First Family Vacation? 6 Tips To Plan The Best One!

Planning a family vacation is a challenging feat, especially if there are kids and pets involved. You must consider numerous factors before developing a concrete plan with all the locations, budgets, and activities in mind. However, a family vacation is necessary, especially when work demands start to weigh on you heavily every day.

6 Tips To Plan The Best Family Vacation

Everyone deserves a break. Though the planning process can be a bit tricky and tedious, the resultant vacation usually ends up being fun for all the members involved. If you are new to planning family vacations, follow these tips to make the process smoother.

#1. Brainstorm Destination Ideas!

Considering the sheer number of potential destinations you could visit, choosing one can be mind-boggling. It would be best to take opinions from all your family members and consider their preferences as you decide which place is ideal in specific seasons. The first order of business is to list down your family’s preferences. Would they prefer to spend some time in nature and head out for outdoor activities?

In that case, a mountainous area would be the best selection. The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee have proven to be an ideal spot for various outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing. You can rent one of the large Smoky Mountain cabins so everyone has enough space to stretch their legs. It could be an experience of a lifetime as you watch the muted tone of leaves in the fall scattered on the trails and go on an exciting adventure with your loved ones.

#2. Decide The Time Of The Year!

It is not only the location that matters; the time of the year also plays a significant role in family trips. Kids are usually caught up with school or extracurricular activities and cannot go on a vacation with classes to attend. The best option is to wait until the winter or summer break to avoid academic hassles before vacationing. However, the downside to travelling in the June, July, and August months are that they are famously known to be peak tourist seasons. Hence, you can anticipate hordes of crowds lined up in most locations. You may even have to pay a hefty amount if you plan to travel by air, as tickets tend to be more expensive at that time.

Plan a trip during the off-season if you can work around your children's school schedule or speak to the teachers regarding some extra holidays. The weather may not be at its peak, but your vacation is bound to be considerably more relaxing, as there will be fewer tourists and more available accommodation options.

#3. Set A Budget!

Family vacations can sometimes feel intimidating, considering the amount of money spent on food, accommodation, travel, and entertainment. If you plan to opt for international travel, the trip can get expensive, and you will have to adjust the budget accordingly. Alternatively, local travel is far more economical, especially if you travel by road. It can help your families bond together on the road trip, but it may not feel as luxurious as travelling by air. Another thing to consider is how you plan to get around once you arrive at your destination, as taxis can get expensive in most areas.

If you opt for a resort, they may charge extra for the various activities they offer, but it might save you spending money on entertainment elsewhere. The best tip is to start saving up beforehand and keep some money aside in case you encounter additional expenses. Several hotels like St Barts Villas offer bed and breakfast services if you want to save yourself the hassle of looking for breakfast spots. That being said, if you or any of your family members have special dietary requirements, make sure to pack everything needed! Vegan families travelling with infants will probably want to pack some vegan baby formula.

#4. Book Plane Tickets Beforehand!

If you want to spare yourself some extra effort and money, it is wise to book your tickets in advance. It will help you develop plans around set dates. Moreover, if you are travelling by air, there are certain factors to consider. Flights with multiple layovers are cheaper and may appear more tempting. However, if you are lugging young kids, it is better not to opt for it, as they may get tired and irritated at the extended duration and long waiting times.

It would be best if you also considered the limitations on baggage weight per person. You should encourage your family to pack light to prevent such issues and maintain better mobility once you get to the destination. There are also various websites where you can compare ticket prices and find the cheapest days to travel.

#5. Book Accommodations in advance!

Booking accommodations in advance can ensure the availability of rooms if you already have a specific cabin or resort in mind. If you don't, there are some factors to ponder before you choose one. The first thing to consider is the location of your preferred accommodation. If you’re visiting a city like Gatlinburg, for instance, it would be best to book cabins that are in proximity to tourist spots like the Great Smoky Mountains.

The next thing to check is the online reviews and stars. Even if you can't afford a massive room with its own hot tub, you should be confident that it is clean and hygienic. Ensuring it is in a good neighbourhood can save you the intimidation you might feel later if you need to walk somewhere.

#6. Plan Fun Activities!

Tagging kids along means keeping them entertained. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to entertainment. However, asking for their input before purchasing tickets would be best. Amusement parks are usually a massive hit with children and adults alike. The excess thrill often takes some time to wear off.

Sightseeing tours are a common activity for vacation-goers. They take you to all the famous and vital landmarks and clue you in about their history and background so you don't miss a thing. If your children are intrigued by theatrics, look into various theatres, as they can provide a unique form of entertainment.

Wrap Up: 6 Tips To Plan The Best Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation could seem like a chore, especially if you are a first-timer. However, with proper planning, a family vacation provides many opportunities to strengthen bonds and ensure everyone gets their much-deserved break from daily work and school hassles. By following the tips above and planning everything out carefully, this vacation can be worth the time, money, and effort. This is your cue to start packing and leave all worries behind.

What about you, how do you plan your family vacations? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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