distinguished hotels, providing comfort and high-level services.

best places to stay in slovenia

The Hotel has a normal number of well-organised and ventilated suits, providing a well-detailed view of the lake. Guests can also enjoy an indoor pool and hot spring saunas. You can even get to unwind at their massage parlours. International cuisine at the 5-star restaurant is a must have! Nothing beats eating excellent food in this fine establishment. This is our personal recommendation for the best Lake Bled luxury hotels. Prices from £212, you can check availability here.

Triglav Bled ☆☆☆☆

Triglav Bled is another Lake Bled luxury hotel offering incredible views of iconic Lake Bled and the surrounding areas.

slovenia best hotels

Breathtaking views aside, you can also enjoy high-quality relaxation here: they have a sauna, a spa and a stunning indoor pool. They also offer free wi-fi and a delicious free continental breakfast. Prices from £121, you can check availability here.

Glamping Slovenia

Last, and certainly not least, glamping Slovenia. I was really impressed with Ljubljana - it's an incredible city and one of my favourites in Europe, but the real beauty of Slovenia lies in its nature. 60% of Slovenia is forest and it has 59 rivers - each clear as crystal, as blue as blue can be.

glamping slovenia

If you're anything like me, you'll want to get the most you possibly can out of nature, but you're not a fan of camping - you simply like your luxury comforts too much. That's where glamping Slovenia comes in, aka the best of both worlds: experience the breathtaking beauty that is Slovenia's nature, whilst still being pampered and getting the perfect night's sleep. Here's the best glamping Slovenia:

Big Berry ☆☆☆☆☆

Big Berry is without a doubt the best of glamping Slovenia.

best hotels in ljubljana

Located right on the Kolpa River in the stunning Bela Krajina region in south-east Slovenia. We stayed for 11 days and loved every minute of it, find out more in this post: Big Berry - Glamping Slovenia.

Wrap Up: Luxury Hotels Slovenia

So there you have it, a comprehensive list of the best luxury hotels Slovenia. Hopefully, we've helped you find something you like - if not here is a list of all the best luxury hotels in Slovenia. And if you have any questions just let us know in the comments below! Here' some further useful info about what you need to know when visiting Slovenia:

Also, here is a vlog we made about our trip to Slovenia, enjoy :)

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